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Let us talk about the Guilds, lets try improve this one

Decent Guild Wars with decent rewards - that should be the main and obvious reason for people to join guilds. Want to participate in this mass pvp content -> join gvg guild. Want to get valuable rewards -> become better yourself and work hard to make your guild stronger. It’s a cornerstone of any mmorpg with gvg. Guild Wars and gvg guilds fuel the whole game, including casual and fluff bunny content.

More guild events

The rework was pretty good, but I think we’re lacking more options for boss hunts. People will usually do the event that gives the highest amount of guild EXP, so having more diversity would avoid this content to be too repetitive. Add 1 or 2 bosses as an alternative to the ones we have.

Guild specialization and progression

Replace the attribute points with progressive bonus like Team Level and add guild specialization options. Some ideas:

  • All guilds: guild hangout can be upgraded with guild funds at guild lvl 5, 9, 13 and 17, increasing the maximum number of members and adding/upgrading the facilities in the hangout according to the guild specialization (NPCs, decoration, etc.); the guild tower skin also changes according to the guild upgrade lvl
  • PvE guild: +1% EXP and silver gained from field monsters per guild level; looting chance is increased in the region where the tower is placed (current and adjacent maps to the where tower is located at)
  • PvP guild: 0.5% increased damage to other players and reduced damage from other players per guild level; players participating in GTW or OGW can receive one TBL cube per team per day
  • Life guild: Market and player shop fees reduced by 1% per guild level; taming and farming speed is also increased

Guild daily quests

Random daily quests for small guild EXP rewards and some personal reward (1 bronze coin and ~100k silver for example), such as doing Challenge Mode with another guildmate in the party, participating in a World Boss fight with another guildmate in the party, clearing instanced dungeons X times with a guildmate in the party, etc.

Open Guild War

Rework the OGW objectives and add meaningful rewards and other means of motivating people to do this activity. An idea: to simplify, the objective is to kill 100 members of the enemy guild per day. Completing or being the closest guild to the quota gives 1 war point. If the objective is achieved before the daily reset, the guilds can’t attack each other until the next day. At the end of the war period, the winning guild receives a buff, doubling its guild level benefits and the loser guild loses its specialization benefits for the next week. Waging guild funds would be a great addition too like suggested in other posts here. All members in the winning guild receive a TBL cube.

QoL changes

Make the guild tower act like a Goddess Statue so we can warp to it too.
Add an option to allow another Templar player to place the guild tower too.
Add a preview option for the guild emblem.


Awesome we can’t wait. The Guild Fort or Castle w/ All the walls and Projectile Buildings ( Cannon etc.) will Make the Guild really Look like a Guild. lol

Field Crops
It would be cool if we had weekly guild arena battles (with standardized gear) in open fields (3v3 or 5v5) with the winners getting crops to harvest secondary alchemist herbs, so we could see more of them on the market. With like, the crops being placed in low level fields around klaipeda and orsha. A win-win situation for both winners and losers.

Hardcore Raids
With mechanics like party splitting to open the final room, real walls to break (cannoneer anyone?), with everyone partecipating getting something at the end, even monthly or weekly with a progression system, like a huge ass thing.

Joint Operation Guilds
An option for guilds with less than 25 members to join up with a maximum of another 2 under 25 guilds for territory wars.

Hangout Customization
Hangout Customization where you can place statues, furniture, and expand the hangout into a castle, with everything buyable with a lot of guild raid currencies and/or talt or for TP, directly, no random cubes memes. Maybe put some furniture as rewards for gimmick events or on extremely rare monsters.

Also, unrelated, we could have some kind of “master loot” system for parties implemented like wow? It would be cool if we had grinding content to do with friends or guild mates just for the sake of grinding, without random distribution. As now it feels like bringing any other person to farm with you is a liability to your gains.

I think having mini guild-events/games daily or several times a day/week would really benefit the game. They could be guild versus guild and/or in-guild.

These events could serve as coordination building exercises or just be fun and silly and afterwards could reword a short-term buff for everyone who actively participated!

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Too lazy to write everything all over.If my voice isn’t heard I dunno what to do beside stop trying to give feedback.I will also usr this thread in my next GVG feedback but with done editing of course after fonidhibg the 6 days of partivipsting in Territory Wars and would be it for me in terms of giving my ideas for TOS.

Guild Status

all status can be up in the guild, quest guild or with talts, maximum 100 of STR CON INT SPR DEX, only those who have guild can receive the bonus, when you exit the guild lose automatically, each level up of each status increases one point, the maximum is 100 of each status.
It may seem too overpower these points, but only calculate how many talts or experience would be needed each level to earn 1 point for each of the status, it would take a long time to let everyone level 100 to receive 100 status points each, after level 50 the experience begins to get bigger, giving more work to continue lvling status

Stop tying guild skills to Templar and give the Guild Master the skills to use regardless of what class they are playing.

Remove Templar and replace with a Buff-type, support Swordie. Or call it templar and replace the guild skills with other meaningful buffs and skills.


but i like the invasion of privacy skills of the templar ; w ;

Guild missions, battles should give points that we could use to buy guild items… we alrdy got contribution points.

Guild Merchant:

  • guild contribution points
  • guild mission points
  • guild battle points


  • Guild Costume (with emblem)
  • Guild Wings
  • Guild Footprints (prints emblem on ground)
  • Guild Battle Mount (Wolf)
  • Guild Battle Crowned Eagle
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Coins
  • Mission boss chest
  • Hair celestial dye
  • Hair abyss dye
  • Guild emotes (stand with guild flag, waves guild flag)
    and more

Teritory wars:
Controled map should yeld guild exp every day and give bonuses to guild members like bonus exp, looting chance, movement speed, damage and def aganist boss type monsters, free warp to controled map (similar to squire camp)

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Here are my ideas and suggestions:

Improving Wars between Guilds

One of the earlier concepts of Guild wars is guilds can freely declare war against each other, but the idea isn’t very well taken up by the community as evidenced by the number of guilds that declared neutrality the moment it was implemented.

The main reason is probably the inconveniences brought in to the players while their guild is being at war. It is hard to go about doing PvE stuff, especially when the players are already in PvE DG/ET/Raid teams with members of guild they are at war with.

So how do we bring back this concept, in a way that is accepted by guilds, whether they are PvE or PvP based?

We let guilds themselves decide when and where they want to hold their war between each other.

One might say that it is already doable right now, but there aren’t enough tools/mechanics in game that streamlines the process.

Suggestion: Guild Skirmishes

Prerequiste: 1 new item to be added - Guild Command Centre

Guild Command Centre (GCC) is an item that is akin to the Guild Tower we have now. Every guild can claim 1 GCC for free everyday, and it is a 24-hr time limited 1 use item. Guilds can gather materials to craft more of this if they want to play more than once per day.

So what do we do for GCC? When 2 guilds place their GCCs on the same map, their guild masters/officers can interact with the other guild’s GCC to initiate the skirmish event. The other guild will have to send their officer/GM to the opponent’s GCC to accept the event. The server will announce with the following:

"Skirmish between Guild X & Guild Y commencing in 10 mins at Z map"

Objective of the skirmish event is to destroy the opposing guild’s GCC. During the event, members of both guilds are set to be hostile to each other and a new option “Respawn at GCC (30 secs cooldown)” becomes available. Event lasts for 1 hour or until one of the GCC is destroyed, which ever comes first.

This is played very much like DotA style, where both sides settle on a map (any map besides DG maps) in the world of ToS; plant their GCC and duke it out. Players who died while in the skirmish mode are able to respawn at the GCC after 30 seconds. They will be given a 10sec immunity buff which will cancel itself when they take any hostile action.

Additional guild support items can be crafted to support this guild war event, examples are like:

  • Barricades - a 6 tile wall (Ice wall rehash) that has a hp of 400 each. Lasts 20mins. Can’t be placed within the same screen with any GCC, friendly or hostile. Max of 6 barricades total per skirmish war.

  • Cannon Turret - An auto shooting turret (Templar Turret rehash) which shoots a single target attack at a hostile player every 6 secs. Deals 1 damage but knocks/flings (Debuff lv99) opponents back. Lasts 20mins. Can’t be placed within the same screen with any GCC, friendly or hostile. Max of 6 turrets total per skirmish war.

Pros of skirmishes over traditional guild wars

  • Non intrusive, guilds can choose when, where and who they are fighting against. Guilds return to neutral mode after event ends

  • Allows participation when the guild has the most members online, no fixed timing. Everything is coordinated between guilds themselves

  • Game is treated DotA style, and players have a lot of maps in ToS to choose where to initate it. Being able to respawn at the GCC makes it more fun and intuitive for players as they can straight away jump back into the action without going through loading screens.

A separate league system can be implemented along with this too, so guilds that participate the most, win with the most points overall can get rewards such as character titles and guild furniture/fixtures to be placed within the guild area.


Member Quests, Guild Currency and Beautifying the Guild Hangout

One of the problems that a lot of MMOs face is the distribution of loots attained during a guild mission/raid. Many disputes between players originate from this and many guilds setup a point system of sorts (DKP system) to manage player guild raid participation and loot distribution.

For ToS most of the time this is managed outside of the game. There is also the problem of players who are new to the guild end up having no chance to compete with older guild members in points to acquire sought after items such as practonium (although it isn’t as hot now I guess :X ) due to the RNG nature of guild mission/raid drops.

Why not set up a guild currency of sorts that is circulated and maintained within the guild itself? This can be used to bid for guild acquired items, setup member quests and also used to buy fixtures to beautify the Guild Hangout.

To acquire guild currency, the guild will have to participate in guild missions/raids. Each participating member will receive an X amount of guild currency when they clear the raid/mission. They can use the guild currencies they saved to purchase items from the guild coffers (set by the GM) or furniture for the Guild Hangout.

The interesting thing about the guild currency is, they enable members of the guild to create member quests.

Member Quests - Item acquisition quests from member to member

In the guild there is a bulletin board which members can post/pin quests which other members can take part in. For a start members can only post item acquisition quests, for example:

Item Acquisition - 40x Lunar Angel Trumpet
From: Nekorin
Rewards: 10 guild currency
Time Left: 7 days

To post a quest like this, I’ll have to pay the 10 guild currency (reward amount decided by me) upfront first to the game + a managing fee of 1 guild currency. A fellow guild member who has completed this quest will turn in 40x Lunar Angel Trumpet to the guild bulletin board and receive the payment of 10 guild currency. The items will then be transferred to my account via character lodge mail.

Each member can post up to 3 item acquisition quests, with subsequent quest beyond the 1st have increasing managing fees.

What this does is it allows new members to be able to acquire guild currency outside of doing guild missions/raids. It also allows veteran guild members to offload guild currency they don’t need for materials and items they really want.
It also provides more things to do between members of the guild.


Making guilds like homes

This is an extension to the Housing system proposed in the casual content thread.

The idea is for guilds to be gateways to its members lodges. In the guild there will be a room/long corridor with lots of doors which will lead to each member’s respective character lodge as described in the link above.


Please see title of thread.

Just because a hairstyle is already in game on npcs doesn’t mean they can just implement it with a snap of their fingers. They also have to animate it depending on class and fix interactions with different hair dyes, hair costumes, etc etc. There will also be bugs that they would have to fix, as seen from previous bugs with the current premium hairstyles.

Also this isn’t really the place to talk about it since this thread is for improving guilds. Please stop dragging other people down with your pessimism. It accomplishes nothing. If you’re not happy anymore and you think there’s no hope, just leave and let these people do what they want.


yeah man D: why being such a party pooper ; w ;

i mean staff even noted that some of the radical ideas such as mapping your own hangout is being talked about

it’s not like just because everything is already there, that they’re trying to “trick” us to slowly give us these. it takes time to implement what isn’t implemented before

it’s like when i made sigils for my guildies

while i made a complete list of member sigils, i aske them to pm me if they are interested to make a printable version for them, kind like making a poll on which printables i should prioritize first, because it takes time, and we are not sure if everyone would want it even if it’s there


Fix the guild members list to stay when you select the organization option…
other thing that would make huge difference is making the hangout more usefull, like a shop for contribuition points or things like that.

And i cant talk about guilds and let Templars out of it, sinse most of interactions are with them.
some skills could be better like summon guild members, 10min cd is too much. My guild has like 89/92 members so we have to use squires sinse camps can summon inifity ppl…
One skill that makes me think (why?) is “reduce Craft time” i dont even know how it looks like sinse it would eat points for others skills.
I really love the theme for templars in games, its sad to see all the potential he can have reduced to a npc suport like class :sad: making it more auto sufficient cant be all that hard, and its a rank 7 class… give him more attributes plz.

I’m a bit late to the party so most of my suggestions have already been posted but here are some minor QoL changes I’d like to see that probably have no been mentioned yet:

  • “Party Request” option when rightclicking a member in the guild window
  • Give the Guild Master the option to send silver from the Guild Funds to guild members directly
  • Shops inside the Guild Hangout could have no or reduced tax but be for guild members only

@STAFF_Yuri Those suggestion threads are great but I would like to know how the topics are chosen.
Can we suggest future topics? I would really like to see a suggestion thread about gear enhancement or gear in general.

Brainstorm by all means, but I don’t see much hope in improvements while its overshadowed by the rampant silver printing farm that the staff can’t get a handle on at all, while compounded further by the pay to win market.
Competitive play will continue to be meaningless and one sided, that suggestions here looking to give guilds an edge in any of it beyond cosmetics just come off as silly.

I want to add one: - If Guild leader offline 3-6 months make guild leader any active member of that guild.


but if you do that, that means the tower is at risk of going back to lvl 1 if the member that becomes a guidmaster doesnt have the templar skill to level up

@mikuiqnw0 different tower types OAO a templar skill that at c2 the tower can have turrets an spikes or increased farming efficiency tools

at c3 the tower can either be a mobile fortress by land(Howl’s Moving Castle) or air (Bioshock’s Columbia)

anyhu regarding one sided matches, i think stadardized quips can lessen that issue

It’s definitely worth it when your guild is literally “dead” without GL and his abilities to: [start - GW, Guild missions, recruit new members, dismiss “dead” players, and unite everyone around one person]. In my case i’m the only one online and i really want to reborn our guild

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maybe have it as an option rather than an auto turnover feature? ‘w’