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Let us improve more about the forum&homepage!

I thought separating this would be better for focusing… :slight_smile:

So we did change the forum but not sure this is attractive for everyone, something could be improved

or something more nice idea we could use of!

I would like to ask you about those three things, but if you have more ideas! please tell us! :smiley:

  1. What do you think of our website?

  2. Is there any improvement that you would like to suggest?

  3. What’s not working properly?

  1. To be honest, I had already been a big fan of the website since the beginning; the News Posts/Mechanics Update posts especially were always really nicely organized and easy to read. I doubt the functionality has been affected very much, but I trust that the people in charge know what they’re doing.

  2. Having a “Night Mode” option for viewing the website (dark background with lighter text) would definitely be easier on the eyes; a LOT of popular programs/websites already offer this as a feature.

  3. I’ll need to spend some more time checking out the updated site to let you know!

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I was looking for the other thread I just replied to…

  1. The improvements are visually [fresh], can’t say yet if that’s ultimately good or bad.

  2. Please, disable/change the white-ness of the forums, my eyes are dying.
    It feels like I’m reading/writing floating text in a snowstorm.

  3. Haven’t checked enough yet.


The chosen font is notorious for lowercase L and uppercase i mix-ups. Maybe use one that better defines those two characters.


We need a little of color on the background, having it too white hurts people’s eyes. it’s always good to mix and match or place a darker color with minimal designs to reduce the impact.

Certain colors of the font needs to be changed as well though, perhaps usernames can be in black or dark blue? something in contrast of white so it’s easily seen.

overall the main website looks fantastic.

edit: if you’re in the forum and clicking the forum header button doesn’t bring you back to the main forum page anymore. for example, in the general discussion and you’d like to navigate to the main forum, click on forums on top but nothing happens.


The guide section and homepage are a fantastic addition, I was going to suggest we get it from the KTOS website but you beat me to it. :smiley:

Some suggestions/fixes:

I’d like to request a dark theme. The current colours are difficult to read, and it’s fairly uncomfortable.

The time isn’t working correctly and reads Mon 26 Dec.

When pressing “Forums” in the top it just redirects to the thread.

EDIT: I might know what happened to the time and navigation, it seems like the one in the forum section isn’t working properly, but else where on the site it is.

EDIT2: Thanks for the quick fixes. :wink:

  1. Looks pretty nice and it’s great to have all those addittions! :slight_smile:

  2. As suggested a different backround color option to white would be great.

  3. I’m speaking for the mobile version of the forum. The option to get to “front page” of the forums by pressing forums at the top of the page doesn’t work anymore, it used to.
    With mobile a lot of the forum options that used to be clearly visible before now have been replaced with a empty huge white bar which is a little bit disappointing.
    I would also love to be able to change into full version of the site on mobile if possible. (Used to be an option on website but not forums.)

Overall I’m happy there were changes made but mobile version for forums could use a bit of improvement at least. :slight_smile:

Please make the news feed , able to choose either placed vertically or horizontally…

I like new feed to be in vertical manner than horizontal.

Eg vertical

Instead of horizontal

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The white is terrible. I abhor white pages.


The Support section is a big improvement, in both functionality and design. The FAQ is the same, and I like that a rating and feedback system was implemented, I hope that the FAQ will be updated more frequently now too.


Why white? My eyes hurt. Can you change it again.

Class, guide, ranking section on homepage are nice. It will help new players a lot.
Many thanks to all translators.

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This please, add a night mode toggle.

It’s a bit too bright. Upon close inspection the background is slightly off-white, but it’s close enough to white to be too bright. I can live with the brightness on the news page where there’s a lot of images and you’ll be checking things quickly, but it’s too much for the forums, where you’ll spend a lot more time scrolling through text posts. A dimmer shade of off-white, or maybe putting a faded background image behind it, would be better.

  1. I like it, although is too white. I like white and white-ish colour, but this is just too much.
  2. I hope we can change the color to what we wanted, that would be awesome I think.
  3. I don’t know, didn’t check yet.

I like the new homepage, and I hope the game will also change some of the UI (because its getting boring).

I liked. Thank u IMC.

Forum is too bright for me. I’d prefer a darker shade.

  1. The Homepage is really nice. But clicking on anything like News (read more) or the Falcon Master information (read more) lead me to pages that have white background, It do not look appealing and hard to read too. This is the same for the forum.

  2. Use other colour as the background

  3. Only been using the new layout for 10minutes. So far, everything seems to be working fine.

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dont care i want patch the game…how long should wait

RIP eyes.