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No. The multiplier only aplies to the damage given by the stat.


Does tha mean I’ll get 50 Extra cause It only affetcs the 100 STR from the weapon?


Please kindly explain. I have been confused by this too.

So the +5% from str or int is calculated from which again?

More importantly, so is stacking str gonna be a thing now or not really


Has anyone tried the new wizard builds in Re:build? Does it look like rod will be necessary for going specs like elementalist?


Didn’t see anyone test if it changed recently, so this may already be outdated again.
But it used to be like this:

With that system, Int/Str and Dex/Spr’s crit atk are just low priority luxuries that add a tiny bit of dmg.
So you wouldn’t need to stack.

Could still be a bug for all I know ~_~


If IMC decides that the stat scaling is a bug they will need to revert so many changes they did to monster hp/damage during kTest, at this point they will probably need to further buff the monster damage hp pools because doing 1-2 min velcoffer fights doesn’t feel epic at all. Plus they will need to rebalance some of the skill that provide buffs as they were scaled down because of all the nerfs to monster hp/damage.


According to what I saw in a Bong TOS video and with the information that the IMC made available, the MATK from INT and level is calculated as follows:

MATK.INT = (2 * INT) * (1 + int (INT / 10) * 0.05) + Char.Level

The int (num) returns the smallest integer value closest to it.

This value adds up to that from other sources, including weapon and gems, and results in total MATK.

Example: If you have INT 371 and is level 390, you would have, according to the equation, 2504.7 MATK.

@Wurmheart , if it is suppose to work as you described, so the number would be 1853.5.

If this is how it works to MATK and the other stats are suppose to work similarly, so here it is.

What bothers me the most is that the value displayed in the video is smaller than this, suggesting that, instead of 5% increase, is a 4% increase (getting the 2232 MATK showed in the 3 seconds mark).

So the equation would have to change to something like this:

MATK.INT = (2 * INT) * (1 + int (INT / 10) * 0.04) + Char.Level

Did it got nerfed during the kTEST period?

Here is the video.


My initial guess when playtesting was that the increase was on each tenth point. Anyways, it doesn’t matter, there’s barely any difference compared to the current system.


They could have changed the multiplier to something closer to 10% instead of 5% for the base int scaling.

If you do something like this.
(( 2 X Base Character Int ) X ( 1+ (( FLOOR( Base Character Int / 10 ) X 10 ) / 100 ))) + ( Bonus Int From Gear X 2 )

It provides a closer result if the weapon were to be removed, but we really wont know how the 90 int on his weapon effects the equation. I have asked IMC through the ticket system to disclose how they will be calculating all the multipliers with stats when the patch goes live and the only thing they have said was just read the forums for further info disclosed by IMC. Which they haven’t.

The only thing we know from what the people tested during KTest was that your stats that you gain through gear don’t effect this multiplier. But then when you take the weapon off their base damage isn’t scaled as how IMC has indicated through the Development Manifesto.

edit. Their is also the fact that maybe they have 120 magic attack head accessories and maybe 3 x 70 magic attack red cards. Which would explain why his magic attack is high but it still doesn’t add up.


In the end, or we wait for re:build to get in iTOS or someone in kTOS/kTEST to test for 5 min or IMC explain their own notes.
I’m not waiting some care from the koreans/anyone with acess to kTOS or from IMC. Waiting for Tuesday.

BTW, am I the only one feeling IMC is afraid to talk to us?


Thanks! Guess I will just put all remaining stats into con then


stacking 3 netherbovine card is useless too?


this is such a blow for almost every high quality gear right now …
Also its so bad to understand how the stats are seperated ;/


My farming featherfoot at the moment uses one of those event weapons that can’t be traded that were a reward from the secret market event. What happens to that now that I need to change this character into a scout?


make a new 380 weapon, as a farmer i farm asio/wastrel 1hand in 1 day. You still have time to make a new one for your future farmer


I know that, but I’m curious about what happens to that event weapon. Is it just not covered in the transfers?


yup, event weapon not covered.


Sierra dust it is then, I guess. Too bad it’s transed.


will dagger skills and AA also benefit from Lightning hands + wastrel sword? Thanks


maybe the first weeks… but last ktos patch fixed it, so worst case scenario it will only be a matter of time for the fix… so its no good to go for wastrel sword with LH…