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I consider myself one of the most loyal ToS fanboy-hardcore-players (40/40 chars, sic!) and have forgiven IMC almost everything. All that stupid, scammish gacha-boxes, I’ve spent tons of money on, all that bugs and optimization problems. Because I really do love the game itself.

But the latest and upcoming updates have really driven me to the edge. And I feel really offended and betrayed by the devs ;(


In ActionRPG field: Path of Exile
In MOBA: LoL, DOTA, Smite
In MMORPG: Even Ragnarok still gets regular updates (especially on jRO)
In FPS: Don’t even need to tell

My complain about P2W is DIA and busted enhancement system. Remove damn refinement at all. Make all items be +0 forever and recalculate damage in the game according to this. In Diablo3, ToS so desperately copycating for last years, there are no refinements of gears, though plenty other RNG-based ways to improve your equipment.

It is not normal that there are +40 items in the game. It should never be that way.


Slightly off topic GW2 have way better PVP and WB system where TOS really could learn a trick or two
Like their separate PVP system and WB precipitation rather than fighting for top 5


Not the same scale of updates though, more like small events, re:build was a HUGE change made the game almost a completely different game with more patches and changes to come… not to mention more upcoming classes. (Maybe I just like more variety over small balance patches :thinking:)

100% agreed on the point of crazily high + refined items. This should be better controlled. Also having more equipments would help I feel. Right now there is basically 1 weapon per 20 or so levels which is weird that it makes refinement a necessity to carry you through to the next levels.


I swear, this game is the mmo I liked the most over all I’ve ever played.

I could endure bugs and lack of optimization if the game was free of p2w elements (like they had promised), but not only they made a “bait and switch” on that, the p2w level has been gradually increased too.

Moreover, critical bug fixes were never applied or developed (channels crashing for eg.), we went through exploit after exploit with cheaters left unpunished and any balance patch they released eventually turned into a mere meta switch with more bugs added to the cake.

Witnessing this game’s demise is really sad.


Ragnarok had Renewal - complete restart of the game (that failed btw)
Diablo3 had RoS - complete rework
PoE is almost completely reworked almost every season

Believe me, ToS has very little updates compared to other serious games

And I don’t even mind it! I don’t need constant updates, just fix problems that were in the game since the closed beta.


I don’t mind anything, I just want my non-existent Monk buffs.


It gets next to nothing in terms of content compared to most games in general, not bashing the game but im old, ive been playing these for over 20 years so seen quite a few.

That being said what appeals to me in regards to Tree of Savior is that its not what all the other games are right now. I dont need to memorize a 2 paragraph long dps rotation, I dont have to memorize every square inch of a 30 minute long boss encounter with 4 dps checks and every mechanic is a 1HKO, and until recently, I wasnt forced to pvp for gear progression.

Now, if the trend continues to evolve from gem feud > to Boruta > to anything else PvP wise ill just move on b/c im not here for that, there are literally 100s of MOBAs and FPS games out there, im here to quietly farm and occasionally group if I have the time.


I played RO, not so much Diablo or PoE but have heard great things about both. I take back my comment on the frequent updates as I have been proven wrong. Still I do enjoy the switch up every now and then, so I certainly do hope ToS continues with that, and at the same time optimization of the game!

Fun fact, I have tried running ToS on a super cheapo netbook with only integrated graphics and 8GB ram, and it ran with barely any different from my Gaming PC :crazy_face:

Also PvP isn’t my thing either, which I guess is why I dont feel the effect of P2W as much. I really enjoy running around killing mobs, dungeons and more medium level difficulty content. Which becomes hard to do without good equipment once you hit around 350, so I can understand why people leave when they hit the progression wall.


Same. Like last time when I quit because there wasn’t any content to do. If the next content is PVP again then I am gone until… uh level expansion or whatever. Velcoffer was fun, Ignas was fun. Soon I am done with gear (full velcoffer without ichor because I don’t have luck) and the only thing which comes after velcoffer are trinkets which are impossible to get because locked behind Boruta. No content - no reason to play. Easy as that. :slight_smile:


still waiting for armor break dlc


I saw a vid about a game called Spiritwish, which is a ToS clone for mobile. In that game, enhancement is like crafting recipe: you just need your item, silver and some mats. Why don’t we get something like this in ToS… :tired:


Oh, right, that’s my personal grudge. Ichors should burn in hell


I don’t think you play path of exile seriously if you think that is the case.


We should be fine if we can clearly send them the message not to do this in iTOS, I have a feeling it’s nexon’s side doing the scummy move in Korea


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I don’t know… a +11 weapon isn’t even that good… and +5 trans is just meh… just the basic for PVE. If it was a +40 ticket, then it would be another thing, but I don’t know… it’s relatively asy to make a +11, I wouldn’t expend my real life money on those tickets… :thinking:


Comparing GW2 with ToS is also pretty crazy. GW2 is one of the big four MMOs, with an amazing store (mostly cosmetics) and years ahead of development.


make a +11 its not a big deal, do it without lose potential is the thing, that plus some DA its a +16 guaranteed


only one time per account this