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That’s not Centurion’s costume.
The shoe heel on Centurion’s is a lower height, and the schynbalds don’t stick out on Centurion’s costume either. The gloves also aren’t that chunky



dude is best class



4 swords? lulz
i’d bet in 2 archers, 1 sword and 1 scout


Would they really add another Swordie class so soon? That would make the number of classes per tree even more uneven.


that thing that many think is a katana could very well be the bottom of a musket, something like the raffy or solmiki musket

to add more credibility to this, the characters in ToS carry the musket the same way, with the handle at the bottom


also a possibility indeed…

Shadows hide many things :thinking:


Oh ■■■■. What about Janissary? We Ottoman empire now?

image image


That’d be cool but IMC abandoned the path of archer possibly using meele weapons, with the removal of hakkapelle from the tree

and a janissary without the blade aint the same


I think the 3rd silhouette is Blacksmith or Whitesmith.

image image


It would be awesome but I think Blacksmith/Whitesmith class is Squire


perhaps a class that can craft gears/weapon, unlike squire.


So that’s why I was thinking about mechanic cowboy at 6am :confused:

I guess I had the memory but not the image and location in my mind


I don’t want to ruin it for you but that’s not the general blacksmith look tho at all… You played too much RO. It was mainly RO’s design and it kinda has a cowboy theme. So because the silhouette looks like a cowboy it’s quite likely a cowboy in ToS.

I also remember rumors about a cowboy class from the ancient times…but I don’t rly know where it came from back then.


Well, tbh nothing was ruined. It’s just pure speculation. I just tried to match the silhouette from the image that I have in my mind. The folded shirt sleeves, gloves and that pants. After all, we have to wait and see whether it’s a cowboy or not.


Are u dumb? Or just want to make jokes?


Can we get a shotguner scout class? Something like this


Don’t be an ass, they aren’t mutually exclusive :unamused:

@mathias_cronquist Has as much right to make a joke as been dumb and you got no right to tell him not to make jokes and be dumb at the same time :expressionless:


Looking at them in the ktest guru… nevermind my post.

They can only be used at the Weapon from the “NewYear Box” , like this
or enter NEWYEAR in the searchfield at

BaseAttack ‘grows’ with PlayerLv, up to Lv380 but

  • 0/0 Potential
  • 0/0 Sockets

Not really good overall

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IMC silently cancelling the Gear Grind Weekends to release P2W boxes