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[kToS] Spear Throw buff >>> 3 hits


Basically they made Spear throw Identical to kunai just a bit more longer animation but this spear throw has fake multi-hit see them crit altogether while kunai has 4-5 multi hit which depends on the range the closer you are the more multi-hit the longer the gap the less multi-hit. well who cares about that, spear throw is now far more superior than kunai for it has 0 cd whilst kunai has 15s now thats a true ninja! Thanks IMC!

Spear Throw 5
Attack: 1044
Attribute Damage: 0%
AoE Attack Ratio: 3
Cooldown: 0
Spear Throw: Bind - bind enemies for 7 secs with a chance of 15% per level max of 4.

Kunai 5
Attack: 426
Attribute Damage: 0%
Cooldown: 15s

Rank 5 > Rank 7 (Hidden)

RIP shinobis you’re legendary godlike burst with bunshin->kunai is now forgotten </3

But really, all this new things killed shinobi class…, well dont get too disappointed boys and girls imc got something nice for you, yes they do!

The buff for more dps was replaced with a movement speed buff that also reduces stamina drain it comes in great price though lol

I prefer better dmg/cooldowns still :unamused:

Edit: added Spear Throw:Bind

2 hop 3 cosair …
Hop 3?

Godlike aoe


I’m confused, can clones copy spear throw now? If not, who cares about the comparison to kunai?

Also worth mentioning Geras Spear did get nerfed with this change, it’s +50% spear throw damage instead of +100%. 50% bonus to 3 hits obviously beats 100% bonus to 1 hit though. This would be a little bit insane with +100% damage.

I actually might. You also get the +20% damage to medium type attribute. Hop3 is legitimately better than Dragoon1, at least.

unless you get another cor3-unfriendly circle at c9 or c10, where you might pick dragoon2 if you picked dragoon1 c8

i dont think spear throw if enough to consider hop3 for my sw2-hop2-cor3

I’d just delete my character at that point. Guarantee you Dragoon3 gets like, 0 cooldown +500% damage leap attack that hits a full screen with +20 AoE ratio and also makes you invulnerable or something. How else are they going to top R8? Then you take Dragoon3 at R9 and they introduce the Godslayer class or some ■■■■.

Edit: Actually by R9 Corsair skills will be irrelevant anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Might as well just take any random R9 class and keep the character for Jolly Roger farming. Maybe Iron Hook 15 will still be relevant in PVP if they haven’t added the ability for PD to make his team permanently immune to level 10+ debuffs at that point.

Well idk i dont play ktos no skills except shooting star was confirmed new to bunshins copy list

hmm idk who cares about the comparison of the two skills, maybe shinobis? …do you play one? If you do then which is more shinobi to you spear throw or kunai?

The burst that the bunshin-kunai skill used to boast around can now easily be covered by the class that was in the vid, sw-pelt-hop3-dopp by just spamming spear throw all day… I wonder why he didnt used deeds earlier though oh and also the said build would get alot more stronger if it takes dragoon 1-2 at rank 7,8 it would then change its skill rotation to dethrone -spear throw

So basically what you’re saying is, a build that doesn’t use Shinobi at all, might be stronger than a build that uses Shinobi. Okay, who cares? Does Shinobi have to be the strongest class in the game for some reason, is that some hidden rule?

Why don’t you just go Rodelero Shinobi Murmillo and enjoy your 6x Shooting Star with +250% strike damage modifier and +150% Cassis damage modifier hitting for 5,250% damage total?

I[quote=“SlyGoat, post:8, topic:322616”]
So basically what you’re saying is, a build that doesn’t use Shinobi at all, might be stronger than a build that uses Shinobi.
YES, but with that im only comparing skills not builds yet, i only stated the build used above as reference to my comparison as it has spear throw oh and I think people here all say that a higher rank (skill) must be stronger than a lower rank skill… and if i recall correctly those words come from IMC themselves so the skills you use atm will later on be replaced with the skills of the next class you take not replace as in you won’t use it ever but will only act as a filler later on for a better skill rotation.

so which is more stronger now spear throw or kunai?

Spear Throw 5
Attack: 1044
Attribute Damage: 0%
AoE Attack Ratio: 3
Cooldown: 0
3 hits - gonna take back what i said from my first post that its a fake multi-hit as idk what the guy on the vid’s stat is, he might have high dex with sissels for crit rate or just simply has a very high crit rate well he has finestra 15… soooo… idk

Kunai 5
Attack: 426
Attribute Damage: 0%
Cooldown: 15s
2-5 hits

… I already said Shinobis didn’t i? , wait… ok i’ll just say Me just to have a different answer this time.

did i mention anything that shinobi has to be the strongest class in game? are you drunk…?

im stating here that a rank 5 skill is much more powerful now than a rank 7(hidden) skill.

are you trolling or what do you even read or are you mad about something?
because as of this moment you’re making you’re own assumptions and making me look like im a jerk who just wants to be superstrong when im not even trying to lol

… why don’t you do it yourself? seems like you’re the one wanting one and i don’t even care about that shield build plz.

Its a true-multi-hit actually.

Check from 0:15 onward.

thanks for the confirmation the first vid always does full crits so now this vid confirms my claim that it is much more stronger than kunai now, for kunai requires you to be in a very close range for it to produce 5 hits or does spear throw also has this requirement? anyways, just the cd and skill dmg says it all.

… soon the spear throw - dethrone rotation that i stated above will be a thing, well if dethrone’s cd doesn’t get nerf that is,.

You’re comparing things skill for skill in a vacuum which isn’t how the game works. Might as well say “Fireball is so much stronger than Prominence even though Pyromancer is rank 2 and Elementalist is rank 4, buff Elementalist”.

im comparing two identical skills which before are not, if i am comparing skills for skills, then i would not argue with you anymore and take my loss but as i said i am comparing two identical skills which in my opinion the higher ranking skill should be superior, not inferior to the lower ranking skill

… how are these two identical? hmm mechanics? oh right they’re both flame spells lol, you know what i would’ve taken you more seriously if you used similar skills like double slash and skyliner but still you would lose the argument should i explain why? ok sure.

Double Slash 5
Attack: 530
Attribute Damage: 0%
AoE Attack Ratio: 2
Cooldown: 21s 3 overheats
Bonus dmg against bleeding enemies: 200 damage

Skyliner 10
Attack: 450
Attribute Damage: 0%
AoE Attack Ratio: 1
Cooldown: 15s 3 overheats
Bonus dmg against bleeding enemies : 100% damage

rank 3 < rank 4 or should i lower down skyliner to 5? nvm so that the example is relevant.

anyways if you really wanna win this argument so badly, you win.
i don’t wanna waste my time with you anymore im satisfied that i’ve proven my claim and the second video posted supports it even more oh and i should add to my comparison of kunai and spear throw that spear throw has a bind attribute which can go up to 60% chance x 3 now that it hits 3 times which makes the skill far more superior than kunai

How is spear throw in any way identical to kunai?

I certainly hope hook will remain viable. Cuz if not, then my build is ded.

if you already went hop 3 why would you not go dragoon 1 :smiley:
This makes me regret deleting my hoplite :frowning:

I mean at rank 8. I didn’t go Hop3.

I have hop3. It sux.

Why does it?

hoplite has increased damage against medium targets? =0