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Am I the only who thinks tiger hunter is really cool?:tired:


Sheriff looks nice, but I can’t be an evil pirate and law enforcing sheriff at the same time. It feels so wrong!

…okay, maybe I can, if the skills are great.


The way they’re previewing the classes, sounds like they’re coming on March. All the 4.

Could it be?




Our Savior Crevox is here. :satisfaction:
Give us something good.


Episode 11: New Item System and Classes (Part 1)

Hello, this is the Tree of Savior development team.

With the last post, saviors submitted many questions and showed both great interest and concern in the new item system. In order to resolve some of these concerns, we will be disclosing some specifics about the new item system ahead of time. In addition, we will introduce some new changes to the base classes, and four new classes.

New Item System

New Items: Unique and Legend Grade
New unique and legend items will appear with the update to level 420. These items will require level 400 to equip.


New System: Set Bonuses and Ichor
Any new set bonuses added to new equipment can be directly chosen by you.

Also, a new flexible system is being added to ichoring to give you a 100% chance of making the ichor. Adding equipment (up to 3) will boost the success chance up to a maximum of 100%, each based on their current potential (33% each if they are all at maximum potential). Three different items may be used, however, the one that has the ichor created will selected randomly.

As you can see in the picture, because the potential of each equipment is at maximum, they all add up to a total of 39, with 13 potential each. With 13/39 maximum potential, the success chance boost is 33% each.

Upon success, you will gain the ichor of one of the three items. They will all be consumed.

Extract the Ichor
Also being added is a new system that will let you extract an ichor that has already been equipped to a legend item. This requires a certain amount of silver, and there is no randomness involved. This system is planned to be added alongside updates with new legend raids and equipment.

Legend Raid Entry Count


With the new update, the number of times you can enter legend raids will change to 5 per team. With this, the quantity of rewards and their contents will be adjusted. Also, in stage 6 and 7 of challenge mode, you will be able to obtain a new recipe to craft Legend Raid Portal Stones. You need the regular, existing version of Raid Portal Stones to craft these.

With Legend Raid Portal Stones, you will be able to enter existing legend raids even if your team has consumed all of their entries (Earth Tower, Velcoffer’s Nest). These stones will not be immediately available for new content, and will be used when necessary to increase the speed/supply of the amount of rewards that come from content.

Special Changes to Base Classes

Special changes are being made to each base class with the new update. These changes aim to make alterations to the basic ability of classes to evade and defend themselves.

image Pain Barrier

Pain Barrier will apply an additional buff that provides 100% immunity to debuffs. However, this buff is separate and different than the knockdown/knockback immunity, so it will have a different duration.

image Teleportation

Psychokino’s Teleportation will be changed to a Wizard skill.

image Leap

Mergen’s Jump Shot is now an Archer skill, the attacking portion of it is removed, and it will reduce your threat on use.

image Cure

Cure will be able to remove higher ranked debuffs.

image Cloaking

Cloaking will be changed to only be usable out of combat, but it will increase your movement speed further.

Anything is subject to change when the updates arrive.


I’m confused by the ichor change. Does that mean that if you use one 13 pot item you will get 1 go at 33% chance of ichoring compared to the 14 tries at 5% chance you have now? This of course removes the randomness if you have 3 items, but for 1 item that lowers the chance by a lot. Depends on the requirements of course: having to put one batch of Sierra or one Extraction Kit instead of 14 would probably make the process worthwhile…


Yay to Leap and Teleportation but Cloaking change should only be applied in PvP! cmon, i want to gather quest material without being hit!


Episode 11: New Item System and Classes (Part 2)

New Classes

Alongside the new Episode 11 update, new classes will be added. Due to the class reorganization that occurred with [Re:Build], the amount of classes in each series is uneven, so we will be adding two new classes to Archer (Tiger Hunter/Matross) and Scout (Arditi/Sheriff).

Firstly, we have Archers, who have two classes that can only use one weapon type, muskets and cannons respectively.

Tiger Hunter


Tiger Hunter uses muskets and is particularly strong against Beasts, which each skill has additional effects against. Their skills are as follows.


Through Fire
Quickly fire bullets to penetrate enemies in front of you. If the enemy is a Beast, they will receive more damage.

Through Fire: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.


Gain a buff that allows you to dash while in combat. This dash consumes more stamina than normal.

Tracking: Duration
Increases the buff’s duration.

Tracking: Begin the Hunt
When attacking enemies during Tracking, there is a chance they will be given the [Prey] debuff.

This debuff on the enemy will last for the current duration of your Tracking buff, and will have the following effects on the enemy.

Through Fire: +50% damage
Rapid Shot: +30% critical chance
Blitz: +50% chance to stun

Rapid Shot
Shoot repeatedly at your target. Each shot results in a blast, with an increased critical strike chance if the enemy is a Beast.

Rapid Shot: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Eyes of the Beast
(Class Lv. 16+)
Inflicts a debuff on enemies nearby. This debuff causes them to take a significant amount of increased damage from the Tiger Hunter for one shot, but if the enemy doesn’t die from that attack, then the enemy will do increased damage to the Tiger Hunter for a duration.

(Class Lv. 16+)
Quickly rush to the location of your enemy and fire at them. If the enemy is a Beast, they will be stunned.

Blitz: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Blitz: Knockback
Enemies hit will be knocked back.

Concealed Firing
(Class Lv. 31+)
Conceal your body, giving yourself a Cloaking buff that prevents you from being seen by enemies. Release multiple attacks at enemies while concealed.

Concealed Firing: Acquisition
Upon defeating an enemy while concealed, you will gain a buff for STR and DEX based on your character level.

Concealed Firing: Duration
Increases the duration of Concealed Firing’s Cloaking while in grass.


If the thing works like now just sit and stand to go out of combat. (but in PvP you can’t do that X_x)

In some future updates: Tracking goes for the base archer class XD


Seems to be a water surface.


Watch IMC hardly introduce any beast type monsters with future updates.

It would’ve been a good idea to give tiger hunters a skills like judgment that turns enemies into beast types for a certain time.


That makes no sense.

Well, that wont work if the monster is already attacking you. You gonna have to kill it first :confused:




Matross is a class that uses a cannon, and emphasizes on mobility, buffs, and debuffs. Their skills are as follows.

Fire and Run
Aim the cannon at your feet and fire, damaging nearby enemies and leaping backwards.

Fire and Run: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Fire and Run: Non-Skid
Reduces the movement distance by half, but increases the damage dealt to enemies.

Fire at a targeted enemy. If the enemy is hit, an explosion will occur in a circle around them.

Explosion: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Explosion: Chain Explosion
Adds a chance for another Explosion to occur on enemies hit by Explosion.

Menace Shot
Carry your cannon on your shoulder and fire towards the sky. Enemies nearby you will panic from the shot, being unable to move for a short time.

Menace Shot: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Menace Shot: Exploit Weakness
Enemies inflicted with panic take increased damage.

Crouching Strike
(Class Lv. 16+)
Hold your cannon with both hands and slam it into the ground. Enemies will be knocked down in place.

Crouching Strike: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Crouching Strike: Remove Knockdown
Removes the knockdown.

Crouching Strike: Stun
Provides a chance to stun enemies hit by Crouching Strike.

(Class Lv. 16+)
Gain a buff that increases your AoE Attack Ratio.

Roar: Critical
Halves the bonus to AoE Attack Ratio, but increases your chance of critical strikes.

Canister Shot
(Class Lv. 31+)
Fire a gravitational bead that draws enemies towards it for a short time. At the end of the duration, the bead explodes, dealing damage to enemies nearby.

Canister Shot: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Canister Shot: Remove Knockdown
Removes the knockdown.

Canister Shot: Sustained
Increases the duration of the gravity bead.


Gravity cannon :eyes:


The “dagger class” is in truth a “bomberman class” … disappointed

grenades and bombs = aoe damage class, dagger scouts already have great aoe dps builds, dagger scouts are deprived of dps in single target (dps in boss), we do not need another class to clear CM, dagger scouts already make solo CM easy enough, I would like more dps in boss with dagger builds

Sheriff looks interesting, he looks more focused on dps in single target (boss), which is what I like more


i’m more worry about the fact that you will not be able to throw the jump grenade in the right moment. Like lacrymator animation can be canceled by any little cc (because of little lag i guess) that makes the skill unusable for very fast reaction to an atk.

Dunno if it’s google translate or what but don’t feel the arditi class got rly useful and fun tool to use…there’s so much possibilities of design about grenades…i’m not hyped about the class i was waiting.




Arditi is a class that specializes in using daggers for close combat, alongside grenades and molotov cocktails to deal continuous damage to many enemies. Their skills are as follows.

Please note that these skill names are romanized, so there may be some inaccuracies until we get the official names. Feel free to help with the names if you know them better.

Throw a grenade at a location to deal damage to enemies.

Granata: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Tre Granate
Throw molotov cocktails at a location to deal continuous damage to enemies.

Tre Granate: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Tre Granate: Lingering Flame
Enemies continue to burn for a duration even if they leave the fire on the ground.

Ritira Larissi
Drop a grenade at your feet and jump backwards.

Ritira Larissi: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

(Class Lv. 16+)
Place an injection into your arm to regain HP and Stamina.

Recupero: Enhance
Increases the amount of HP and Stamina restored.

(Class Lv. 16+)
Stab enemies in front of you.

Invasione: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

(Class Lv. 31+)
Advance forwards to defeat enemies in front of you. Struck enemies are knocked back and you gain movement speed for a duration.

Taglio: Enhance
Increases the skill factor of the skill.

Taglio: Remove Knockback
Removes the knockback.


this must have been the rework for alchemist. or even if they have put the alche class on the scout tree it can have some skills like that.


So Arditi has a heal? Lol…