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KToS General Thread v4.0


So …

Oracles now have a damage boost buff with the same uptime as Fanaticism but without the no-heal downsides (albeit not the same amount of damage), has a better damage boost debuff than Krivis Divine Stigma (at least on mobs its better, on bosses its potentially better when in a party of burst DPS), have some great damage mitigation skills and utility skills, and on top of that, ample skill points to reap the full if not majority of the benefits of all that boot …

I almost smell the second coming of Druid buff patch or Exorcist class reveal. Almost.

Thanks @Wurmheart!


Death Sentence doesn’t work on bosses (unless that just got changed)


The thing is, if you overbuff druid you get a monstrous class that can do anything.

If you overbuff Oracle you get something that maybe isn’t a turd.

I look at these Oracle buffs and I still don’t see anything that makes me feel “wow I really want to play this class.” It has a damage buff and a debuff, nothing about it’s main debuff working on bosses, some defensive skills and divine might. No attacks to speak of, it’s still pretty niche.

And more annoyingly, shop class players like myself are going to struggle even harder to get Divine Might for those lv 6 shops because there won’t be an abundance of cleric2 running around anymore. (This is probably a good thing overall for Oracle but it’s not like they can sell their buff.)


Haha yeah I know, I still don’t want to play Oracle even with the changes (not like how it is with Druid and Exorcist now, not ToS 2.0, where the class just screams PICK ME). I’m just kinda thinking that these changes, however nice the changes are, will still not make Oracle a popular class other than for buff shop builds, and the lack of popularity will push IMC to buff the class further.

Well, at the very least, Death Sentence support for mobs sounds nice ok if you meet them in dungeons (assuming they have Death Sentence as a buff shop build).

On a side note, IMC’s trend of buffing such niche classes by simply increasing damage feels like a bad trend going forward, IDK.


Where is Kabbalist in this circle…

What happened to the class that is supposed to be the one that multiplies damage via calculation?



I mean, I suppose you could pick kabbalist/kirivs/oracle and have a character that’s entirely dedicated to boosting damage? But yeah Kabbalist is sad. I guess IMC just wants them to be the strong healers.

Also, I think for a cleric oracle farming build, Oracle/Dievderbys/Druid seems nice. Never run out of carving wood, good support overall and can still deal some damage. Statues to keep the cooldown on Resetting as low as possible.


It is sad when Kabbalist’s changes are listed down in re:build


  • EinSof nerfed, no SP regen
  • Tree of Seph no longer as needed due to content nerf
  • Calculation speed nerfed (Don’t understand the logic in why remove the quick calculate attribute)
  • Gevurah superseded by Divine Stigma / Deathsentence that grants more damage overall to the entire party (Death sentence for mobs and Stigma for bosses)
  • Merkabah bug not fixed at all for 2years


  • Cutest F costume in cleric tree
  • Nachash is good aoe.
  • +5 MSPD is still around yay
  • +20% max matk, in a class with 1 aoe and a buggy atk spell.

Imo Kabbalist needs some attention… at the very least please fix merkabah.



They listed that some buff skills now have an enhancement attribute, so maybe Gevura will also have an enhancement attribute.
Imo they should give Gevura the same CD reset attribute that Death Sentence has or cut down its CD time to 15 seconds so the balance is kept between the three skills.

We need an exchange of the Double Magic attribute of Ein Sof with the old Ein Sof:Maintain attribute so we can have 5 minutes buff time on the Kabbalist himself,
meaning he can use it on himself + another party member after 1 minute [the party member will only have the basic skill duration so you can’t have more than 2 people under Ein Sof without Diev and ~3 with Diev].

And we need a Master Circle so the Class itself gets access to more calculation-based skills [i.e. e.g. bringing back a better Double Chance and a better Reduce Level].

But foremost Merkabahs Divine Protection effect needs to be fixed. The skill is so bad right now it’s not even worth using :frowning:


Hey guys, just wanted to mention has been updated with the latest patches, kTOS is now on Re:Build as well. It will finish deploying over the next hours. Until then, some links may crash when opening


You missed a few:

+r7 is quite good now due to most skill factors being lowered. (maybe less so for PvP?)
+Tree of Sephiroth got extended to a 15s duration.
~Slightly longer duration on clone, but its cd increased.
-Lost the wizard wand auto attack change from Staff of Kabbalah.
-Ein Sof’s doubling attribute now only gives you a 15s copy if you target others instead of placing two circles.
-Lost Double chance, not that anyone cares.

Even a fixed Merkabah wouldn’t save it tbh.

My list of issues would be:

  • Merkabah needs more focus, because it’s trying to act as a mount, a dmg skill, a dmg buff and dmg prevention tool and easily fails to do all but the last.
    And even if that would work properly, it’s still quite clunky to have a mobile aura with such a small range.
    Why not make a dual purpose tool where you either mount it and get a holy dmg hit/dmg reduction bonus or it will crash into the nearest enemies when left unused?

  • Gemetria & Notarikon need get at a number much much faster, or better yet let the respective skills calculate it themselves via an attribute?

  • Gevura and other dmg buffs have the same issue, there are to many existing dmg (de)buffs that outperform it without even trying.
    You could do something far more interesting with its many possible options, like reducing enemy stats (hp + def) or even adding +x% skill factor to hits under its effect or even have different debuffs tied to the numbers.

  • Even if those got improved, it would still be lacking as it hasn’t got that much dmg or utility.
    And I have no idea why they didn’t incorporate the calc number effect to one or two more skills because it’s severely underused atm.


I still think the current Gevura is really good, you just need to bring it to the same level as the new Death Sentence (e.g. CD reset when enemy dies while under the debuff), since it doubles the damage cap, has a large AoE and is enough for normal farming (falls off in boss battles,though, because party members steal the debuff effect).

If they changed Gevura to some useless stat reduction skill, I’d abandon Kabbalist because it just offers too less then to be considered for a build option.

It would be better to change Tree of Sephiroth [with a skill change attribute they promoted] into a debuff skill that decreases a certain stat depending on the number of Gematria & Notarikon.

There is self-utility with Ein Sof and the Class attributes, the damage is crap,though, especially if you consider the slow Merkabah to have the maximum aura effect. The Class currently is more of a survival tool than a viable Class option since all the adjustments went around the Class but never boosted itself.

No idea what the new Class identity could be if they don’t buff the old number&Merkabah focus.

E.g., Merkabah could get increased durability [the attribute is already there so it could be reintroduced] and auto-provoke on cast via an enhancement attribute (level 100 = 66 HP durability) to make it the tank that the initial Rank 8 introduction promised.

Gevura needs an enhancement attribute like Death Sentence and a similar CD reduction attribute (maybe -1 second CD time every time you hit an enemy affected by the Gevura debuff, meaning every count reduction reduces your CD time).
This way the CD reduction also works vs Boss monsters, but only reduces up to 9 seconds.
It would also perfectly fit with the math theme of Kabbalist and make a nice combo with Nahash
(10 enemies + Gevura = 30 seconds CD reduction within 2 seconds, allowing you to spam Gevura to ± double the damage of Nahash)


you are doing a very important job for the human race. keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


any news about the weapon trade system on ktos? spefically, i heard rumors that we may be able to trade primus weapons as well, is i true? how the trade works? do the weapon we trade for keep the enchance, trans, and potential (if not than primus trading is is completely pointless :hey:)? i think i heard that the random stats couldn’t be ported so there would be a 100% ichor extraction period, how does it work?

please, any info is valuable at this point :tired:


didn’t they already addressed this on the 5 FAQs they posted on the news here on itos?


Don’t forget: Kabbalist’s cloning also had its cooldown increased even more, for some reason. The clones stay around for longer but that’s not useful since you should be killing them quickly anyway.


you mean the two faqs and the 5 part main post? they kind of did,

Unique Random-Stat Weapons

  • If changing from a one-handed weapon to another one-handed weapon, or from a two-handed weapon to another two-handed weapon, the item’s stats will be maintained.
  • If changing from a one-handed weapon to a two-handed weapon or vice-versa, the item’s stats are reset and an Artisan Magnifier is provided.
  • Due to potential and maximum socket adjustments, items may be different before and after the update


“* Ichor Extraction: To prevent Ichors from losing their value due to extraction and main weapon type change, all players are provided with 100% Ichor Extraction Voucher on the following grounds:
100% Fixed Stat Ichor Extraction Voucher for where fixed stat ichors are used
100% Random Stat Ichor Extraction Voucher for where random stat ichors are used”

but this voucher… one per team? or one per character?

and regarding to primus weapons, what do they mean by stats maintained or reset? is it the random stats? what about enchancements and trans? they mention specifically earth tower and velc gear maintaining enchance and potential but vague info on primus. this why i want to know how is really happening on ktos.


Oracle… from a class that no one wants becomes a god tier class… will definitely get some balancing

Take a close look at the cooldown of Death Sentence.


Will it really though? Death sentence is nice but it’s still just a debuff that won’t work on bosses, and you have to cast it on every pack of monsters to get the benefits.

Oracle to me still seems like a class you pick when you want to boost the performance of your other two classes to deal more damage. Divine might + damage boosts and enemy debuffs…it will only work well with a strong duo core to make use of the support it can offer, imo.

Granted, that SP manipulation thing that Arcane Grace does is probably going to be worth a lot for heavy caster builds. Hmmm…


Oracle will be a decent choice for a GvG support build…whenever that happens.


now, i’ve been thinking of zeal+ oracle combo, as arcane energy is the new ein sof, but 30% cdr from diev is too good for zealots and blind faith is pretty weak right now.

but tbh oracle is still in a weird spot right now on my opinion. I mean, oracle got some good buffs and debuffs, still it is 0 dmg class with high utility. On a cenario of 3 classes only one has to be really careful when going for utility only classes, personally i wouldn’t pick it over zealot (also dmg boost, but have it’s own dmg skills to boot) or diev (30%cdr is a huge boost with 100% upkeep + brings owls dmg to the table).

Also, oracles self buffs look like will be good with dievs cdr (really, any class in this game is better with 30% CDR),but diev + oracle is 2 circles of almost 0 dmg… only owls, which are dubious right now as how they will fare.

i’m thinking oracle diev/sadhu/exo could be viable tough, as sadhu’s prana also benefit greatly from cdr to a better uptime and will have low cd spells among a 0 cd filler with OoB (which will probably stay shitty even when working with sacrament, blessing, and all of the sorts), and exo 'rubric on 10s cd (diev) 4s channeling is already low enough to fill most rotations…