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LOLWUT that’s totally not the way to compare. That’s like saying needing 99 gears to 100% is still more favorable because 1 - (0.95)^99 = 99.994%


Mathematics does not lie, the new system is more favorable.



The problem is they are going to implement a golden ichor extraction kit soon, so you will have to choose between crafting 3 items, using a golden extraction kit on 1 item or crafting 2 items and hope you get it with in less than 28 tries.

If golden extraction kits are cheaper than crafting another item and 14 normal extractions then most people will take the golden extraction kit route.


it wasn’t going to happen but now that you mention it, thanks for the idea Velthari…

Time to forward your idea to the Devs~ Staff


They are already in the game files though. And it looks like they will come from gacha.



Wow they were fast with delivering his idea :smirk:

I was obviously joking about it…

then again maybe what is obvious to me isn’t obvious to all so I need to stop calling it obvious :smile:

but yeah is a little predictable what the line of steps is going to be :wink:

but they can still pleasantly surprise us, like when they chose to put pant on sheriff instead of a slutty skirt/butty pants…

So who knows :haha:


Now make a paid DLC with bugfixes :tired:


lol I’m not sure if you are really serious, but for the benefit of others, I’m going to say it anyways. You’re comparing 2 figures expressing different things. The 100% for the new system is percentage for 1 success, but the 86% of current system is expressing ‘AT LEAST 1 success’. So 100% is not better than 86% because they are not even referring to the same thing!

As for the actual logic to determine, @kaizaxl has already expressed it well enough. The new system is objectively worser. This is not even factoring that you could very easily sell a 1 pot gear for at least 1/3 of its original value, sometimes even close to 1/2. Of course, for ichor-able gears whose pots are less than 10, be it existing or future gears, then the newer system can be considered.


In order to effectively comply with the rule you say, the system of chance must tend to infinity, therefore the more you try, the closer you get to your result. But I assume that the priority is to decrease the risk in a few attempts so that the certainty of 1/3 is much better than something totally random.

Consult with any investor.


We are talking mathematics here, if you want to consult your investor on something totally unrelated and impossible to calculate objectively, lmao go ahead.

I will just be here to ensure people are at least aware of the math.


I’ll explain it easier.

The random system gives you more benefits the more attempts you make, as you deliver more you try closer you will get 1 positive result every 2 gears (in finance this is equivalent to diversify the risk, you have a lot of money and you invest in several risk investments ).

The new system in exchange gives you certainty with few attempts, so if you have 3 gears you guarantee your success, however with the ramdon system you have nothing guaranteed when you have so few attempts (this is equivalent in finance when you have little capital , this is better to invest at a fixed investment rate lower than a risk investment, but without the possibility of losing your investment).


ROFL, again, if you want to bring in general theories from investment which not only deal with things can’t that be calculated objectively, but also completely unable to relate to the numbers here (100% of 1 success vs 86% of at least 1 success) and then went on to determine which is objectively better, go ahead then. Don’t drag others in.

The math has proven which is objectively better. And again, since I’m arguing for the benefits for others, I’m gonna stop here since I believe people here can at least easily know if they should trust someone who thinks even 99 gears for 100% chance is better than current system, and that only by having attempts close to infinity will make the newer system worse, and then goes about arguing general theories from a different field without being able to relate to the current numbers.

Oh, and by any chance should you go back on your words and think 99 gears for 100% is indeed worser than current system, then I hope you can explain why, and also what would be the number then that separates better and worser. Math has objectively determined this number to be 2, I wonder what number would generic investment theories give? :wink:


Guys plz stop with all the quick maffs


You know what you did was 99 tries at ichoring not 99 different gear, plus if your going to ichor an item with the current system you have 14 tries not 13 and if you want to sell the item as you have proposed in a different post then you have 12 tries.

The new system in most cases is quite fair as i have broken many items under the current ichor system about 3 per ichor. My last ichor was Asio Shield and it took 4 Asio Shields before i got the ichor so i welcome this new ichor system with open hands.


Clearly you did not understand anything I said and you only stayed with what you wanted to read.


Yes my mistake there. But 99 tries or 99 gears, the final value would still not be 100%. And your asio shield case doesnt make your point more valid in the objective sense, likewise for my personal best record of succeeding 2 equips consecutively in ONE try.

That being said, as long as people are aware and understand the math behind, it’s all good to me whatever they ended up choosing to do.


It’s a better silver sink for sure… :tired:

Favorable for people selling raid recipes and mats, surely. For people trying to ichor? Well, I mean, you do you…


Scout gets Self sufficient skills yet Swordsman still struggles, gg.


Swordsman has plenty of self sufficient skills, they are just focused on reducing damage instead of healing it or negating it.


sory to broke your dream, but there are no samurai class bois
new archer

new scout class