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You cant use Hackaskills with 2h spears right? =_=


Monk still has the Ying / Yang symbol as a class icon despite not being balanced at all.


@greyhiem hat is the meta build for plague doctor?


Guys, one thing is bothering me and I have not seen anyone arguing about it. In the IMC’s guide it says that 1-hand solmink weapons that will be traded for 2-handed weapons will keep potential (ok) and socket. So if I make a dagger (which has 1 socket) and swap for a bow (which has 3 sockets) then I’ll have a socket 1 socket, is that it?


afaik it will keep the opened socket

solmiki dagger 1/1 socket become bow 1/3


Are you sure? It’s just that I’m afraid to swap and end up with a 1/1 bow. And thank you for responding <3


1000% absolutely sure


look at Hackapella, nearly all of its skills (except Hackapelle) require a one-handed sword equipped to use.

I would switch that, Murmillio skills cannot be used with mace anymore in Re:build.
Peltasta,Rodelero and Murmillio are now bound to use either one-handed sword,rapier or one-handed spear.

You could keep it for autoattacking, though, and use the autoswap feature to use skills.

Only Hackapelle can be used regardless of weapon it seems, it only requires to be mounted.

The only Swordsmen who can use mace without any large restrictions are Barbarian, Nak Muay and Highlander, so if you want to use mace you’d have to go Swordsman>Barbarian>Nak Muay>Highlander.

Mace in Re:build is ± a Cleric weapon now, Wizards can use it but will obviously chose rod over it (it’s better than any Asio Mace ichor on velco mace) and Swordsmen are bound to other weaponry instead.


I still need confirmation, perhaps from someone in ktos or even ktest to confirm if hacka skills still work with mace because a video exists where it does. Or maybe if IMC already mentioned if it was intended or not. The first time I saw the video I already checked and hacka skills never got the 1-handed mace icon so it’s not really indicative of anything.

EDIT: Heck I just tested it now but in the current build both squire’s deadly combo and templar’s mortal slash works with 1-handed mace despite only having 1-handed sword (+2 handed sword for mortal slash) icon for its usability. I’ll take this as light confirmation already actually, the only reason it wouldn’t work anymore is if IMC took the effort to disable 1-hand mace from 1-hand sword skills because they overlooked it.


just saw a video of a guy (Bong i guess?) tetsing those linker thauma builds (no, i won’t stat that silly debate again xD), and saw that the dagger AA animation changed to a slashing type, i take it that is to go with the empashys on slashing attacks on scouts? looked kinda nice :slight_smile:

also, any news on new lightning hands? really curious to understand what was changed :thinking:


This game continues the same, maybe in re build 2.0…


is this right:
next week i can change my crafted asio weapon to a weapon of my choice?


with DWA it’s very cool animation, 1:44 you can see


It is indeed very cool, now it just need to be viable, :frowning:… Dwa does give a 105% bonus dmg on each attack right? But unless lightning hands gets a buff in ratio (for melee only this buff) there is no point in taking corsair over chaplain for melee AA build, unless going for cool factor only, as aspergillum+capella can achieve pretty high numbers.

Also, dwa bonus dmg stack with limacon? Because atm limacon is still freaking strong and is ranged to boot.


Lets not mix things here, both classes do its AA based on each’s capabilities and act a bit different with its own class tree buffs.


Ludo Game is the one posting videos of the farming builds.

Also, I think if you want to take corsair as an auto attack build, it is to take advantage of pillage as a farmer just like before. Corsair isn’t as buff reliant as chap and has the benefits of the scout tree, being better mobility, evasion and having physical based damage instead of magical.


I don’t think I will be keeping any swords after rebuild, gonna reset them to scout or something else. I have 4 now and they have been unused for a long time with the exception of Squire.

edit: You can still use Mace after re:build, the only requirement is to be equiped with shield:
According to a friend, all skills that is enabled for sword-type can also be used with mace.



A doubt about the new Stat System:
From what I understand the % bonus you get from STR or INT affects only the base/naked char stats right?
That Mean that for example: If I have a naked char with 500 ATK and a weapon that gives me 100 STR does that mean that I’ll get 200 ATK (100 STR*2) from the weapon itself and 250 extra ATK for the 50% extra base (100STR= 50% extra ATK * base 500 ATK =250 ATK)?


IMC does not seem to want the DWA be viable, if that is the intetion, need give even more damage bonus to the DWA, and turn it into an instance skill, they see the DWA as something for you use while waiting for your skills CD and not as an ability to build a character based on it, too bad, I would love to make a character on the vibe of " auto atk dps assassin" as has in several RPGs