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I can bet they will change everything up by 2020.



I dont quitele understand when they say tp will be given if you extend ab character slot…


what i understand is : they have add a event npc that sell items, one of those items is a character slot, so when we buy it, and use it we will receive the 33tp so we can buy the slot on the lodge!.


I might have missed that but it would be awesome if the price isn’t insane as I got more pets than space :expressionless:


January Balance Changes Guide

Dagger Classes

Low AoE Attack Ratio
While it is intended that daggers have a harder time fighting multiple enemies at once, we do feel there is some problems with the balance as is. You are intended to have a harder time fighting against multiple enemies than a class like Swordsman (which is another melee physical class) but some skills still have a much lower AoE than they should. Therefore, we will be making improvements without straying away from our original design intent. Also, the attack speed gain on skills from Dexterity may be adjusted so you can deal with smaller groups of enemies quicker.

Long Timespans Between Skill Uses
Dagger classes have a unique identity in that they can deal a large amount of damage in a single moment (burst), and thus their skills have a longer cooldown and a low overheat. If we were to lower the cooldown and raise the overheat, we would just be creating another Swordsman or class that can deal with large groups of enemies easily.

The development team will do a pass over and check the cooldown time and overheat assigned to each skill. We will also try to balance these so that there will always be some skills to be used.

Attack Type Split Between Slash/Pierce
The main damage type for dagger skills is usually [Slash] type, but the main damage type increased by skills such as Brutality is [Pierce]. It is intended that daggers and Scout classes have a mixed type of attacks through [Slash] and [Pierce] based on class and skill choice. [Slash] type is the more general usage, while [Pierce] can be enhanced and is more of a specialized choice.

Assassin Class Lacking in Synergy and Class Concept
Although we gave Assassins [Bleeding] as a main debuff, we agree that there is a lack of synergy to abuse the [Bleeding] debuff. [Bleeding] is seen as an attractive buff in both PVE (against bosses) and PVP. We have plans to modify the skill Piercing Heart in order for it to be boosted while the enemy is [Bleeding]. While the Assassin’s unique concept is to be able to deal a large amount of damage to only a few enemies, we do have plans to revamp Assassin’s gameplay strategy so they can be more useful.

The Role of Shinobi, Rogue, Outlaw, Corsair
We agree that Shinobi has a higher DPS but lower DPM due to the long cooldown time added to skills when they are used with Bunshin no Jutsu. This is being improved. We have also improved the AI of the shadows to be more precise, target enemies better, and better use their skills alongside their master.

Getting knocked back and knocked down isn’t a major problem for all Scout classes, but it is specifically for scouts using daggers because they are melee. Outlaw is a class that has a unique usefulness for Dagger users in the Scout tree as it has tools to provide protection against getting knocked down and knocked back.

Rogue is seeing some improvements to increase their usability, specifically increasing synergy with other Scout classes that use [Pierce].

Before [Re:Build], Hexen Dropper used a formula of 80% main weapon + 60% subweapon damage. This 20% difference was seen as a major disadvantage. This was changed to 90% subweapon and 30% main weapon in [Re:Build], significantly boosting the subweapon, due to scouts using the secondary weapon as their primary attack weapon.

(This part is a little rough on translation, please take with caution)
The total was changed from 140% to 120% due to main hand weapons and subweapons becoming equal in power. They want Corsair to be a class that uses both hands skillfully, so they plan to change them both to scale equally, and be able to make use of Lightning Hands.


Enchanter lacks synergy with other Scout classes, so they plan to boost Lightning Hands to also affect main weapon attacks.


Base camp is being modified to be something that can be set up and sustain you in a specific area and be useful for farming. They want it to be something you periodically return to and not just placed and forgotten about, being only used for warping.

Summon Management UI

We spoke previously of adding a summon management UI through "Please suggest to the development team." Players with summons are constantly asking questions to themselves such as "How many of my summons are alive right now?" and "Do I need to resummon?". We feel this is unnecessary added stress to playing these classes. We will be making these changes to improve this:
  1. For summons such as Skeletons, Zombies, etc. that need constant resummoning, we will show the current number of summons you have active.

  2. In the case of a specific single summon, we will show its health bar in a different color so you can distinguish it from other summons.


Compared to Skeleton Soldiers and Archers, we wanted to give a specific, unique role to Skeleton Mages whose role was initially unclear. We plan to give them the ability to provide knockback/knockdown immunity to your other summons periodically. This effect is temporary of course, so as not to reduce the usefulness of the Rangovas Necklace. You may not need this effect if you already have Rangovas, but it was decided that there is a fair level of inconvenience with skeletons being knocked over, and we feel the right summon to perform this role is the Skeleton Mage.


In [Re:Build], the stats of monster races was redistributed, and plant-type monsters in particular received a high critical resistance. The Chortasmata skill has existed since the beginning of the game, and with Druid's additional synergy with Dievdirbys, this skill can end up being uncomfortable for party play. This also has a clash with Sterea Trofh, which boosts Critical Attack.

We plan to add an attribute to prevent monsters from turning into plant-type. This feature has existed since the beginning of Tree of Savior, and we plan to work towards improving synergy between classes and use of these features rather than simply removing them.

This is the plan we are working towards. Thank you.


If they can further clarify how the new druid attribute will work would be nice. I say this because if they turn off the ability to do damage with Chortasmata then Charnivory will have 0 effect and you wont be able to spawn your plants. So will we have to pick between the ability to do DMG and not fu cking over our group


The poison/rash effect of Chortasmata is separate from the debuff that turns monsters into plants… they are separate status effects. While the post doesn’t explicitly mention the damage effect at all, I would take it as a fair assumption that this attribute would not remove the damage.

This is simply my opinion.


can someone translate this image



It’s just an event where you can gather Re:Build coins from doing various content and trade them in for items. There are a few items that only appear in specific date ranges.

Events are often different in our version or may not even arrive, so I avoid translating specific event information.


It would be nice if they can add a Summon counter that can indicate your summons hp/time till they run out.

Something like this for instance if you have 6 zombies summoned. Then when you hover over it it will show the hp of all the zombies. This can also be applied to necro summons. It dosn’t have to look the same its just a concept of an idea. Sick and tired of not knowing how many zombies/skeletons i have active when im in a cm with a party. Green indicating the summon having full hp and going to a yellow as it reaches 50% and finally a red as its about to die, can even add an orange to indicate the 40-15% hp threshold and 14-1% hp threshold as Red


Oh hell no. Everybody say it with me “AI is bad”.

This is something I look forward to. But they better not restrict it to open fields only. No point making changes to this skill if I can’t use it in relevant content.


@rjgtav1 i just noticed on the skill simulator the auto stats when you pick chaplain are wrong unless IMC has ninja changed the auto stat distribution of chaplain. Should be STR 0.7 DEX 0.7 CON 0.3 INT 0.15 SPR 0.15 but its STR 0 DEX 0.90 CON 0.3 INT 0 SPR 0.80. All distribution should equal to 2 but the chaplain one feels way off compared to what IMC originally showed.

edit. also add a maximum to the manual distribution of stats to 52 because people can put more.
edit 2. if imc has changed the auto distribution can you list the table of information i would like to update my google sheet.


Someone who knows what happened to the weapon exchange on KTOS could explain this?

What exactly will happen to our ichors after the weapon change.
For example, if I change 2h Pike for 1h Spear, my equiped ichor(masinios pike ichor) will be automatically extracted and I will win one 100% fixed stat ichor extraction? Meaning I will be able to sell the Masi Pike Ichor on the market and use the 100% extractor to obtain my desired 1h Spear ichor?
Or that Extractor is some new item that allow you to extract your ichor from velcoffer gear without destroying the item? So u can change the weapon type without losing your ichor


Yep, Arkantos

As you said first, the ichor on your velcoffer 2h will be extracted (returned to ichor form), and your new velcoffer 1h spear will come ‘clean’ — since is impossible to have the stats from a 2h on an 1h.

And as your print says, you will gain another 100% ichor extractor for fixed stat itens (masinios/asio/wastrel), ‘to prevent ichors from losing their value due to extraction’ — the ichor mentioned in this sentence is the one extracted during the swap; this is about preventing it ‘from losing value’.

*someone mentioned that Enchanted stats (crit rate, pvp dmg, boss dmg, etc…) are mantained on the new item, so as the awakenings.


I lose the set effect ?? my Kraujas Velco Shield will be a Velco Dagger or a Kraujas Velco Dagger ?


it’ll be transferred.


Not wrong, IMC changed those a while ago and just didn’t document it. Jay…
But that was around 12 december, date was in the doc anyway and I glossed over it. it could easily have changed again, but ktesters can easily verify via the class selection screens.

@Nekorin did post a link with the “new” stat factors as percentages a while ago in discord though:


So if I ichored a masinios pike and swap it to 1h spear, I will get as follows:

  1. Clean 1h spear
  2. Masinios pike ichor
  3. 100% extraction voucher for ichoring masinios spear only? Or can I choose asio/Wastrel spear ichor too?


that is by far the worst stat distribution i have seen for some of the cleric classes.