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Am SOoo HAPPY :haha:

They added SP bar to party UI


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without changes in scout tree… see you later



Buffs Damballa for some reason
Nerfs the other Bokor skills


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Probably just cause greater corruption only lasts 5min… So you’re suppose to resummon it anyway at 600sec unless you want to miss out on your +30% damage increase to Physical/Poison(currently Phy/Fire) damage the greater corruption causes.



Bokor hexing duration reduced?
Holy crap thats disgusting that spell has a 2 second animation I dont want to to use it more than I have to

Nice FF + Shadow + Warlock buffs and they fixed bone pointing
I sent them a ticket a while ago about this

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According to (ktest) the hexing CD goes down to zero, although it could be a mistake



It doesn’t matter, the problem with hexing is that it takes 2-3 second to cast the spell because the animation is so slow and the projectile too
Its just a pain in the ass and feels clunky as hell
In that time I could be casting 3 other spells but no gotta apply hexing for the dark debuff

Well now it doesnt matter anymore, since they removed the 30% dark damage I wont even use bokor in my dark builds
It doesnt look too appealing

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They took it from Bokor and gave it to FF at 50%:rofl:



Yeah and the funny thing is they removed one of the hexing spells (featherwalking)
Not sure if I like that
Now the only spell to apply curse is Bonepointing from what I see which only works for bosses



They have forced the dependence between bokor and FF, the truth is that it does not bother me, I already had that build anyway I just have to adjust the skill points



I’m using Bokor right now too but with how buffed SHadowmancer and Warlock are I’ll use those instead
Especially Warlock
Finally you can used demon scratch without all the monsters ending up behind you that was so stupid



These batch of Wizard buffs seem pretty cool, though rip Sage. Taxi support is a rough life.

Extremely happy they actually decided to make Featherfoot actually have synergies with the other dark classes, though I’m gonna miss Kurda’s hexing, but atleast the constant damage out of the skill means it might be an interesting mobbing ability based on how fast the ticks are. Before tbh it was neat, but it really just was a class with an integrated HP potion.

Now lets work on Sadhu, Monk, and the Clerics pls, dad needs this spirit lad back



I’m pretty unhappy about Necro losing +30% fire damage from greater corruption. Necro could be put in almost any pub with Phys/Fire enhancement and be useful. Now it only helps Poison/Phy? I fail to see why they couldn’t have just done Poison/Fire/Phy and not blow up a bunch of useful builds.

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Why put dark damage attribute into a class full of poison damage instead of a class full of dark damage, 50% at that.

IMC forcing synergies here.




It’s already in partyinfoex addon , which even provides teammate location on the fly. Goodbye addon …




Every time kToS introduce new p2w cubes white knights here scream ITS WILL BE ONLY IN KOREA
Literally, its happens every deym time



No one can ever say for certain that this is the case. It’s just being optimistic and not jumping to conclusions.



The less add-ons needed the better…



Not when the implemented feature is inferior and lighter than the addon.

Reference to current Market



It has been a little late to reply, but I think it is incumbent upon me to correct this.

“개발팀은 2019년 두 번의 신규 클래스 추가를 계획하고 있습니다. 첫 번째 신규 클래스 추가는 상반기 중으로 4개의 클래스가 추가되게 됩니다.”

The korean text indicates that IMC is planning to implement new classes for two times in 2019, and the first time will take place on the first half of the year, with four new classes added.
Therefore, these silhouettes show four different classes, rather than just two.

Please do not spread wrong information with lousy google translate outcomes.