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KToS General Thread v4.0


Again, as Crevox mentioned, KTOS gets alot of cash shop specifics we dont get (they get alot of everything from purchasables to events that we peasants on itos dont get but thats a different topic).

Listen, the games full pay to win already and has been for some time, theres no need to argue that.

All im saying is if your going to give the Koreans the ability to bypass anvil hell with +11 coupons, IF they are in cubes and not jus some 1 off for primus etc, then let us buy them too.


Having like 4-5 Weapons, each +11, each full potential and further updating them can be a very big difference tho.


If turns out this was just for Orange items this will be top 10 most pathetic overreactions this playerbase ever had,easy


idk i read your comments as if you think ToS invented this problem. Maybe i’m wrong but i’ve seen so much worse in other games and it is what it is. Back in the day i used to play Priston Tale, awesome game but it had similar enhance system as ToS; I remember i got a perfect stats armor and took my chances on enhancing it; for the first time i bought cash to get gems that would reduce the chance to fail or break; from the very start it had a low chance of the equip break when enhance fails and the chance increased with the lvl of the enhance; so against all % i had in my favor my armor broke on low enhance lvl. That made me abandon the game for good.
In ToS you can enhance all you want until you hit 0 potential and even when you get there you still have golden anvil to keep trying. It is RNG based? Yes. It may suck? Idk. ToS has two “checkpoints” that keep you safe from losing anything. First, enhance +5 is free from failing and second you have the 0 potential warning so… it is up to you keep trying or farming silver to buy one weapon ready to go.


Boruta alone is a way worse ToS killer than any whale item can ever be. The forum playerbase has 0 awareness of priorities.


We already have literally 6 threads going on how absolutely ignorant and broken Boruta is and how toxic the players are that spent the entire 4 hours camping spawn points.

This thread’s new cash shop items are not the top priority and we all have said “IF” these come over, or if they arent an 1 off as some primus combo, no-ones overreacting, people are just unhappy in general with this game again after re: build.

Once again we were promised something that was not delivered, games still not optimized, its FAR more unstable now then prior to re: build, there are no more diverse play styles, check the class rankings or look around in game, people are all playing the same handful of builds, metas did not change in # whatsoever. To top everything off you also now have to roll alchemist and squires mules to enjoy most content comfortably, so again, expect people to be frustrated.

The people that came back for re: build arent the same mindless sheep that sat here for 3 years accepting all of IMC’s garbage, many of us quit more then once and came back b/c we were sold a bill of goods that once again is proving to be false, hence the large increase in negative forum response.


Sweet, Im buying that +11 anvil shyt


the biggest issue/mistake is DEV should never allow player PVE equipment to be use in PVP content
PVP equipment should really be separate into “PVP only progression”, when PVE equipment/enhancement directly affect player performance in PVP, it become an arm race not the player with better skill win, but the player with biggest wallet(both irl and in game currency)

the 2nd failure I would say is there are no cap on those enhancement, which still affect pure PVE player. As our poorly design world boss system, only the top 5 get cube, no doubt player will also try to push for highest number they can get.

Although i agree +11 is really not a huge difference from +6, without an enhancement cap, any advantageous in safe enhancement will have to handle very carefully


Even with +11 coupon I would rng fail many times and end up with +5 and 1 potential.



why matters about that vouchers, if every feature introduced in the game become a p2w afther some months over the release

even now, reset the build cost over 150tp…


ktos patch notes today:

attendence check





Hopefully we get the same attendance event rewards, those look pretty good.


Hello, I have tried Sadhu a few days ago. I am not quite sure if this is a change or just a bug, but it doesn’t deplete your PDef to 0 anymore. I have tried using it while tanking mobs at CM6


Not Guild Wars 2. There’s no such upgrading system in that game, due to horizontal gear progression.


Ok, now this game finally became full p2w


you know diamond anvils will never come back right? this is only for korea, and has been a long time, you know any game in korea is pay to win ‘-’


Keep repeating this mantra, lol
You can buy DIA on iToS even now - DLC is still there, so DIA never actually left iToS


It’s kinda appalling how many people are still living in denial after all the promises that IMC broke.

On top of that they keep stating that “it’s only for korea” without any evidence to support their claim.


You are late to the party, the game has been p2w for a long time already.


Feel free to bash me, but I’d much rather iToS become P2W if it ensures that the servers stay alive for this unique game.

Honestly where else can you find a game where the devs keep updating the game so frequently? I’ve been playing on and off since the Exclusive Access and love the game. Sure there are lotsa things that can and should be improved, but the Devs definately look like they are doing a great job in keeping the game fresh. Sure they screwed the mechanics and class combinations, but honestly, the last two weeks or so of the class resets saw me clocking 4 to 5 hours a day. Since 2016 I have clocked around 600 hours in iToS which is much more than I spend in any other game.

With so much of the game RNG what is so bad in giving players a boost every so often? I play mostly PvE and even in PvE for party content, unless you are doing good damage and are properly geared, no one wants to have you be part of their party. So this is just getting the newbies on par with the veterans, whats so bad about that? You guys complaining about P2W seem to want to keep the end-game as elitist content when it is more beneficial that more people make it to the end game stage. Newbies just starting usually feel the end game is too unreachable that they chose to quit than devote countless hours just to experience the game to its full extent, which is exactly why the population is so small in the first place.

Additionally, its very obvious that population spikes when the game is made easier to progress through during events. So maybe you guys should stop complaining about low population while at the same time making a fuss about p2w when most p2w content seems focused to help the newbies than make the end-game unbalanced.