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It should turn into a newer version that instantly gives you 3k pts for resetting your ranks.


How many points can you stack and does they expire?_?


Does anyone know what will happen to players who won’t be able to play/log in the game within the re:build event (for a month)? Like, how can they exchange their items/costume or try builds if they miss the event?


will enter with all characters reseted ‘-’


So just one reset for each character they have? That’s all?


3K and I guess they never expire :thinking:


The rank reset voucher will turn into a new voucher that doesn’t expire. The points needed to accumulate for a circle reset is limited to 3000 max, after which you’d have to use some of it if you want to accumulate points again. And they don’t expire as well.

Players logging in will find all their characters at their respective base class. IMC will be running an event (I think it lasts 7 weeks) that lets you switch your base class once per character (and you can revert back to your original base class as well) as well as a reset event daily per char.

If you don’t log in during the entire duration of the events, you’d still be able to reset classes eventually but it won’t be as easy since you have to play the game to accumulate points needed for reset.


Ktest patch note is out.


Summon UI to track summon’s HP? Memory performance UI? Electric Shock has an enhance attribute?


Waiting for Skeleton Wizard’s enhance attribute.


Those are some pretty big buffs for the Scout tree as a whole.

Monks finally got a remove knockback attribute for energy blast after all these years!


nvm, all clear now. Edited to avoid misinformation.


All skills got cost reduction, Pass will cost 10 of the small fragments.

Energy Blast got a knockback attribute removal.

Many skills from scout will be affected by Attack Speed, Hackapell too.

Didn’t understand what will happen with Lightning Hands.


Oh yeah, just compared the korean text and I noticed the extra word, probably “fragment”. English translation was not perfect or a little confusing, as usual.

I will edit the other post to avoid misinformation. Thanks for the clarification.


I am sorry guys, but since Rebuild is comming soon I would like to know if there is any TBL videos with new classes. Is there any meta DPS wizzard?


I used to watch Rangee Po’s youtube channel for TBL content, but for some reason I can’t find his channel anymore.
Someone knows what happened to him?


anyone knows some about the skills who can copy the clones of shinoby after the RE:?

the stranslation of the skill at lvl 10 said that it does 100% of firearms attk power.


Only Katon, Kunai, Mijin and Raiton can be copied by clones. As far as I know, no other skill can be copied from any other class other than Shinobi itself.

And the 100% power thing refers to 100% of the caster’s damage. So if your clones are lvl5, they will do half your damage, clones at lvl10 will do 100% of your damage.


Is it confirmed that shinobi clones only autoattack with daggers?


The majority of ktos videos I have seen over the last few weeks have been the same few builds, alot of scout-linker-thaum-squire combos and then doppels or mergens.

Its just the usual video though of people smashing buttons in the 330 dungeon or velco with some really bad dubstep or anime music in the background, no actual information shared.

Anyways though, google youtube, in search type in tree of savior rebuild, after the list comes up go to top, filter, and filter by “this week”, should give you a decent pack to sift through.


Rangee Po quit.