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because it’s a lightning strike? >_>


yep. noticed that later, already edited the post.


bullets do strike damage and arrows pierce damage, so arrows are better against leather armor and bullets to plate


don’t worry just pointing out a stupid pun lol


Nope, Bullets are Missile, just like Arrows (Cannon, Bow, Crossbow, Musket and Pistol, all missile).

Wastrel is being activated by the strike effect of Lightning Hands (Enchanter Buff).
One of the hits (the lighning one) are Strike tipe.


in the previous video he posted that wastrel sword is bug, so is it decided that it is not a bug?


Its a bug when people don’t understand item interaction with skills.

Double Attack allows you to trigger a hit with your main hand when you auto attack with your off hand.

Lightning Hands makes your main hand auto attack a strike attack.

Wastrel Sword has a proc when you do strike damage.

All this means is that your auto attacks with Limacon/DGS while lightning hands is active can proc the Wastrel Sword effect.

Sadly all that crit rate that you gain out of that effect means nothing when your crit capped through other means. In turn making the Asio Sword BIS once your crit capped.

edit. I also forgot one thing that totally doesn’t even require you to have lightning hands to proc the wastrel sword effect. The sword it self gives + strike damage, what this means is that the sword gives global strike damage to all your skills and attacks in turn allowing anyone that can use the sword to proc the effect.


Can anyone clarify how attribute points are in Re:Build? Used or let it sit untouched? Will we be able to transfer it via team storage after Re:Build?







Just science and understanding :blush:

Also a quick question, I have like a 1000000 attribute point thingys on my inventory, should I use or keep and what would be the benefits of one or the other…

what will happen to all my “Coupons?_? Scrolls” :confused:


Those will stay the same. There shouldn’t be any difference on using them now as we’ll get the extraction event, however after that is over you will need to pay the fee to extract it back into item form. (added to pocket guide FAQ).

I wish i was paid for that…


I could prob use them after RE:Tree patch and then unify them all into 1 single type… but then again keeping their original look is also important D:

Been a looter/collector is harsh :sad:


Might want to add this to the attributes part, extraction is free only once per character (unless I missed an event in ktos where they allowed multiple free extractions)


Checked and corrected, thanks.



this restrictions just put more pressure on me :heeey:


clearly you didnt read the comment in that bug video yet


Didn’t know that this “Strike-type Attack +325” worked this way.
To me it worked increasing the damage of Strike attacks/skills.

There’s a discussion about that in the comments:


So I bought a ‘reset pack’ DLC a long time back and have been saving it for a rainy day, but so far haven’t found a need to use it on any of my characters. What will happen if I redeem this DLC after RE:build?