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if you kill the mobs of the spot before returning the thauma + linker combo CD, you’ll be emptying the spot, the CD will come back and there will not be 10 mobs for you to do the combo, and you’ll be losing drop not generating extra drop


dont overextend this debate about a single skill on a general post. =_=


So your argument is to point out how to use the skill incorrectly? Genius right here.


Have you farm in free dungeons ? You apparently do not know how to farm in free dungeons

you only can do this after kill red mob, something that happens rarely

in the spot don’t have suficient mobs to do this, you need make the thauma+link combo, and wait the cd witout kill the rest of the mobs to have suficiente mobs in the spot to make the combo again when the combo comes back of the cd,

this is the most optimized way of farm, if you use the thauma+link combo in 10 monsters, and after this continue to kill monster instend of wath the cd to do the combo again, you will kill the spot, and will have a less efficient farm than a person who is make in the right way

every thauma + linker need make the combo, and wait 20s cd, and make the combo again, and wait 20s cd, to have maximum efficiency

and witout corsair you make the combo, drop the usual, make the combo, drop the usal

with corsair you make the combo, drop the usual+extra silver, make the combo, drop the usal+extra silver

you don’t have nothing of especial or advantage going in other class instead of corsair, you just lose the extra silver

is indisputable that the best is linker+thauma+corsair


Alright, you’re hyped about Corsair, you’re the superior player.
Moving on.


err… do you mean monster outside BUBAS CAVE doesnt drop silver?
btw, where is this BUBAS CAVE? i can’t find it anywhere, are you sure you farm at BUBAS CAVE?

see? even google doesnt know BUBAS CAVE exist

friendly tips: bring along a corsair C3 right now to your BUBAS CAVE, let him share his pillage buff to your farmer, and make a video comparison farming 5 minute with and without pillage buff



no, my hype is abot the assassin, I’m very anxious to play with my main character that will be rogue>outlaw>assassin ,

I just can not stand people wanting to put their opinion on an issue that is a fact, if I were to act for the emotion and personal preference I would defend that thauma + linker + assassin is the best, but it is not, the world is not like that, the best is not the one that I think is cooler, the best is nor which I prefer, the best is the best,

if it were a “true” character it’s okay to do what you like and not the best, but farm not is supposed to be fun, you do not do what you think is cool, you do the most efficient and specific for farm in the best place and the specific manner that is most efficient


im pretty sure no one ever, leveling up penalty reduction right now
and im pretty sure no one ever want to leveling up (but pretty much forced if you are not going to choose lv15 appraisal for shop purposes) penalty reduction even if its moved to appraiser in rebuild, from what ive seen here, its just devs actually have no idea what skill to put for appraiser. its pretty much 30 skills point goes to max blindside, devaluation, and overestimate, the rest 15 is pretty much gone to level15 appraisal (for shop) or maxed insurance policy, which im pretty sure this is a cheese skill for gtw/boruta, even that im pretty sure people will still go back to town after dying because they have to rebuffing from pardoner shop.
honestly i cant see any use yet for this skill, its pretty much a “we have no idea what to put for appraiser” extra skills. this just my personal opinion.
also as you can see PVE is way easier than current state after a certain patch that nerfed mobs/bosses to the ground.
i really hope there will be a replacement to this “insurance policy” skills.

TLDR: insurace policy=“we have no idea what extra skill to put for appraiser”


I come here to see updates just to see Pillage debate?

Please make a new thread for it, with numbers, proof and videos

As like other skills, maybe Pillage is good on paper but not in reality? I repeat, maybe…

Though your argument states you technically do get more silver coz of pillaging, but what they are saying is killing more mobs even without pillaging will yield more silver in the end. Amirite?

Anyhoo you make 1kk per 30 mins in “buba cave”, I make double than that in the same amount of time. I just dont do it coz farming eventually wears you off and boring tbh…


Same, I try to check this thread daily for relevant information on rebuild and the last 2 days have been hijacked by this childish debate, please knock it off, and both parties are equally guilty, doesnt matter who started it when you both carry it on for 67 paragraphs.


when somebody ask some about drop/farm build, dps A.A build or pistol build allways some said corsair and end like this… nobody knows if it can drop equipments on HG (even knowing that they already do and the skill its unchanged) all those because nobody can understand a true translation of the skills, and the funny thing is that IMC could break the pillaging mechanic because sometimes they also don’t understand or do a nice traduction…:sweat_smile:

everyone must try to test it for their own the next week and maybe by some “IMC stuff” that allways occur on this big patches, pillaging could be breake again and drop everyting easly like on the “drop event” of 1 year ago


So much bitching
so little actual KToS info


pillaging only drops normal mob drops and silver, zero equipment.


Not really indisputable. You also have to consider the benefits you’ll get for taking Squire, being able to warp to hunting ground locations easily without having to walk back for long. Also, Assassin or Outlaw for its safety in avoiding damage, meaning you spend less money on pots.

I’ll still take Corsair for the additional silver, but it won’t be as smooth and playable as the other variants due to corsair having zero means of mitigating damage. The reason Featherfoot was everybody’s go-to farmer was because of its sustain, allowing it to stay for a long time in hunting grounds without having to go back or bring pots.


my farm charcter are thauma3>linker3>sage2, has no sustain, and I do not take pots to farm, do not need, if you know how to play, and jump cast, you do not suffer damage, sage 2 is able to hit hit kill in the combo, tanks to the sleep 200% damage with neutral skill, This allows me to be linker 3, and not linker 2 equal to most of FF’s, so I kill 10 in 10 monsters in the combo, FF’s kill 8 in 8,

I have a specific character who is squire, I do not need to mix the squire with the farm character, the squire will going to set up camp for my farm character, I’m going to have camp and pillaging,

I already do this nowadays, my squire arms the camp to my other characters, I do not need to have squire in a character that has another function, I make a character for each function, I do not mix functions,

my characters who are “tools” for the account, not “real” characters, are made the most optimized possible to fulfill a specific function, I have a character that only makes uphill for example

I don’t play with my alchemist+enchanter, He only lives in the city and craft pot and scroll

I don’t play with my uphill sorcerer+necro, He only lives in the salus and make uphill

I don’t play with squire, he only existe to make camp

I don’t play with my farm character, he only farm in free dungeons

I don’t play with my shop character(apraiser), it just exists to stay with the shop open, and optimize my farm, since it would be more expensive to check all the items in other shop

I don’t play with my cleric scroll crafter, it just exist to craft scroll and dispeller

tool character is not to play, are for work


You can’t swell 10 monsters at once in a combo with that build though, since Swell’s max limit is 8 anyway, so there’s really no point in that linker 3 unless you don’t care about killing unswelled monsters and potentially missing a double drop.

Beyond that, a sage character can be made by themselves if you want to sell portals. They don’t really offer you anything in combat that a featherfoot can’t as a farmer. With my Featherfoot, I don’t need to play optimally to avoid damage. I can face tank enemies all day long and farm lazily and efficiently. I suppose you can use the sage’s portals to travel to the dungeons easily, but that’s not necessary when you already have a squire.

Some tools are fun and fill multiple functions at once. A spork for example. Or an umbrella that also functions as a walking stick. All of my utility characters are carefully constructed so that I get the most value out of them for their build. My alchemist is also a scroll crafter, my pardoner is also an oracle who can farm manahas parts, etc. Character slots cost real money after all.

When it comes to corsair as an option, Scouts don’t have the defensive and control options that Wizards currently do. Nor do they have the luxury of using Transpose in order to make themselves very tanky while farming. Survivability and ease of use will be factors in determining which of these options is the most effective. Corsair seems like the best bang for your buck with a separate scout providing camp boots but in practice it may not be able to sustain itself well enough in the new HG’s that come after baubas.


10 monster

10 monsters


Oh right, you chose to keep sage at 2, so you get to have both at lv 15. Fair enough. You can do this with a featherfoot as well though.


He literally just linked his ingame skills, and i do the exact same build in the 380 HG and have been using it for the past 2 months. Works perfectly fine but their are sometimes when you pull 11 monsters and swell 1 random mob outside of your link.


thauma skill
hitkill with micro dimension

can not be more efficient than this, “They don’t really offer you anything in combat” :expressionless: