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My guess is that, since they already started giving other trees skills with invulns at their bases, that scout will either have a few more skills with invulns to compensate (even though many of them already have quite long ones), or they’ll add one to the base as well. Or perhaps have every “core” scout path have at least one. Cloaking has always been a bit of a mess for a wide variety of reasons.

Cloaking can serve as more of an opener and a way in, which it always served for archer’s purposes, I don’t see why that would change once it got moved over to scout, especially given its shorter (non-100% uptime) duration. I don’t think it was ever intended as a means to escape, though you have the option with Ignas if you so desire. It’s get in, murder somebody, peace out.


Isnt that exactly what an assasin do?

Hide in the "shadows"for the right moment to strike and kill the enemy.
And disapear without a trace afterwards.

I played assa on ro for 15 years it shouldn´t have a Cd or downtime at all.
Let get a high sp drain but even more downtime?



There seems to be just 40 replies debating lore and idk what at this point…

So is the ichor change in summary; we need 3 of an item to achieve a 100% chance and all 3 items are then consumed, if so that is literally no better then what we have now and further removes the chance of getting lucky.

You are telling me if I want to ichor an Ignas Leather Gloves for example I will need 210 million or more in equipment costs alone, call me crazy, but how is that “better”?


The ichor change is literally exactly what people wanted. Giving an option to pay more for a guaranteed success. This is a good change for people who hate ichor RNG.


The numbers don’t really add up well though. A 5% rate per attempt for 13 potential right now is roughly a 50% overall chance of success. So the expected/average number of items per ichor is 2. You might say that the 3rd item is for the guarantee, but that just looks crappy from a probabilistic perspective.


I think it would be hard to find players who’d risk ichoring with one item otherwise.


But pyros use pyrite or some like that too only some few classes use no reagents, like elentalist or warlock, anyway i say taoist because all skills used papper Even the lightning spell, while almost every other classes in the wizz tree have some spell without reagents exept taoist


they roll it on paper and smoke :haha:


That’s because its just the first stage
Later on they will add gatcha items that replace your 2nd + 3rd equipment sacrifice, so you can just do it with 1 item only

Do you even IMC bro?


Apparently not, all our world chat seems to be today is people flexing various +24 weapons thanks to the resurgence of diamond anvils, I understand they have been present via the blacksmith DLC and burner accounts but now with everyone selling the “service” for roughly 30m an anvil smack the NA server is basically this atm;


Cant wait to see Sheriff skills in action…

am so proud of them for using pants…

not the colors I wanted but is a step forward :blush:


When they will introduce that patch ? Thx.
kTEST I mean…


omg sheriff is so good for PvP, I’m probably rerolling my BM-Ench-Assa to have a sheriff. that will be a tough decision tho.


Question, following your idea on the game’s lore then did you lost your mind when you found out that Corsairs are fighting on land and not the sea?


You actually have 14 tries per item at a 5% chance per potential if the item has a maximum of 13 potential.


That’s really cool! i thought that matross was the musket class but apparently is Tiger hunter XD.

I think the biggest problem for musket class is the lack of skills to use combined with low AOE (Aiming from falcooner is really important IMO to use penetration shot/covering fire properly) damage but i think musket class was focused to be a single target dps, i hope they made more damage skill, maybe prime load will work with tiger hunter? that would be really nice…


Are we talking about lore or game economy? Lore-wise there is no difference between any of the reagents nor the weapon you use to channel your magic in wizard tree. Magic users use a lot of different magic artifacts to channel their magic: sticks, stones, bones, books, charms, crystal balls, dolls, etc. Again: guns are not well known for doing that, nor bow and arrow, nor cannons, rapier, swords, dagger (even tho lot of witches use one). That is why i see no problem in the lore of the game as magic users.
Economy-wise they added these different reagents that we need to spend money on. I hate it, but i get it.

The only class i have trouble with is linker being in scout tree. I love the class, don’t get me wrong. I used to main linker and i kinda still do. But it is weird how it works now.


Calculating it with 13 attempts versus 14 attempts is a difference of 49% versus 51% overall chances of success. I’m already rounding when I say 50%, and it’s sufficient to say that it takes about 2 items on average to get an ichor, if you are rounding to the nearest whole item.

1 - (0.95)^13 = 0.48665791672
1 - (0.95)^14 = 0.51232502088


If we take into account the same formula and take it to three gears of potential 13, you will see that the probability of hitting is 86%, so ensuring 100% with three gears is a favorable change

1 - (0.95)^13 = 49%
1 - (0.95)^26 = 74%
1 - (0.95)^39 = 86%



Sorry I had to do it :relieved:

I will see myself out now :tired: