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Oh thank you very much!
Do we know when this patch is coming to itos? Can’t wait to try colony wars here with plenty of lag and channel crashes… yummy!


There were multiple fixes to basic attacks in Scout, including how lightning hands damage bonus is applied, double gun stance, double weapon assault, etc. I’m not really sure if this in particular was modified.


Hmm Okay! Thanks for the reply!


i tested Double Attack with dagger yesterday.
Usual 1 hit dealt 12000-12600, proc was 2 hits with 8500 damage, but i guess since DGS is already 2 hits, it just increases damage if it procs.


I’ve made some tests on ktos, yesterday, and it is still working this way.




Can you test DGS and DWA?


How is this ktos related ?


I’ll test it again but I’m pretty sure it still isn’t working


Any news from ktos/test?
It’s been quite some time without news/updates


There was an update about Boruta’s debuff not working and changing its effect. Surprised it didn’t show up here.

Edit: Adding link:


Any news mambo? Were you able to test it?


Mark: Borutos Kapas Bug Fix (KToS Post Translation)

We have confirmed an issue with the effect of Mark: Borutos Kapas where the effect does not apply, and we will inform you of our fix and apology with this announcement.

Mark: Borutos Kapas Effect Doesn’t Apply Bug
-The effects of Mark: Borutos Kapas have not been applied for the last 2 months.
-This issue is confirmed to have been fixed with the maintenance on 2/8.

Mark: Borutos Kapas Effect Update
-On 12/6/18, the amount of extra damage received was less than the official notice we delivered.
-Effects on existing guilds were also not applied due to an unforeseen error until the maintenance on 2/8.
-After the maintenance on 2/8, the effects below are now working properly:

Week 1: When hit, receive 50% more damage
Week 2: When hit, receive 30% more damage

Week 1: When hit, receive 100% more damage
Week 2: When hit, receive 50% more damage

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this bug and any misuse of the content that came as a result.

Boruta Support Compensation
They are planning to run the same event we had for 1 month (2/21 - 3/28) to provide free elixirs/marks/etc to compensate users for the error.

We sincerely apologize once again for the inconvenience with the content while playing the game. In the future, we will try to ensure the same issue does not occur again in Tree of Savior.

Thank you.

Announcement Regarding Borutos Kapas

I find really lame that their “solution” for the Kapas Effect being to weak like they mentioned some time ago is just rising the dmg - as if boruta couldnt 1-hit-kill everything already when he gets enraged during the final phase.


The idea is that it also raises damage taken from players. But yes, I agree that the effect is not significant if it’s simply damage received.


I asked about 4 shadows in devblog in a Korean stream, and the Korean viewer and streamer said it would be 4 new classes released this year, and they are aiming to release 2 of this until june !!


It’s what the dev blog also says, but some people preferred to believe in a confusing google translation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Is this the reveal date?


Sorry for the delay. Double Gun Stance + Double Weapon Assault isn’t a thing.


A friend that studies korean told me that it probably means they’re revealing the new classes on Feb 17-18-19th (series of dev blog posts or one of those dates?). He doesn’t recall what “휴방” means exactly, but he believes it’s related to revealing, displaying or simply showing (방), like in “방송” (broadcasting). If you try it on google translate, it gives:

Seems a bit early if they’re working on it to release 2 of the new classes before june, but let’s see what happens around Monday.