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KToS General Thread v4.0


Nak Muay are the weapon…


ill test that right now, im in ktest


I hope they plan another rebalance/rework after re:build chronomancer feels very underwhelming :sad:


any chance you could run cm with assassin/rogue/outlaw and make a vid of it


im going to upload to youtube this night and ill post it here


Lightning hands is like a damage line buff now.
Take a look:

Just ignore the sound—


i saw on ktos patch notes that you will be able to change weapons, but im going to be able to change a velcoffe like 1h sword to a 2h sword?


They should just change the name of Lightning Hands to something else. Electrify or whatever. But isn’t it really similar to Enchant Lightning now?

Enchanter overall has some really jarring thematic mismatch even though mechanically it fits pretty well in Scout. But they took away so much of what makes Enchanter an Enchanter. The entire class should be renamed, imo.

Most importantly, they can’t make scrolls anymore. I hope they give the ability to craft scrolls to Taoist or something.


As far as I’m concerned, scout is just flavor text adjustments away from making sense. It doesn’t even need a change in gameplay or graphics. Have a writer come up with tool tips that fit the whole scout aesthetic and it’s gonna be fine.


Yeah I agree. There are still a few that I feel require some manner of visual adjustment, (Thaumaturge, mostly. They still strike me as very wizard-like in the way they swell and grow body parts) but everything else can be re-named to fit.

Enchanter > Gadgeteer.
Lightning Hands > Static charge
Enchant Lightning > Electric weapon
other skills involving armor enhancing can all be explained away as tinkering or augmenting with gadgets.


Enchanter > Archthief
something like “archthief” sounds better for a “mage” in this tree


When you hear ‘archthief’ you think “really good thief” and that implies ‘stealing’ though. There’s really nothing too thieflike about Appraiser. If anything, a corsair with pillaging is as close as we get to a true thief class in this game.

I view enchanters as item masters to some extent, sort of like an alchemist but more concerned with improving the performance of weapons and armor in various ways instead of making consumables. It’s a space that’s somewhat shared with Appraiser though.


I see scouts as pill poppers. You already have the ball rolling with assassins taking stuff to boost themselves. Thauma could be roid rages. Not really a good look though. Too close to substance abuse.


arch = really good ? lul, my life is a lie, “arch”, like “archmage” or “archpriest”, for my is something related to arcane, “archthief” would be “the arcane thief” xp


haha, and since they share their stuff within a party they could rename the class to candyman


Basically anything that isn’t magical but used as buffs is going to be seen as substance abuse. People don’t seem to like (some are very against) attaching magic to scouts.


yeah the term ‘arch’ tends to relate to an overseer role. Archangel for example, are high ranking elite angels who command others. So an ‘archthief’ would be something like a king of thieves.

Arcane thief (arc-thief?) could work, but I still don’t really see enchanters as doing anything thief-like.

As for Thaumaturge being a pharmacist class, this design space is already taken by Plague Doctor. thaum buffs are also a lot more physically ridiculous than the effects from other substance buffs, like the Assassin’s hash potion. They literally swell body parts and change the size of enemies.

I can’t really think of any non-magical discipline that could do this while keeping the buffs as they are visually. I’m sure IMC can just say that Thaumaturge is using some kind of power that’s not magic or faith, but in fantasy the practice of Thaumaturgy IS a magical school.


I hope that people arent watching these videos and thinking ‘oh boy all these classes soloing CM so easily’. Keep in mind the players are 390 in Sausys which makes them way over-leveled for the content.

It would be more interesting to see them in Spell Tome or somewhere appropriate for their level, but im sure that doesn’t make for a flashy and actually informative video.

As it stands they are nothing more than class showcases, which is fine if they are taken that way.


The IMC sanctioned showcases only solo CMs (in rank 10 maps) if they can, and you can see if they start one, where they cut and move onto, say, the 330 dungeon.

Soloing a CM should be something for people with the best gear only. It’s not a reasonable benchmark, and I’m really disappointed to even see them in videos IMC is putting out.


they show it because its the funnest way to play(killing shitloads of monsters) lol
IMC knows this but still refuse to make CM’s or content like it more frequent , no idea why tbh.