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KToS patch - Barbarian and Rodelero buffs - discussion

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is this real that they decreased cd of barbarian buffs?

point wasn’t who is the better player, it’s the damage output and scaling

even if that doppel was an expert he wouldn’t come close to the archer, even if the doppel had full lolopanther

because of how % scaling works

Your are all wrong here, your comparaison makes no sense at all since Archer has better synergy than the Doopel you showed to us who has no synergy at all.
If you want a swordy class powerfull enough to face an archer class, just try Fencer or just try to think about all the synergy swordman classes have like Strike or Pierce defence ignored skills not some random skill picked up by a nobrain player !
And by the way, swordman are more tank/utility oriented class, if you really want to be a full DPS dont include swordman in your irrelevent wishes !!!

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You talk like I dont know what other classes have. I’ve extensively tested a lot of varying classes and wether you like it or not, any % means it scales, regardless of if that % is situational or active all the time.

For the record, Wagon Wheel and Cartar both have consistent % scaling modifiers that require nothing, meaning they apply every time the skills are cast. Exactly like how Meteor is always 400%. I urge you to check out this thread:

Situational bonus damage or not, with the way damage is calculated, they still scale. Quick Cast +50% magic attack is scaling, because it will always increasy your damage by 50%, wether you have 100 Matk or 1000 Matk.
Cartar Stroke’s 150% is scaling, because it will always deal 50% more damage, wether you have 100 Patk or 1000 Patk. Umbo Blow’s 250% on leather after a stagger (which is stupid easy to trigger, you just block, even rng blocks count) is scaling, because it will alway make you deal 150% more damage wether you have 100 Patk or 1000 Patk. That is the pure definition of scaling.

Also, i’m not scraping the bottom of the barrel or anything. Rodelero needed buffs, and while they’re certainly not great still, the buffs they got are a step in the right direction, small as they may be (though the shooting star change is anything but small really…)

Yes, everything else is far more broken, archers especially. But it’s not as much warrior being weak as it is those classes being too broken. Both need to be adjusted accordingly.

If something increases your damage at the base it is by far a better scaling skill than something that situationally deals 200% damage. Skyliner is a bad example of good scaling. Magic amplifications is a great example.

Rodelero and Peltasta are some of the worst damage dealers in the entire game. Period. You have no idea what you’re talking about if you claim that they scale well. They don’t.

I’ll elaborate using magic amp.

50% to your magical damage, say 1000 becomes 1500.

That’s 500 damage to ALL of your skills, ALL of your cooldowns and as such it scales with you constantly.

If ONE skill has a situational 200% damage increase with a 15 second cooldown, it is NOT a good scaling ability.

You’re putting words in my mouth now.

You said nothing scaled on swordies, I disputed that with giving examples. I never said they scale extremely well, just that they scale at all.

Peltasta isn’t even supposed to deal damage. Swashbuckling is why you’d take that class, and if there’s any skill that works well into the endgame (and beyond), it’s that. Same goes for Rodelero, they are simply not a dps class.

I’m just saying that if you really want to build either to do damage, there are options to do so and modifiers one should be aware of to maximize their damage output. You wont beat any other damage class or anything, of course not. But you wont be an absolutely worthless meatshield at the very least.

Also, technically, you can keep up the 200% strike bonus forever on rodel if you cycle Slithering (10s buff duration, 20s CD) and High Kick (10s buff duration, 15s CD), effectively boosting all your skills (well, most of them) and thus scaling with you constantly. Depends on if you’re bursting (in which case you’d just use both, they stack.) or want sustained damage increase.

In a way, C3 Rodel has a permanent 200% scaling damage. Just like mages have a permanent +50% from Quick Cast. At least as far as longer fights like bosses go, for mobbing stuff would die too fast for your cooldowns on high kick/slithering to refresh, which is why I said this patch is really a step in the right direction.

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Celgaming has never played TOS. Move along.

Colgaming, you do realise that a skill that has multiple hits is the same like a skill that has only one hit but 200%/300%/400% scaling? And swordman have tons of multiple hit skills. Many skills that don’t have multiple hits are big AoE skills -> hitting multiple mobs at once -> Scaling again.
Of course Archer will edge out on the Damage, but not by far. Swordman edges out on tankiness and utility (debuffs, taunting)
Also the Crit rate you get from Swift Step: Critical Rate is a joke compared to Finestra.

Highlander gets 30% more crit attack.
Peltasta gets 30% more health and 18% more evasion.

KTOS_Rodelero PVP(league)

it’s 50% crit attack for 2h sword

crit attack isn’t that important, it’s just flat bonus damage to crits

without crit rate crit attack is worthless and if you’re using 2h swords you won’t be walking around with finestra

it means that 300 str swordsman has 300 crit attack, but with 2h sword he has 450.

That means 150 more damage to crits. Big deal, right?

did he use arrest or iron hook?

That is Iron Hook, against a pretty terrible Wizard PvP player.

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Will this be applied to IToS too?

I thought you can’t use skills or normal attack while using iron hook. 1:56

You can, but movement breaks the Iron Hook. The targets under it’s effect cannot do anything though.

Arrest on the other hand only restricts movement, but they can still attack and use skills while under it.

That is pretty much why Iron Hook is one of the best tools Swordsman has for PvP, as if you manage to land it on melee range you will pretty much kill whoever you captured with it.

oh thx for clearing that out. While we are on the subject of iron hook, can you hook the person when he is under Bloodletting effect?

Yeah, one of the few things that gets through.