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Localization Fixes


Localization Fixes (Week of 11/5/18)


Sometimes I feel imc should give you some sort of renumeration for the dedication you put in their game…

Anyhow just stumbled upon this thread today, never knew about this. I do have a background of teaching English for years before, and I do notice translation errors from time to time. Will start taking note of them from now on for the purpose of making the game better. Cheers


Now I know what they are at IMC: a bunch of Kabbalists :haha:


Localization Fixes (Week of 11/19/18)

Very minor fixes this week. There will be many fixes to come with the Re:Build update and I’m working to translate information about that update for everyone.

As always, if anyone spots any issues of their own, please let me know and I’ll get them fixed.


Errors for East Siauliai Woods:

  • The Eastern Woods Sentinel says (his lines are random): “I was so moved when the he spoke to each one of us” (remove “the”)
  • The Eastern Woods Sentinel says (his lines are random): “I am not sure if the he is still with them or not” (remove “the”)


More errors:

  • Woods of the Linked Bridges: Quest “The Burnt Whereabouts”, message “Half-Burned NoteObtain” (“Note Obtained”)
  • Ashaq Underground Prison 3F: Quest “Collecting Information”, message “I’ve heard from Irja” (“Irma”)

  • Gele Plateau: Watcher Basil, message “can you get it’s mane for me” (“its”)