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when the new classes arrive in kTest ?


the problem its not just the magic. the change on that game lore concept make it even more weaker even if some archer class use to have magic kind powers like fletcher too.
it was some like “everyone can do magic using magic items made by a powerfull wizz” but now everyone can do that “magic items” with the new lore

soo why wizz cannot use guns instead sticks?
why warriors are the only “witout magic”?
why taoist are magic class if their only use magic pappers instead of do them self magic?
in summary every class that do magic with some reagent its not like a true magic class and every class that do not use magic items are just stupid and don’t know how use them like the wizz that don’t know how to pull a trigger…


If this remove cryo shield Sheriff gonna be my favorite class in PvP =O
(And the other skills look really good too)

I’m definitely hyped with the 2 new scout classes.


I like how the female sheriff costume has pants. This game needs more pants for females lol


Haha I remembered the explanation they gave us when they removed the skill
I still don’t know what they meant


[quote=“Zeucleio, post:6532, topic:381396, full:true”]
I like how the female sheriff costume has pants. This game needs more pants for females lol
[/quote] meme time



Noone cares about lore. We want good gameplay, mechanics, synergies and stuff.

Imo, they all look good. Lets wait to see % scales.


in fine with that but its just to meaninless for a real mmorpg without lore and pve histori this become more like a battle royal on borutas cave and nothing more.

however i would enjoy the explanation about sheriff even if its something like this:

Sheriff master: I saw a booby lady on my dreams asking for help so I came crossing the sea to be here and pew-pew some demons.
i’m fine with that this game cannot surprisse me anymore


when the lore is told in an immersive and cinematic way, where it looks like the story of a console game, not an MMO, I appreciate and like it
ex: wow, diablo 3, wakfu

but in the tree of savior (and 90% of MMO) lazy format, I ignore completely

and in the end, lore has to be good because the story is good, and not for historical fidelity that only serves to prevent the existence of certain classes and limit the thematic ones, if the lore is bad it is bad because of itself, does not put the fault in the existence of classes of varied themes within the universe


The reagent of pyromancer for example is rod or staffs. That is not different from paper like taoist or Onmyoji. The magic do not come from the paper, it comes from the caster, the paper/staff/rod are a channel for their magic.
Guns are not known for doing that (except Iron Fist in Season 2 finale).


-My only gripe is the new Cloaking, if it only works outside of combat…it goes against the core class idea,being both a offensive and retreat skill, how you gonna use in maps with auto-aggro or escape while in low health that the class has by defaut?

-How you gonna take advantage of the “damage on stealth” from both the skill(if it keeps that on the skill description) and Asio dagger buff/Scout boruta Seal?

-They expect us to use Ignas legendary Card or use assassin (annihilation) to be the only sources of cloaking useable in combat?

They say : “These changes aim to make alterations to the basic ability of classes to evade and defend themselves.” But the scout class already did that in the beginning without need to change.


the assassin stealth do not buff damage, and does not work for the assassin Behead synergy, Behead works only with Cloaking specifically, scout needs cloaking works in combat, mainly Assassin(Behead synergy for damage in boss) and users of Ignas leather ichor


Scouts cant use cloack inside of battle and wiz gets teleport…
That sounds so Balanced…


I hope they do a balance patch for archer. Wugushi still can’t crit and this is much needed. Also pied piper le de welsburm or whatever doesn’t stack with crescendo bane. Wugushi needs a little love. The new matross class is nice though. Can’t wait to see the new unique or legendary weapon effects.


I hope they implement more skills to psychokino, no reason to take this classe when the main pvp skill is removed.


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honestly confused about Cloaking changes… just why ?


New classes meet in the field…


They should change ignas card cloak. Allow DOT not able to effect cloaking but at the same time you can’t reapply cloaking until current effect is canceled or ends.


Nice for Assassin since their buff hurts you… too bad the buff barely does anything since the game is so laggy for everyone.