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You’re only looking at a small part of a big picture though. That math only provides you with the gains the build can provide, and yes it can provide you the most potential loot per kill, but that does not make it the best farming build. Just the build that can POTENTIALLY get you the most loot if you do not factor in any usability.

It’s like trying to decide what kind of drawing tablet you want as an artist. Apple ipad pro’s pen and screen are the best you can find, except you’re buying an apple and have to deal with all the negatives that come with their trashy app based systems. If you’re looking to be efficient, a galaxy tab or something with a working file system might serve you better in the long run.


the video is a translated version of ktos video, they just took time to translate things…


I know.
In ktos they implemented this version, with 75% for Scouts (this is just an exemple).
We’ll probably get this same 1st patch implemented in ktos too — not sure if in ktos live servers they already have these november-december ktest patches working.


Don’t think that will happen as that patch was for kTest which was before the release to the kToS patch. I think this is a old video that got made before any kTest balance patchs and the kToS reBuild Patch. IMC is known to be lazy with a lot of things and the community picks up on their slack. They were so lazy to re-render the english version of the video which would take like 15 minutes with the updated correct information. They have like 40 “slides” across the whole video and it would not take that long to verify all the information that is put up on the screen, at most 1 hour.


This is disingenuous. Why would a +any only kill 10 if that +any allows them to kill more than 10? You basically chose to compare a sub-optimal +any farming instance with the optimal +corsair farming instance.

Using your faulty logic, the optimal outlaw instance would allow 30 kills. 30 > 11.

Your faulty “10+1” is reliant on the assumption that pillage remains at 15% (5% per rank), but since we are losing ranks we don’t even know how much pillage is going to be.

Another example using your faulty logic would be farming in HG for gear, where it is the worst possible case to farm gear, because pillage doesn’t work on hg gear. 1 more example using your faulty logic would be farming silver in cm because silver doesn’t drop from the mobs there.

If you want to nit pick only the best scenarios where pillaging works, you have to compare it to the best scenarios where the others work (which is not just 10 kills in a free dungeon).

Does anyone have numbers on how much more damage and CD scout dagger skills are getting? What ever happened to scouts being the AA class? Is it really going to be just pistol builds that follow this? Higher dagger CD’s could mean more time to AA, BUT because we can take more classes to increase the number of CD’s we have its going to be much of the same.

You basically drop a support class for another dagger class to fill in the gaps in the cycle. Worse comes to worse and you drop all support classes for dagger classes (like shino-sin-cor) and just have someone else buff.

Here is an example of how you increase dagger damage and cd without turning into the same piano playstyle we have today.

  • Scout attribute to buff dagger atk (or damage) by x per AA for 1 to 2 sec. This allows you to “build up” dagger skill damage while they are on CD. X has to be big enough so that max x times all dagger skill damage (in 1 class) is greater than “adding another dagger class”
  • Damage isn’t the only way to go about it. You could have x per AA that reduces dagger skill costs. SP is scarce in rebuild with SPR no longer providing it.
  • You can also have AA reduce CD like how nak muay reduces its CD’s via skill use.


Hey @victor_afffff, that’s really cool, but could you please tell us more about this mysterious Buba cave? ~

Just kidding of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with kTOS or remotely anything I keep coming back to this thread for…

Should we make a new thread for you guys to discuss effectiveness of different farming methods or are you big bois?


Can I buy Asio/Wastel on the market then trade to other kind in rebuild?


Came for new news, got people arguing about farmer builds.

Well, at least they’re talking about something besides Cleric for once, I guess


(Preps Monk discussion again and take over kToS thread with Monk-ness)



We can gladly return to cleric discussion anytime. It seems people get butthurt whenever a single class is discussed/debated for too long.

The farmer build stuff is actually a pretty big deal considering how valuable of a playstyle farmer builds can be. I’m pretty sure a lot of people who enjoy these builds were curious about how well the new thaum/linker played with the scout classes. I’m pretty stoked to hear about the power of linker/thaum electric shock.


What does peak my interest is the change pillage might get since current pillage is reliant on ranks (5% chance to trigger per rank) and ranks are going away.


Yeah same. There’s actually very little footage of pillage proccing. I wonder if it still works the way it does on live. I’m going to assume it just procs at max rank though.


It isn’t being butthurt as much as it is stepping into the “Ktos Thread” expecting Ktos/Ktest new content, and getting about 100 messages of something that could be in their own respective threads.
But if that’s your definition of “butthurt”, call it what you want, I guess.

Though personally I don’t agree (and just farm with my main), I can see why farmer builds is a big deal to some people. But you could put in it’s own dignified thread, away from a place talking about new content.
Or don’t. It isn’t like this forum gets moderated that well anyway.


The thing is, this is the Ktos thread, and so far all of these things are still only on Ktos. I’d make a separate thread for stuff like that once it’s released over here, but right now it’s all still Ktos stuff, so it’s relevant discussion.



it is not like this forum have a scout session se we can discuss builds related to this branch elsewhere… even tough the rebuild launch is a weak away…

i get that this game community is quite thin, but imc could at least provide us with proper space for discussion.


a farm build discussion of rebuild is ok… 30 post about whos kids has bigger “ego” than the other after both make their points clear in their first 2 post … not… XD. but anyway… since the hp value of mobs was downgraded… i bet the farming silver is more profitable with a simple wizz aoe build… but if your farming equips and mats the old thauma linker set up is better.


Realized a lot of people who play this game are really soft in real life. These guys weren’t arguing at all it was a simple debate, but the softies got triggered and scared once they saw someone express any type of personal opinion. Then you got people complaining about them going off topic which is absolutely bs. 70% of this thread is related to cleric. Is this whole thread off topic?


Not just people who play this game. People are easily bothered irl these days, especially on social media. It’s just the way of the times.


Because you’re calling that sh!tshow a “debate” ?
It was just a big pp showcase where nobody will admit being wrong, it looked like 2 kids arguing over who got the flashiest red truck.


actually it is lower than that, pre rebuild