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[List] Boss Cards and Effects [Discontinued]

Butttt why glass can be 6 while chapp 4 sec :frowning:

I do not know what the devs are thinking. Maybe they think magic is too Strong?

it’s because magic IS too strong. look at how many chars are magic users in ET clear? like 80-100%.

U cant be seriously thinking the main reason ET users are mostly magic ? Its because of CC and all lol

Well ye its a great idea increasing latest mob mdef to the point con wiz/cler will suffer o.o

Increasing defense IS a great idea though. It helps balance out the rediculous damage gain from transendence and inflated skill damage while also keeping the lower rank skills relevant.

It’s far better than over inflating hp to stupid amounts which essentially makes lower rank skills irrelevant.

OK, I managed to get my 2nd tomblord.

So my problem no is how to fit this all into the damage formula (with the bonus damage for outleveling necroventer by a lot)

Taken from this thread and I dunno if it’s still accurate.

Necroventer is ghost so I have to factor in the 50% more damage from magic.

lv 191 wiz
496 matk (0INT investment, no + INT gear or + elemental atk gear, no buffs) normal atk vs:

necroventer (lv 94 dark demon ghost)

597 0 card
600 1 card (+3 damage = +0.5025%)
604 2 cards (+7 damage = +1.1725%)

Mineloader (lv 135 lightning mutant plate)
295 0 cards
297 1 card (+2 damage for +0.6780%)
300 2 cards (+5 damage for +1.6949%)

Harpeia (lv135 lightning demon leather)
279 0 cards
281 1 card (+2 damage for +0.7168%)
284 2 cards (+5 damage for +1.7921%)

Does it mean the card effect isn’t applied to the entire equation (at the end) but instead some new portion in the old equation? Like how tomes work (before the xp time change) on the base xp of the monster instead of the total xp gained.

Demet, now I’m curious what adding another card will do.

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I want to ask, the effect of marionette or flammidus card etc as same as using cafrisun?


You’ll need at least 2 more cards to test it properly just to make sure that the variation won’t provide inaccurate info.


No, they just add more property damage attack that will proc on every hit just like Arde. It will increase your damage up to +70 x N x C damage (+420 max).

It’s either a common modifier (at the end) or an attack modifier (near the beginning).

Did you test this without a weapon?

It’s pretty weird to see it worth half the said value, but I can actually see IMC coding it like that.

what is N and C? why the max value is +420, not +490 (rank 7) or +560 (rank 8)?

The full formula would be…

Sum of Cards Levels of Same Type x Number of Hits x Compatibility

I had a weapon (servant rod), otherwise my matk would be around only 300ish.

Rank 8 update will introduce new cards
New worldbosses
-nuale (another source to get this card)
-blut (CON card)

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Welp, no one is selling tomb lord in telsiai. Anyone here wanna sell/lend me theres? For science?

Ok here’s the 3rd card. I’m using flame ground so the damage is higher (hoping for lower variance or something).

0 cards - 779 (+0)
1 card - 784 (+5)
2 cards - 789 (+10)
3 cards - 794 (+15)

Ok that’s pretty consistent. So what ever contribution the card gives (where ever it fits into the equation I don’t care) the effect is (bonus damage x card count).

0 cards - 1037 (+0)
1 card - 1047 (+10)
2 cards - 1058 (+21)
3 cards - 1068 (+31)

0 cards - 1014 (+0)
1 card - 1025 (+11)
2 cards - 1035 (+21)
3 cards - 1045 (+31)

Quick question from someone who quit the game before cards were a thing:

Do cards lose ranks if removed?

Can I remove them?

Are they destroyed when I remove them?

What is a good method to get cards to sacrifice?



No, they just lose stars (dunno how many stars though, I’m guessing 1 star?)

All cards are now tradeable via the market. Search for the card name. Alternatively hunt world bosses around the clock.

You can invest a small amount of TP to avoid the level reduction when removing.

Card is working correctly on Mineloader and Harpiea. It’s a 1% increase each card.

Necroventor on the other hand… I don’t know what is going on.

1 card is 0.6%
2 card is 0.9%
3 card is 1.9%


Reilet, which character did you test.
Necroventer is Ghost Armour (-50% damage by physical sources). Could remove -50% damage on card effect too. Or some other strange interaction.