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15% damage reduction on a block is quite low though, the damage buff is nice, but dies out a bit due to all of the damage bonus stacking available.
Personally, if i wanted defense, i’d just go offsetting. Or go DEX for offense (I know DEX is weak, but Fencers have high crit to make better use of it)


Thoughts from 온쿄우, one of the KTOS players on the new CM/Singularity resets (it’s not implement yet). And yes, it seen most KTOS players are moving toward using their alt accounts to earn more slivers now.


Silver scarcity will be real. I assumed that it will have an impact in the market itself.

It’s low indeed, but when shields normally parry for 30% it’s not like we could ask for more. And that 30% damage is not bad either for the 5 pieces (main or subweapon + 4 armors) required for a good block chance. Sure, if i wanted to go purely defensive i would go for offsettings. But from an offensive standpoint DEX is kinda bad even with the current epee garde values, and they’re getting lowered at the fleuret-level after the change, thus it will be even worse. So it’s more about having a good offensive choice with added defense.
That said, it doesn’t even require all the ichors - i made armors and a rapier one, and those shall provide more than enough block to hit the cap even in the worst case (glacia, albeit there i can also use the proper tanking ichors) and hopefully keep the damage buff always up. If i really need more defense after that…well, i’ve made a subweapon ichor with both offsets to switch upon when needed.Albeit i would normally use dedicated str/con/crit rate/atk vs type ichors in the subweapon in normal circumstances.

a game that force you to use alt account to buy an apple.



ToS on the nintendo 64 hype



Brief Translation:

  • 64-bit version of Game Server has already been implement on kLive since October 29.
    → IMC bragging about the fact that Channel 1 of each town has not crashed once during the past week.
  • 64-bit and DirectX11 version of Client is scheduled to be implemented on kTest this or next week, and will arrive in kLive afterwards when completely stabilized.

if reason they do this to tackle funneling why they keep releasing stoopid season server?
do they really think they all are new players? NO, 90%+ of them are alts, even alt guild smh
those newbies are in fact those who wont stay around for long, and the one who keep buying your packs are the same greedy guy who cant have enough alts
you just dont care dont you, so long you got fast buck, why does it matter…

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What are the advantages of having a 64-bit and DirectX11 version of the client?

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Can manage more “action” per second. So we can have more skill spam/dmg number/player/pet/animation…etc per second per client.

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kTest Patch Notes 11/6/20


City fishing areas have been added.
Fishing spots have been added to the following locations in Orsha and Fedimian.

※ Any NPCs that were at the location of the new fishing spots will be moved.
※ You can purchase fishing supplies near the fishing spot through fishing shops.
※ The functions provided by the fishing manager NPC Joha such as rubbing will only be available in Klaipeda.

New Batch Processing Function
In addition to the rubbing function provided by Joha in Klaipeda, there will be a new batch rubbing function added.

-Through use of this new function, you can rub up to 100 fish at a time.

Automatic Raid Matching

The [Auto Matching] system has been added to Legend Raids.
-You can now do automatic matching when entering Lepidoptera Junction: Legend (Easy/Normal/Hard) and White Witch’s Forest: Legend (Easy/Normal/Hard).
※ When a raid is cleared through automatic matching, the clear time will not be subject to content rankings.

When you enter a raid through automatic matching, you can obtain a buff of your choice.
You can select two different types of buffs through the UI, a personal buff and a party buff.

Personal Buffs

Damage Reduction
-50% damage taken
-40% final damage dealt
+30000% Threat generation
+2000 Block

Recovery Orb
Every 30 seconds, a recovery orb will be placed nearby your character.
Collecting the orb will restore 30% of your maximum HP, and another 30% over the course of 10 seconds.

Heal Damage Increase
When using Heal, the target will be given a +30% damage increase buff for 60 seconds.

Damage Increase
+30% damage dealt

Target Damage Increase
When hitting a target, a debuff will be inflicted that increases their damage taken by 50% for 30 seconds.

Party Buffs

Auto Match Party Buff - Damage Increase
+30% damage dealt
+5 Movement Speed

Auto Match Party Buff - Damage Reduction
-20% damage taken

Auto Match Party Buff - Heal + Revive
Restores 7% of your maximum HP every 3 seconds, and a Revive effect is granted to your character once.

Auto Match Party Buff - Heal + Immune
Restores 7% of your maximum HP every 3 seconds, and provides a 30% chance to prevent normally removeable debuffs.
-Lepidoptera Junction: Poison resistance stacks cannot be removed, and provides immunity to the Poison debuff.
-White Witch’s Forest: Provides immunity to the Witch’s Chill debuff.

※ Party buffs are shared by all party members.
※ Personal buffs can be re-selected upon re-entering the raid.

The difficulty of the Lepidoptera Junction legend raid has been changed.
-Decreased the ATK stats of Tantalizer’s skills.
-The conditions for the bosses using skills based on their current HP have been relaxed.
-The damage dealt by certain boss patterns and the penalty for failing them have been relaxed.

Costume Collection

On November 12th, another costume collection item will be added.

If you register all 6 new themed costumes, you can obtain a [All Stats +15] effect.

◈ Period: After maintenance on November 12th ~ Before maintenance on February 4th, 2021

Master Cards

The Master NPC cards sold through the Mercenary Badge shop will be changed.

Mistes Goldmund Card (Red, Pardoner Master)
Increases damage against enemies under [Luminosity] status by [★]%

Aleister Crowley Card (Red, Cryomancer Master)
Increases damage against [Frozen] or [Chilled] enemies by [★]%

[Luminosity]: This is a new debuff that is applied temporarily to enemies when they are struck with Holy skills while the Mistes Goldmund Card is equipped. Crevox Note: The debuff has no other effect other than to be used for the damage increase from this card.

Challenge Mode and Challenge Mode: Split Singularity

-Changes have been made to stop the summoning of monsters if any party member is incapacitated, or if they are outside of the Challenge Mode area / Division Singularity area. However, the time limit will continue to pass.

※ Even if a party member is disconnected or had their client close, monster summons will stop in Challenge Mode and Division Singularity. However, the time limit will continue to pass.

The item [Division Singularity Multiply Token Recipe] has been removed from the Sage Envoy NPC shop in Sajunga Road.

-All [Division Singularity Multiply Token Recipe] items will be removed in the 11/12 update and will be refunded in Silver equal to the amount purchased from the shop.

Mercenary Badge Shop

Some of the Mercenary Badge shop items have been changed.
-Challenge Mode Entry Voucher: Changed to 40 exchanges per week.

※ The Challenge Mode Entry Voucher item will be changed to Challenge Mode Entry Voucher (1 Day).

-Division Singularity One Entry Voucher: Changed to 10 exchanges per week.



Miko Master Emote


New Fish

icon_item_fish_Ev icon_item_fish_Ev2

New Item Boxes

icon_item_special_box_02 icon_item_special_box_01 icon_item_special_box_03 icon_item_special_box_all


20halloween_seaweed_hair_test 20halloween_tangle_up_hair_test

Demon Lord All Box



DirectX11 and 64bit Update Progress Information

Hello. This is the Tree of Savior development team.

The long awaited 64-bit application and DirectX11 compatible version of the client are both almost ready to be released. We would like to inform you of our progress.

Through internal testing, we were able to stabilize the memory usage of the game client by using all available system memory after migrating to 64-bit. In order to better make use of multiple CPU cores, support for DirectX11 has also been implemented, and the performance of the game client has greatly improved.

In addition, we have already begun using the 64-bit version of the game server with the update applied on October 29th to the Korean live server.

After the update, there have been zero crashes of Channel 1 in major towns for the past week, showing a much higher level of stability compared to before.

Currently, Tree of Savior is using a 32-bit client & DirectX9.
The newly developed 64-bit and DirectX11 version of the client may cause compatibility issues on current Saviors’ game systems. They will be implemented first onto the test server to undergo a testing period. The newly developed client will temporarily support both 64-bit & 32-bit operating systems, and DirectX11 & DirectX9 graphics cards, but they will be fully converted to 64-bit & DirectX11 once stability is secured.

To use the newly developed client, you will need a 64-bit operating system and a graphics card that supports DirectX11.
Therefore, the PC requirements for the game will be adjusted. Detailed performance-related data and updated PC requirements will be provided later.

It will take some time to ensure complete stabilization of the client because the code base has been changed significantly in order to implement 64-bit and the upgrade to DirectX11. We would appreciate if you report any issues you have.

Implementation Schedule

Public Test Server: Kupole
This week or next week

Official Server (Ausrine, Vaivora)
To be decided

Implementation Method

-64bit OS users will download the 64-bit client patch (approximately 70MB) when playing the game, and then the game will launch with the new 64-bit client.
-32bit OS users will not download the patch, and the game will continue to use the 32bit version of the client.


Q: When will the test server be updated?
This week, or next week.

Q: Do I have to reinstall the game or delete it?
No. The 64-bit update will be done through a client patch, and you will not need to undergo any other processes such as reinstalling the game.

Q: How can I check the OS bits of my computer?
image image

Q: How do I check if my graphics card supports DX11?
Run dxdiag.
image image

Q: I have a problem after the 64-bit update.
Please report it to the test server bug report forum and we will promptly check the issue and take action.

We encourage testing on the public test server in order to collect information from various user systems. We are preparing an event to encourage logging into the test server in order to try out the new 64-bit client. We will inform you again in a separate notice with more details.

Thank you.


This is great news!

Whatever happened to the Network Structure Reformation? In April they mentioned that they were almost finished with it, but it hasn’t been brought up since then.

I wonder if people will use that functionnality to get the buffs… Those seem really nice.

What does this card give more than a plain Hydra card? Seems the same to me…

This means if someone in your team gets disconnected or crashes, the run is over…

When you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Challenge Mode : Split Singularity Multiple Ticket Recipe - Removed/Refunded

IP Penalty

  • Applies to CM/DS when an IP connects more than equal to 3 separate account.
  • Item and Silver drop rate decrease by [1/ number of connected accounts ]. (Vibora equipment cannot be obtained)
  • This means an IP who have 3 account connected only will receive 33.33% reward from a CM/DS run.
  • Penalty also applies when using Split Singularity Multiple Token.

Mercenary Badge Changes

  • Both CM reset and DS entry ticket will be changed to 1 day expiry.
  • Exchange count as follow
    • CM Reset -> 30 per week / 2 per day (both per team) (44 Total)
    • DS Entry -> 7 per week / 1 per day (both per team) (14 Total)
  • *Daily exchange seems to be per character, it claims. Will have to further clarify.
  • Weekly and Daily exchange is separated.
  • You must consume your daily quota before you can exchange on the weekly quota.
  • DS Entry (1 day) can only be used when your DS entry count is 0.

slow clap to imc man slow clap. Just as you though you can 1 shot everything on 1 day, ■■■■ be like, No ■■■■, you have to come everyday.

PSA : Reep to actual more than equal to 3 people who actually play in the same household. You can quit this game now.


this is klive? it is official now?

Imagine if you played in an internet cafe and 3 other people are playing tos.

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