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KToS General Thread v4.0


Oracle will be excellent in pvp


I guess Death Sentence will be great in challenge modes, which still make up a significant portion of late game party play. But I would still prefer Krivis because Divine Stigma works on everything and I value that consistency.

I just hope Oracle will be somewhat popular because I am an Alchemist representative -v-


Well… there is always the choice to get a Krivis - Oracle - Zealot build.

So you get 50% (divine stigma) + 70% (Death sentence) + 30% (Prophecy) + 80% (Fanaticism) … total +230% damage for the next 15+ or so secs on normal monsters and 160% on bosses.


Consider those times being improved by Melstis as well. You are also gaining stats from Divine Stigma to boost your output even further.

I could also see Druid working instead of Zealot here. Wolf form for the casting buff, and crit damage improvements from Fertilize + Zalchaia.


Sometimes I wish @Nekorin had a twin sister who only played scout classes and showcased them like how nekorin does for cleric :cry:

lol great vids tho


Sometimes I wish there were more ToS content creators. This community can’t even keep a wiki in order. (although we do have a pretty sick database and build simulator)

I miss MagicBiscuit’s content. That channel was really good but no longer updates.


Sometimes I wish I can have more time to play… my ToS time dropped from 15-20 hrs weekly to like 2-6 hrs weekly since Jun.

Overworked cat. T_T


I would prefer this over what we have now, I am kaba and never needed math for anything :expressionless:

HEY! you hurt my oracle feelings D:

. . . not really :neutral_face:


Just a query for the people who are in ktest/ktos
How’s dopp / highlander / barb? The two-handed swordsman classes in general?
I’ve seen some videos of it and I can’t help but feel underwhelmed with the changes.

(Especially when some cleric classes literally has damage boosts with no downside, while Doppel DOV has a low % ratio, frenzy stacks. i.e)

Thank you~


looks like low % ratios are offset by higher gear values, and weaker enemies in general. And yeah it’s an overgeared dude but this looks much better than pre-rebuild

edit additional fyi: it’s only a 3.6k atk difference compared to a +11 trans10 velco 2 hand sword (15%-ish less) and around 6k atk difference compared to a +11 trans10 unique (30%-ish less) based on this guy’s total atk displayed at the bottom right. Sloppy math yeah, but there’s still a much smaller gap than before when it comes to enhancement whales.


Good. I might feel better about the amazing 6-stat 2h primus 380 mace I just spent 5 gold anvils on to drop from +12 to +8…


Re:build FAQ #3

They initially wanted to remove stomping kick and the other kick skill from barbarian nobody uses as well but decided to keep it and will buff them later. (Why not just have them Synergize with Nak muay in some Form?)

They once again pointed out how important it is to them to improve squires and homonculus asap.

Maybe there are others interesting tidbits others can point out.


If all classes had fanbases annoyingly enthusiastic like Cleric’s this game would be saved for sure.

They just should remove all ■■■■ skills like Stomp Kick,or at least make them all super fast to use.


Literally every class will be tied to barb at this point


IMC sure knows how to sugarcoat their actions in FAQ #3.

Nerfs Melstis since Krivis is supposed to be a damage dealer, not a support, but doesn’t buff damage skills in exchange of the nerf, and Krivis skill set still a buff/debuff class that loses out in DPS compared to other classes in general.

Says Double Punch is a hard skill to balance, thus they solve it by making it an fake multihit auto-attack buff that increases Attack Speed that will get hardcapped by Hit Delay anyways AKA skill that simply allows you to enhance attribute weak auto-attacks. Says Iron Skin is changed into a long duration damage reduction buff and made it sound nice and all, but the amount reduced, the fact that it only works on physical for the amount of points needed is so negligible you don’t even feel you have it (Stone Skin > Iron Skin). Makes Golden Bell Shield a buff that is anything but a Shield, that increases the damage of Monk’s Damage, but Monk’s DPS is a constant DPS, and the skill duration is far too short with a flipping long cooldown,

Zealot Blind Faith damage nerfed so hard its damage is crap, but still says Blind Faith damage is good. Not to mention skills like Emphatic Trust that’s too weak why even bother.

Saw quite a few others, but is IMC balancing the game simply on a calculator and excel sheet, and doesn’t know how their classes work …



yeah we need to somehow clone Nekorin and reprogram them, 1 for every class.


some video of Assassin/Outlaw end game gear ?


in KTOS rebuild was patched already? what will happen when i trade +16 T10 pot 1 asio shield to asio bow?
will it become +16 T10 pot 1 asio bow or vanilla full pot asio bow?

Unique Raid Weapons

  • Stats of items from before the update are not maintained. They will be replaced with new item stats.
  • Due to potential and maximum socket adjustments, items may be different before and after the update.

the faq above doesnt state whether it is base stat or bonus stat… (hopefully only the bonus stat)


i suppose shield is no weapon … its a armor and cant be traded …


well, shield comes in one-handed weapon box, so I think they’re categorized as a secondary weapon.