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  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. the 100% ichor extractor for fixed itens works for any unique with fixed stats: any masinios/asio/wastrel item.


so to have a 100% ichor change for a masinios/asio or wastrel you need to have already an ichor for a masinios/asio or wastrel on the item.
so in teory i have a 1h sword with 1h sword ichor masinions, if i change to 2h i can use the 100%ichor to put an asio 2h sword on it? or ima wrong?



You have a Velcoffer Staff with Masinios ichor in it, you exchange it for Velcoffer 2H Sword. You receive: < - 100% Ichor kit for recipe equips.

You have a Velcoffer Staff with random stat Primus ichor in it, you exchange it for Velcoffer 2H Sword. You receive: <- 100% Ichor kit for primus/random stat items and you also get a few magnifiers.


I just used the google translator and it says nothing about it being exclusive for weapons recipes, maybe can be used for shields as well?


Yeah, all recipe equips even the new ignas armor recipes.


Thank you, that’s a relief hahahaha


Ok another question: for those who have more than 1 velcoffer piece with ichors already equipped on it, will they be elegible to receive more than one 100% success extraction kit? like, 1 per piece? or is just one extraction kit per team? EDIT: to make my question clearer, is it only available for velcoffer weapons or anything goes like even a velcoffer gloves?



how can i hate this system even more?


Those ichor vouchers have time limit… :distinguished:


as far i recall, there is no reset of SET, only Weapon-subweapon and shield.

went to check on the dev blog, and yeah, no set change since the name itself is “weapon type change”.
another point is that on ktos it was possible to change primus as well, but on the dev blog posted here, it only mentions raid and legendary weapon.
i believe they will also allows for primus change since it happened on ktos, but this is a topic for another time!.


Since Velcoffer Gloves aren’t eligible for the exchange (yet), then it’s only available for Velcoffer Weapons (and possibly shield)


I got a better question…

what will happen to all the skill reagents and stuff?_?

Like, my sapper will never be a trap anymore, my chrono might never pass time again and many other things that will never be used again…

will there be an exchange NPC like last time when the material use was changed or just throw them to trash :confused:


Can anyone confirm this ? While under effect of Raise, Fire pillar decrease each ticks from 0.5s to 0.3s.


Can confirm!

Check for up-to-date skill syngeries. They’re mentioned in the skill description, if you hover of over them with your cursor and marked with a 00113F code. Use Google translate to make sense of it.


I don’t know much because of the time I was out, but were there any major update related to Anvil Enhancement or comments about doing that in the future?

I believe there was only one change related to the impact of values, but maybe there was some other thing I lost.


Not much has really changed about anvil enhancement, as far as I have heard. No direct change has been applied to it, but a lot of little things have been happening.

The biggest thing with rebuild is that base attack is going up across the board so transcendence will make up a bigger portion of your power output. In more concrete terms, the difference between a +16 and +11 at transcendence 10 is going from about a 10% difference to a 5% difference.

They also seem to be phasing out diamond anvils from iToS. Diamond anvils have not appeared in Leticia’s Blessed cubes for the better part of a year now. They also have not made any appearances in events. The only place they can be obtained at this point is the blacksmith bundle on steam. Though no mechanic has changed, this has impacted the way people upgrade their equipment.


Guys which are the best farmers for RE:Build? I don’t know how good/bad Linker thauma is right now, is it still a good option? I’m thinking abot going Linker Thauma BM or something like that.
Any good Archer or mage farmer?


We’ll be able to exchange Asio Shield for a Asio Staff when re:build arrives?

I’ve heard about people transcending shields just to exchange it to other weapon…



already in this topic, but:


Bong just published this testing between Masinios Sword and Wastrel in a Bullet Marker/Enchanter build.
He killed the boss faster using Wastrel Sword.

Wastrel Zvaigzde Sword
Physical Attack: 2066 – 2284
AoE Attack Ratio +2
Physical Defense +248
Strike-type Attack +325
10% chance per strike-type attack of increasing critical rate for 5 seconds by 2x"

Masinios Sword
Physical Attack: 1270 – 1404
AoE Attack Ratio +1
Critical Rate +45
Critical Attack +219
Lightning Attack +337

***EDIT: Enchanter’s Lightning hands are activating the Wastrel effect :wink: