KToS General Thread v4.0


A self heal :sad:

Also, STOP forcing the alchemist to throw stuff!!! that RO related, not lore related.


thats not about to throw stuffs or not. but alchemist are the only with chemistry knowlege to make fuel for flame granades and powlder in the IRL lore :v make more class that supply the historical meaning of alchemist make it even more useless

also im sick of seen the fkn fliyin mashmallow withoud do nothing usefull. maybe in the scout tree it could be a nice homunculus as the shinobis clons


As much as i like Alchemist to not be alike RO’s the current version is quite bland on every single aspect, it doesn’t really feel like you do alchemy nor chemistry.


Honestly it would be way more interesting to have poison and chemical classes all in Scout due the class theme, i’d love to play Alchemist-Plague Doctor-Wugushi (specially being able to spread poisons with Pandemic as a single character).


When the base class change event is extended:


I’d love to see a fully single target focused scout class and it’s honestly a bit awkward that with a name like ‘Assassin’ they’re not the ones who fit this niche.


yep, I’m an RPG player “main” classes in this vibe (assassin, rogue, thief), and the 2 characteristics that appeal to me in this type of class is
1 - thematic (I love any kind of character agile and stealthy, mainly Rogues in the medieval style, and dagger is my favorite weapon)
2 - absurd damage in single target, and in tree of savior are sinning with this primordial characteristic of classes of dagger in RPG, absurd damage in single target, bad AoE damage


I would be peassed with an alchemist like that honestly i feel that the lore-roll of the actual alchemist its a mess its just a wizz class because it have a lore chain with the Winterspoons but the justification its even more weak that the linker lore changes.

i feel that this game its falling in hugh inconsistencies about their class roles its more like that imc try to put tons of others clasic mmorpg class in a bunch of 5 base class trees

I fell that some time we would se some like more than 10 different base class with some like riders,gunners, merchants and maybe a class focused on study things like “scholars” where alchemist must fith nice with others class like “engineers” or some like that




Sheriff is a class that uses a pistol to focus on dealing damage to a single target. All skills can also be used while riding a companion. Their skills are as follows.

Quick Draw
Fire your pistol very quickly, dealing damage to enemies in front of you.

Quick Draw: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Use three pistols to shoot six different targets per pistol.

Panning: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

West Raid
Grants all skills that load a pistol to attack enemies a certain number of hits that will not miss.

(Class Lv. 16+)
Pull the trigger on an enemy. The enemy who is shot will drop their main weapon and it cannot be equipped for a short time.

Peacemaker: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

(Class Lv. 16+)
Evade all enemy attacks for a short time and increase your movement speed.

Redemption: Escape
Double the movement speed bonus, but half the duration.

Aiming Shot
(Class Lv. 31+)
Fire at enemies with a shot that cannot miss. Remove a set number of buffs from enemies hit and deal additional damage per buff removed.

Aiming Shot: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Aiming Shot: Conversion
The number of buffs removed is fixed to 1, but the damage bonus increases.


i’m done m3n the lore of this game have gone to the hell but at least its looks funny


that’s what I’m talking about, this is what I’m looking for.
I hope it’s not a disappointment and it really have damage to compete with the bests classes of boss DPS



See ktest discord for correct italian terms sweats profusely trying to wrap her head around “ritira larissi” and making sense of it

Thanks for the work as usual~


What is the problem with the lore of the game? Besides Thauma, Linker and Enchanter?


I feel that its no more historical handgun class left to make? maybe the next would be a Science fiction one image


characters are more important than lore,

for example: fighting games, they insist on eliminating characters in the next game because he died in the lore, this is terrible, f**k the lore, give me my character


Well… You can always have a generic shooter unit written on a different language, from a different country, slap a specific characteristic for it (dealing with a specific Element, race, single target, area, melee, short range, wide range, etc) and there you have it


Edit: it is not a complaint, I like what they do with the majority of the classes, only a small number of them disappoint me


I liked peacemaker better when it was called attack au fer.


for me its the same problem that have starwars they made jedis specyals them they made the force some usual stuff that anyone can use and the jedis lore died with tons of disney marketing inconsistencies

magic was some special on TOS every wizz class have a weird lore justifying their skills and base magic but when their make the RE their make an “off magics class” for those who “can’t use magic” and that have not sence at all



Yes, I agree that Enchanter (specially), Thauma and Linker should find a better way of introducing a “person who can’t use magic that found a workaround” type of character.

But Bullet Marker is kind of a mix of magic too, cause Flint made magic bullets through alchemy. But, for me, it is a nice way of introducing it, cause it doesn’t feel magical-ish visually. The problem with those 3 classes is that they changed branch midway.