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We already had that, and it wasn’t nice.
Remember when people had swords in every other slot, and their body was a sword?


For me its most likely:
1st Cowgirl/Desperado, female: got gloves, boots and looks like a female hair cut
3rd Cowboy/Desperade, male: gloves, those star shaped things on the boots, holster for pistol on the hip and cigarette

definitely a pistol user für scout which would be welcomed

it’s harder for the other 2, so i assume:

2nd female heavy gunner: could wear armor, but looks light compared to the male coutnerpart, wears a musket on the back but i think this class can use either musket or cannon, female design fits musket more

4th male heavy gunner: wears more bulky looking armor, hair cut looks more male than female, by design should fit more to use cannon than musket but could use either of them of course

EDIT: I am so bad with links making them show the pic behind then, sighs…


what part of “jokes aside” is hard for u to understand? anyway, try not being so oversensitive over skin-related stuff, im not even white and i don’t give a single firetruck about it, i just criticize the quality vs what they offered some months ago

@DrRM i don’t recall anyone asking for the ToS Defense Force assistance :haha: go back to wipe ur ToS lord’s rear

edited because of carebears


OH! your mother didn’t told you…

wow this is awkward now :smirk:

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please be samurai! and i will play this game again i promise. LOOL


Found this gif while scrolling kToS thread 1.0 for a meme material, if that’s centurion than they’ll get us 4 different classes (if they didn’t changed one of the designs).


your mom jokes? c’mon u can do better, earn ur TP by defendint the poor management u little doggie :haha:


Seriously guys? Rechecking this thread not for this kind of discussion but for ktos news pls


i would love 4 new classes, but in dev blog why they said only two? O:


is not samurai, look well at the outline, especially on the shoulders and boots, it’s something hairy, looks like this is using animal skin, what do you think is a katana is probably a tail, is a kind of hunter wearing animal skins



is only 2, not 4, the 1 and 3 are the same class female and male, the 2 and 4 is the same class female and male


Sorry guys, but I see 4 classes at the moment.

My respect for everyone who see two, however.

Sounds like Beastmaster is coming!


But I’m sorry for you since it’s more than said that there are only two


About the skin colors:
What is the problem with you people not wanting fantasy colors? Look, i don’t like it but i won’t take the chance for other people being fantasy. It ruins the game story? Only if you want. Nobody is forcing you to be blue. Geez. There is only white people in this game for 3 years and i don’t see y’all rioting about it.

With that being said. I’d like both the fantasy (blue, green, gray-ish tones) and the regular (brown, tanned, black tones) added to the game. The more the better. Let people create their own narrative. If they think they gonna be Hulk with the green skin let them be! You pick the skin that works for you and your story.


This is just a speedy selection process on Photoshop…

Photoshop's quick selection tool rules


you wanna know my problem with those colors ?

That’s for sure, but I WILL see blue/red/uranium colored people everywhere it makes my eyes ■■■■■■■ bleed.

I’m all for the different skin tones, ofc everybody isn’t white. But as far as I know every revelator is still HUMAN :tired:


Rejoice, Tree of Smurfs incoming.


New class and new color


never “only”, just “two new classes”

let my people have some hope


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howdy partner