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would love a proper translation of lightning hands… what does it do now? and while the enchance atribute sure is nice, the crap sfactor is still there :tired:


I’ll Ask again since I got no replies: How good/bas is Linker thauma in RE?
Any good wizard/Archer farmer?


its the same, same skills but with mele attks. maybe its even more powerfull by the buffs of scout but the entire build of wizz farmer become a scout build now. ( tauma linker enchanter)


I want to go Thauma Linker BM to get some good damage skills to kill faster


Link-thaum is even better in rebuild, mobs got lowered hp so its easier to farm. Also swell brain gives 800 looting chance (with maxed attribute), so that is nice too.

Wizards and archers are more like CM farmers imo. I have seen swordie farmers in the HG though, so that might be viable.


Anyone know how much of blesses shard I need to trans10 in re:build event ? I have 700 in my storage, Is it enough or do I need to farm more ?

#5571 says:

  • 1h weapon: 2 + 1 (3/2) + 4 + 3 (6/2) + 9 + 5 (11/2) + 17 + 11 (22/2) + 29 + 22 (45/2) = 103 gems
  • 2h weapon: 2 + 2 (4/2) + 5 + 4 (8/2) + 11 + 7 (14/2) + 21 + 14 (28) + 37 + 28 (56/2) = 131 gems

Note: if you transcend a shield BEFORE the event, il will cost you 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 12 + 19 = 63 gems. Just saying… :wink:


Various showcase of farming build in Re:build.
Might you can find your preferred style.


That’s for Unique, it will cost 67 gems for Velcoffer Shield.

All your values are only valid for 380 unique gear (e.g. Primus/Wastrel/Asio), maybe you should’ve added this to your answer.

Squire food buffs can now be canceled, that’s a relief, but at the same time it comes way too late, now that Basecamp isn’t that useful anymore.


let me rephrase my question and be more specific, how much of blesses shard I need to trans10 my velco dagger in re:build event ? 670 ?


Seems you will need 840 shards.


ok, I have 702, I have to go back to farm


@draconis itos is still pre reb, so wouldn’t it be instead for RE:B?_?

EDIT: thought they seem t be the same,


shield is 67 and dagger is 84 ? my future velco dagger is currently a shield, I going to convert to a dagger, can i use 67 to trans 10 the shield before turning into a dagger ?


So in terms of farming builds. It seems like we can really take any class as our 3rd option, because link + electric shock is strong enough to carry most of the kill combo.

This means our third option should be about convenience. The scout in that video uses Squire for the camp buff, but maybe you could also take Corsair if pillaging works, or Assassin for their smoke and damage mitigation.


Shield is 67 without the discount, dagger is 84 with discount and 121 without. So yeah, if you have a shield, trans it before the event, it will cost less than anything else that you would trans through the event. Of course unless they decide to fix this exploit before next week…


corsair have pillaging, is indisputable that the best is linker+thauma+corsair


Wait, why not wait for the event and trans 10 the shield for less than 67 and then after that convert to dagger ?? How much is the shield with discount ?


You can’t convert an equipment after transcending/upgrading/anything that changes it after re:build comes.

If you have a shield and wants to transcend and then change it, you have to transcend it before Re:Build.

1- If you modify an equipment after re:build comes, you can’t change it anymore. What I said above was too confusing


understand, I will transcend my shield now