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Cleric information from ktos are better than nothing from ktos. That’s the problem with Nekorin being often the only source of information.

That whole annoying child play “no my playstyle is better than yours” was completely offtopic. I came to this thread because of a big unread number and thought, nice a lot of new ktos intel! And then the shitshow.

On topic:
Is there an accurate collection of skill descriptions in English? is decent but google translate is… funny. I hoped IMC would give us something earlier than 1 day before but it doesn’t look like it.


It’s been 6h I said I would stop talking about it, and I really stopped, that is, it’s been 6 hours that you’re complaining about something that ended 6 hours ago, you can go back and talk about yours cleric class


People going “nerrr it’s childish because these posters are disagreeing with each other!” probably weren’t even invested in the discussion in the first place. Whether corsair is a good finisher for the farming core or not is a good thing for us to discuss in preparation for rebuild.

Also, there are way more posts recently about changing raid weapons or velcoffer shields than talk of farming builds, scouts or clerics recently, and the question’s been answered multiple times, yet you don’t see anyone whining about that.


I guess you can try this

The guy’s been doing some class overview. There’s not much classes done right now, but in case you find what you’re searching for


That’s some good stuff, thanks!


I feel that everyone know that of that 560 build only 20-30 will be useful as a meta dps build. maybe because that, a meta farmer build discussion its more interesting


Yes, but you have to buy it now (before re:build).
You can exchange an Asio for any other Asio; same thing for Wastrels.
It’s not possible to swap Asio to Wastrel.


Since it’s more than 560 choices, I guess that’s 560+ proper builds across all 5 Class trees [ There are 560 possibilities only for Cleric,Wizard and Swordsman but not for Archer and Scout as they have less than 16 Classes in their respective Class tree].
This leaves us on average with about 112 viable builds per Class tree, which is way more accurate than the 560 build options per Class tree.

That’s about 6-8 viable Class choices per build while the rest is meh-tier.
If you ask me that ± reflects the current state of Rebuild pretty precisely.

I really wonder how they want to introduce new content that isn’t too easy without leaving a lot of Classes/builds out again…


i said the same on a old tread of my silenced acount. but thinking on the gearing system and the problem of made more than 1 weapon for end game. its reduce the viable builds per class tree

for example the trees with more options for dps are swordman wizz but all the builds are focused on an actual late class like Featherfoot or warlock for wizz and dragoon, retariatus or doppel in example

for swordman its very more easy made a build for 2h weapon like doppel or dragon instead a retariatus who would need a 1h + 2 off weapons if its need a dagger in some case. its the same if you chose to put rodel, murmillo in a build of 2h weapons for example.

thats the gearing mechanic incompatibility thats always be here in the game making only a few builds useful in this game.


regarding weapons, there were vids of Hackapelle using mace. Is that confirmed as a feature and not a bug? With the hacka attack speed buffs in the recent ktest patch it might not be a bad idea to do an AA hacka build (well for me anyway cause I plan on going pelt + porapore set for high elem property damage).


Swords can already use mace, I use my Masinios mace on my Pelta/Rod/Murm for Velcoffer


not that, being able to use hackapelle skills using mace specifically even though it’s being sold as a one-handed sword class. edit: but I haven’t seen any videos of a hacka using other one handed weapons like rapier or spear, so there’s a possibility they forgot to restrict mace or they allowed the use of maces on purpose for hacka skills.


Hm I thought u said using for AA build, did u see hackas being able to use skills with mace? that would be interesting, I would like to see they removing weapon restriction to more classes skills


found the vid in question

EDIT: It’s going to be an attack speed build I guess, use up skills fast and then auto attack during down time. A masinios mace will probably work for the build (since I have some transcended masi weapons waiting to be converted) and it will basically just share the same weapon as my cleric so it would let me use a swordie without picking up another weapon.


It must feel super weird for Hacka to have a crossbow on it icon still :expressionless:


you must choise murmillo instead hakapalle if you only whant to ride your pet itds better get some more usefull and dash…

its the biggest mistake of this RE: its don’t fill int he class tree, its can be easly remplaced by any mount class in their tree and a lot of their skills are useless. but imc said that “this is balance”


Murm doesn’t have multi hit attacks, and the attack speed buffs for hacka skills should make it decent. It also has an actual buff for attack speed so yeah, it makes the most sense with porapore in mind. There are other choices too anyway like nak muay or dragoon/matador (if I want to invest in another weapon) but hackapelle with mace is both the most convenient and also the most interesting to me lol.


Reiter still has a shield on its class icon too, ever since it was Pistol+Shield in the olden days.
sadface. :sad:


Rogue still has a xbow on the icon too, its kinda disappointing tbh


The weird thing is that they changed the Scout Icon so they prob haven’t come up with an icon that represent the classes yet or plan to keep them like they are…

sticking to your roots and all that stuff…