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KToS General Thread v4.0


Is this true? /20202020


Rsrsrs “Arch” means “Superior”, i think…


Read the announcements and posts that they share with us at the “news” menu option.


Or just bring back Enchanter to Wizard tree and create a new class called Gadgeteer. I was hoping for an Enchanter capable of casting Enchant Fire/Ice skills… They even took some spells to put them on other classes, they could remove Enchant Fire from Pyro to put it on Enchanter, add an Enchant Ice and create few skills that could work with Enchants. Something like 3 skills that have an effect depending on the actual Enchant buff on your character, while the character would be able to have only one Enchant buff running at the same time.


new ktest patch notes:


… People and their weird enchanter ideas… geeez.

Anywho, can’t wait to see what build people will make in vids of after the patch.


It took them three years but it finally happened.



I love how they are trying to make slow relevant…


also combing with with chrono, and OMG the pass buff , that applies to ourselves only BUT doubles the effect it seems, i think i’m gonna be a selfish chrono now!
also, that QC buff seems to target accuracy i believe, the google trans is funny too, but if is true 5% per level is really OP!.
It seems they are transforming chorno on the PVP supp focused only!.
even more in arena pvp for example, with pass enabling 50sec cd reduction!; huge burst for other two classes you take! plus, 2 slows with pass as well can limit the movement of target and position yourselve really well in the limited space of arena and also the slow damage buffs for basic wizard too is also a bonus for CHRONO and if QC decrease the chance of spells missing by 50% (needs clarify as well since google trans is not so good), it would also really break some problems of wizards against scouts in pvp, quickcast alone would give more chance of hitting against all other thing a wizard player could do to boost their accuracy against a scout in 1x1, because of how evasion works now and how some scouts have so much evasion buffs plus their 150% coefficient in evasion (vide that old video of wizard trying too hit a scout), so chrono seems to be really nice, plus all his other skills focused on PVP, seems to really focus only on that now and this is that path imc is taking him!


Need translations for Oracle skills, Google Translate looks confusing but seems quite game-changing.


I fear for Arcane Energy it might go from OP to NOPE D:


I am going to make an Arcane Energy buff for myself and the party members . It saves SP, stamina at the time of receiving buff , restores SP and stamina consumed at the end of buff .

Google is a 4 year old bab confirmed xD

EDIT: if you ask me, this should be Chronomanser skill not Oracle…


Google Translate looks iffy, but it made it look like Oracle is so much better than Krivis now. Only damage skills Krivis has is Zaibas and Divine Stigma, hardly a DPS worthy skill.

Green class Red class memes. :tired:


The relevancy is questionable,though. I think Oracle is still only good for farming and challenge mode,
compared to Krivis who is very potent for boss battles.

No idea why they created that Death Sentence attribute that resets the CD time of the skill if the enemy is killed within the skill duration,though. This will allow for permanent Death Sentence…

I can already see the nerf incoming for that change.

The other changes were good,though, making Oracle at least a viable support option for your build.


I made that connection simply from the damage increase on Death Sentence VS Divine Stigma.

I guess it depends on the party set-up. Divine Stigma looks like it has 100% up-time, but only gives 50% more damage, can’t be enhanced and only hits 5 targets. Death Sentence seems like about 50% up-time, but 65% more damage (Divine Might), can be enhanced so about 100%+ more damage, and hits more targets. It’s an attribute too so one can toggle it to give 100% up-time on mobs and 50% otherwise on bosses. On a party with burst DPS, seems like Death Sentence has a LOT going for it compared to Divine Stigma. Divine Stigma’s damage and Zaibas’s damage seems like it pales in comparison to Death Sentence alone, not counting the rest of Oracle’s kit.

Oracle really got the Druid treatment haha.


is reincarnate gonna work like revive ?




It prob means that you can equip it as those classes, but only Scouts have skills that use pistols…



I think it would be better if it is crossbow / shield and that it has been a typing error.


Apparently a simple “-” can already mess up a google translation now, odd.

Anyhow this is what I’d get out of that:


  • Now lasts 30 seconds.
  • Prevents crowd control effects during its duration.
  • New attribute: Additional damage, increases dmg by 30% while under the prophecy buff.


  • Tooltip correction: Reduces enemy magic dmg -> reduces enemy magic dmg on/by enemies.
  • Has a enhance attribute now that improves the magic dmg reduction by up to 60%.
  • Has a new duration attribute that adds 1s duration per attribute level, and has 5 attribute levels max.


  • Range increased by 150%.
  • CD reduced to 40s.
  • New attribute: Threat, which reduces threat by up to 50% when in range of Foretell. (5 attribute levels.)
  • SP: 210 → 195

Death Sentence:

  • Corrected tooltip, additional damage -> increased damage.
  • SP: 225 → 180
  • Now has a enhance attribute that improves its dmg increase by up to 60%. (not a flat bonus ofc.)
  • New attribute: Initialization, reduces its duration to 15s but if a enemy with Death Sentence dies it resets the cooldown of Death Sentence.

Divine Might:

  • New attribute: additional number of times, now adds 1 extra use per attribute up to 5 max. (5 attribute levels)

Twist of Fate:

  • Now has a enhance attribute that weakens the hp recovery by up to 60%.

Arcane Energy:

  • Function has changed, it now records your sp+stamina when activated and restores it to that amount when the buff ends.
  • Duration has changed, it’s now 1s per skill level.
  • Sp cost removed.
  • Its Additional damage attribute got renamed to Reduced dmg, which now decreases dmg dealt by enemies by 10%.
  • Its duration attribute now adds 1 second per attribute level, up to 5 max.

Overall quite interesting.
Prophecy is bound to still have that 1m cd, so the dmg buff is not that amazing. But tons easier to use than kagura at least.

No idea when counterspell got nerfed to a 35% reduction at max, but I guess its up to 56% now with that enhance.

NVM, Death Sentence is still the same tier1buff doesn’t work vs bosses shitfest it always was.


So …

Oracles now have a damage boost buff with the same uptime as Fanaticism but without the no-heal downsides (albeit not the same amount of damage), has a better damage boost debuff than Krivis Divine Stigma (at least on mobs its better, on bosses its potentially better when in a party of burst DPS), have some great damage mitigation skills and utility skills, and on top of that, ample skill points to reap the full if not majority of the benefits of all that boot …

I almost smell the second coming of Druid buff patch or Exorcist class reveal. Almost.

Thanks @Wurmheart!