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art is perfect am just saying the sheath is a little too chubby for a lonely katana :smirk:


or this 200px-TanookiMario_SM3DS


If maybe… A kind of musket/rifle holster?



Could be a really long ponytail.


I thought carrying swords on back wasn’t done by samurai (it’s even arguable for european warriors).

Isn’t as fitting as a samurai but could be plausible if you take it to be more winter-ish if you strecth it enough.


While you played tree of savior. I studied the blade.

Now, in Q2 2019 all my training has paid off as the samurai class has been released with katana samurai swords that are folded one thousand times. Only the finest of orshan steel is used in my blade.


Yep. Carrying sword in the back wasn’t done by samurais but think of ToS mechanic. Katana is a 2h sword and 2h sword in ToS is always placed on the back of the character.

The winter soldier is a long shot but who knows? ooooor what if the Bandit/Cowboy was the Rifle user?


I think sihouette B should be Musket-wielding class. Remember that IMC will update new class include Musket & Cannon.

With samurai-like armor, I think it should be like kinda… Saika army ? That would be interesting.


You mean like this? :haha:


Woah, thats what really I thinking LMAO.


  1. is probably a new dagger Scout, but I have no idea from the looks of the costume what it could be honestly…

  2. is probably Carabinier. That thing at his side could be the Musket hanging from his back.
    He’s probably wearing some form of poncho like the Spanish Carabiniers and puffed short trousers like the French ones.

  3. is as I said Cowboy/Desperado/Pistolero/whatever you wanna name it.

  4. is probably the new Cannon Class. It looks bulky because of a full battle suit to reduce the impact of the “Bazooka” when fired, since the “Cannon” in TOS doesn’t have rear exhaustion.


Is there any official dmg formula?


First one…

best image I could fins of a poncho using cowboy and that leads me to the idea that we get 2 cowboys and 2 warriors…

probably 1 “outlaw” and enforcer…

also 3rd one should be mounted…

It could be a Sheriff badge what it’s holding…


I hope its not another 4th class. 3 classes + 1 main is already too many skills to rotate. If they really implement a 4th class circle I probably just get Chrono for almost all my builds just so I can spam the high DPS skills


Personally I’d rather them just give current classes more skills with better scaling and attributes that make a difference at higher investments than add too many new classes or any more circles.

Some classes you can pretty much max everything too which is pretty silly.


You all should hold your expectations on how many classes will come, and also that it will be 1 class for each weapon expected. Those silhouettes might be related, instead of 4 different classes.

My expectations: the Archer class for Musket + Cannon already hinted + another Scout class, judging that both trees are lacking classes (specially Scout).


Inb4 2nd class is Hockey player with Hockey stick on his back


The development team plans to add two new classes in 2019. It is planned to add the first new class into the first half of the quarter and it will be added to a single class. More information about the new classes will be introduced in sequence as updates progress.

And the first silhouette belongs to Centurion. It matches perfectly.


My theory


Not really. Shoes looks more like boots than the Centurion protective plate, just look at how one is more curved than the other, even compared with the female sprite as far as I remember it.

Also the heels are super high, this is more like a female character. The 3rd one looks like the masculine counterpart, with long pants over the boots.

My bet is that these two are a new scout class. Don’t think we will see a new swordsman class too soon.