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I can do that with a featherfoot though and I don’t need to use Sleep. Again, it’s nice, but it’s nothing unique to Sage. You can do the same with Enchanter or Onmyoji or whatever. And again, by your argument, there’s no point in using sage’s portal to warp to the dungeons if you can already just make a sage to do that on a different character, and use something else as your farming final that actually offers you unique options (FF’s healing and levitation)


my point is not that, my point is to refute the need for sustain, showing that I do not use FF, I use sage 2, so I have 10-in-10 monsters, and I have a more efficient farm than FF’s that farm of 8-in- 8


But I can make a FF 2 with 10-10 if I want and have all of those same benefits plus the option of sustain. You don’t need FF3 in order to oneshot even in baubas.

you might not ‘need’ sustain, but it is an excellent thing for a farmer to have. It can save you time and effort, especially when we are talking about squishy scouts here who’s primary means of defense is evasion.


this is not the point, the point is, “i don’t have sustain”, and i don’t need, so its argument that it is not indisputable that corsair is the best because he has no ways to avoid damage is completely devalued


but you’re not playing Re:build, or a scout for that matter. And even if you don’t ‘need’ something, doesn’t mean that having it won’t make your build better because the option exists. Sustain is a universally useful perk and you never know when it might come in handy. Better to have it than to be caught without and end up losing your blessed shards because of a lag spike.


Ok, guys, lets be real, every build has both pro and cons, nothing is absolute, lets move on!

The real question is: Will we get the latest patch that they launched or we will stay behind again?


all the scout linker+thauma farmer have a instakill combo, 20s cd, instakill thauma+linker combo, 20cd, instakill thauma+linker combo, etc…

all the scout linker+thauma farmer don’t need suatain

What’s the difference between the options ? there is no difference, just one, corsair have an extra drop of silver, there is nothing to discuss, it’s a matter of logic


having an instakill combo is something you expect from the farmer, so it’s not even part of the equation here. This is all about what the final option can offer and how well they can survive in the high lv hunting grounds. Don’t forget we’re going to get one more after baubas. How are you so sure they won’t need sustain?

Corsair is the best option IF and only if it can survive comfortably forever in the dungeon until it runs out of carry weight, with using the minimal amount of pots. Pretty sure scouts get a weight up attribute too, which means longer farming times and more loot. Corsair may be the better option if you value silver, which I certainly do, and Assassin or Outlaw may be the best option for survivability (useful for players with lower ping)


There’s fun factor, if you can farm for longer while having fun it’s definitely more fun than not having fun.

There’s character slot/function factor, some people want to use only 1 slot for farmer and squire. Some people also want to have a farmer that can do CM or other content, so they’d choose BM or SR. (This is what was in Greyheim’s video where you dropped that corsair comment btw) Even the least optimal farmer Linker-Thaum-Enchanter is actually the top full support scout build if you take a second look.

And yes there’s maximum efficiency factor, like you keep pushing for corsair with its additional silver gain.

Sheesh lighten up, it’s a game not work.


Remember when this thread used to be about ktos?


I’m really concerned with that too.
I think we’ll probably stay behind ;/


That detective is the right Question.


i mean i was really excited that they buffed scouts but also a bit concerned about the future of the class now that the main idea is Slash Skills and if you want to especialize in Pierce skills you will need to invest in Rogue, they might tweak that in the future also with more pierce , slash and pistol based scouts classes.


Those latest set of buffs are still in ktest I think, it’s very unlikely it gets included unfortunately. (I want it too cause I’m interested in a high attack speed hackapelle build)

I’m hoping that we’ll at least have the balance up to the point where pardoner buffs are treated as separate from their priest counterpart buffs, but even that one was fairly recent.


if they had talked,

“yes, the corsair will mathematically generate more result, but I do not like the gameplay of the corsair, I will play with one that I like more even losing the extra drop of silver”

I would not enter into discussion, hand are wanting to make rational excuses to justify an irrational choice, do not want to admit that even the corsair being better, they prefer to play with something more fun, is the great problem of the human, not being able to admit that what he likes is not always the best


(I was really happy that they buffed the synergy of corsair and Assassin and also the new changes to enchanter) yeah, there were few changes to other classes, alchemist still missing the homunculus, and other classess still feel forgotten.


One thing that makes me think we are getting one of the ‘1st’ versions of Re:build is this video they released today:

At 02:08 the base HP for each class is shown and Scout has 75% only.
But there’s this kTest patch from almost two mounths ago (11/20) when all base hps for every class (except swordsman) got a little buf — Scout going from 75% to 85%, for exemple.


Except this isn’t about what’s more ‘fun’. this is about effectiveness. You’re trying to claim that the corsair is 100% factually the best farming option in a vacuum which just isn’t true. We’ve been bringing up other reasons why it may SEEM like the corsair is the best option but in fact, may not actually be in practice.

A problem of being human is also getting blindsided by your own perceptions of things and not considering other viewpoints. All I ever hear from you is “I this, I that I only do this, I only play like that, I only make this, I only want to hear about assassin/dagger. I think assassin/dagger should be single target dps against boss. I I I I I.” not “why would other people with different needs choose a different solution and what are the benefits of this?”

Onmyoji farmer in the current build of the game is probably better than anything else you can choose for pure versatility sake alone, yet they aren’t nearly as popular as featherfoot. Why? because featherfoot is comfortable to play, very accessible, and takes little commitment both mechanically and logistically. It isn’t always about what’s best, sometimes it’s just about what works best.

(having said that, I will always go for the most difficult yet rewarding option unless I really like a certain playstyle, in this case featherfoot.)


Oh! thats true !
Damn kinda wished they lowered the delay between servers… (would make easier for the dev team not having to work with 4 or 5 different game builds including test and dev test side :V , one can only dream…)


Are you trying to argue with math,

thauma+linker+any = 10 in farm result
thauma+linker+corsair = 10+1(thanks to the pillage)

11 is more than 10, “ha, but is only 1”, no matter! this is math!, 11 is more than 10!, corsair is what produces the most result, and that’s what it means be the best at function

The guys are angry that I turned this on “corsair thread”, this is a hypocrisy since several times the people here have turned it into “cleric thread”, but whatever, I will not justify my mistake with the mistake of others, so I’m sorry, I’m not going to be arguing with people wanting to argue with math

the “corsair thread” is closed, I promise