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It’s not an exploit

Two reasons:

  1. Velcoffer Shield costs the same 27 Velcoffer Spirit Fragments as a one-handed weapon costs (so creation costs are the same)
  2. to farm 67 blessed gems before Re:build takes ± as long as ~134 blessed gems after Re:build hits since Saalus and Gem Feud daily gain was doubled.

This makes a T10 Velcoffer shield before Re:build hits ± as resource-intensive as a T10 Velcoffer one-handed weapon after Re:build hits.


*laugh internally
go browsing more for accurate info about what items can be pillaged in the end, before making that statement


without pillaging you are dropping exactly nothing extra, with pillaging you are dropping something extra, even if it’s 1 silver, 1 is more than nothing, is indisputable that the best is linker+thauma+corsair


yup, indisputable the best for you, but doesnt always mean the best for everyone too, hehe

my review is: every scout-link-thaum-X has pro and con, BUT ANY VARIANT CAN SOLO FARM, there is no best and worst

so pick one most suitable to your gameplay



Joint Penalty + Swell Body + kill , recive 2x drop


Joint Penalty + Swell Body + kill , recive 2x drop


Joint Penalty + Swell Body + kill , recive 2x drop


Joint Penalty + Swell Body + kill , recive 2x drop


Joint Penalty + Swell Body + kill , recive 2x drop AND PILLAGING DROPS

well, is indisputable that the best is linker+thauma+corsair

is a farm character, if all are equal, but one of them is able to drop a little more than the others, he is better than the others


yea yea yea… you win, congrat…

*turn away do something more useful than debating this


the only other you can try talk about, is the linker+thauma+squire, camp base will able in free dungeon, a personal storage for put the itens and keep farming, and a teleport for the spot

but you don’t need open the camp with you farm character, you can do this with another caracter


*staring blankly at screen

btw, for you who read this, just youtube 『ludo game tos』, that is greyhiem, he already review every linkthaum build, more profesionally


I talked to him about the corsair’s sovereignty over the other options 2 weeks ago


You can also upgrade with the transcend discount event before using the weapon exchange event, right?


Did pillage get patched? Last time I checked pillage only works on silver. It also has to be monsters that drop silver in the 1st place, hence you can’t pillage cm mobs.


With the release of FAQ3.0 and seeing the patch is coming next week, allow me to give my 2cents on the new, upcoming Re:build.

This patch just gives me the feeling of 龙头蛇尾 (“Dragon’s head, snake’s tail” : implying a strong start but weak finish)

Great concept in making classes start from the same starting line and normalising them. Good implementation of some of the classes but somehow in the middle after the 1st few select classes, the others are just quickly glossed over. Gives people the feeling that some are really well thought and all the rest are just done up hastily to meet the deadline.

Awesome start, pathetic finish

Hope IMC can quickly come up with Re:build2, Re:build3 and Re:build4, sigh.


you are not discussing with him, you just spam that statement everywhere

@c2gaming.seetoo nope, still the same old pillage, cant steal anything that doesnt have loot table, which only useful to farm maxed at masinios.

no, you cant. Once the rebuild patch arrive, exchange your weapon first then do anything you want to do with it.


Then it’s still only useful for very select content, right? Unless I’m ok with 1 character doing specifically 1 thing. Personally I would like for pillaging to grant loot stats so it isn’t only for loot table drops (and the other way around would be nice too).


Well instead of putting ALL farming Skills beside DPE in the same tree they should give every class a usefull farming skill …

I bet Double Pay Earn/Pillage are still is pathetic after rebuild like it is now …


CM is a “daily event”, the real nice farm is in free dungeon(bubas cave), mosnter in bubas cave drop silver

if you farm 4h p day (I do + or - this, i go in bubas cave and farm 30m, 8 times per day), I go back to the city every 30m, and i make 1kk + or - in this time, is 8kk silver per day, with pillage this will double, you’re underestimating the drop of silver in bubas


CM is “just an example” and is not the only thing pillage does not affect. For example, HG gear isn’t part of loot tables per monster so pillage doesn’t affect it. I used to have a pillager when farming gems in dp2. I stopped doing that when I learned pillage only produces lv1 gem. And silver pillaging is basically “chump change” considering the effort required and the avenues available for better silver farm.

Unless CM silver is drastically reduced, you get more than enough for a very small time investment. If that ok with YOU then by all means go for it. But YOU are not the standard. And just because you say something, doesn’t make it true.


It’s been a while since I’ve farmed with corsair, but I remember pillage giving me significantly less silver than what the mob would give me when killed. I’d end up with something like 20-25% more silver when farming with corsair compared to farming without one. So I really doubt being corsair would give you 2x silver overall.


how much extra silver or extra drop will any other class give you ? so whatever the corsair gives is more than the great NOTHING that the others give, that makes her the best

It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a fact, every class that completes the “thauma+linker” build kills the mobs in the same facility, the only difference between classes is that the corsair provides extra drop (silver) and the others do not

I have 13 character, and 1 of hers are my farm character, my farm character meke only one thing, farm in bubas cave, nonting than this, and most people have their “farm character” that only has this function in life, is not a real character, it’s an account tool that only gets logged in to go in the free dungeon and farm using a full loot chance gear

using this argument that other classes in place of the corsair makes the character have other utilities besides going to the free dungeon and farm, you are just looking for an excuse to put something else in place of the best class for the function, because you want use another one that you like more, but I’m not talking about personal preference, I’m talking about results, the farm character is a tool, does not have to be fun, has to be as efficient as possible, and the most efficient as possible is thauma + linker + corsair, because the corsair is the only option available as 3rd class in this build that will give you something extra in the farm, this is not opinion is fact


Want a specific example? An outlaw will be able to taunt 30 mobs vs the regular body pull of a corsair. Loot comes from kills and outlaw offers the ability to kill more at a time. That is an example of how a non corsair scout provides extra drops.

So again, just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.