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KToS General Thread v4.0


Is that a toucan? You mean like in exchange for falcon?

Oh em gee




If that Toucan is suddenly a normal pet like the battlebird pet imma rrrrage qqqquittt


No you wont :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Since you pointed out on the contest thread i’ll drop some few questions that may be interesting.

1- With the new class reorganization one of the goals regarding physical classes is to reduce the investment required but how will that play out with the outhand weapon (dagger for Retiarius and sword for almost all Scout classes), will they provide some form of reward, even if small, for investing on such equipment or will those be relevant for stats and gems only?

2- Rapiers are a different type of one handed sword that, despite being less favorable/effective, can utilize slash attacks, swords as well can also could be employed on some fencing moves depending on the complexity. That said are there any plans to lift some restriction regarding those two weapons in skill use? On a similar matter, with cannon being two handed, was Ranger ever changed into a weaponless class?

3- A fair share of players name their characters based on their planned build, will we get some sort of character name reset event?

Side note - I wasn’t replied about the contest entry validity but taking Allgoodname’s i’ll underestand as eligible for it.

Rebuild Feedback Compilation



Can’t wait to be able to dash as archer haha


Hello, guys. Just thought I’d drop by to let you know that we’ve added ENG subs for the Re:Build Class Overviews being posted on kTOS these days.

We will compile them and make a thread on the videos once they’re all done :smiley:


Nice thanks Bob ! :distinguished:


Oh thank you so much! That’s really interesting!

(Plague doctor’s Pandemic is so small)


Ktos Patch Notes for Dec6


04/12 ktos… hopefully January on itos
eagerly waiting for the translation on the weapon change system :distinguished:


In Rebuild’s patch notes they did not mention anything about changing all costumes for coins…


Kinda wish they get the patch ready before 2019. I mean, it should be fine since most of work is just translation. Anyone here with a kTest account and google translate could do it.


actually i think they did mentioned that they would , there is even a chart of how many vouchers each curret costume will turn into/will cost post patch. :thinking:

edit: here you go


Falco/Pied/Cannoneer CM





why nak muay isn’t a frigging cleric or thief, kind of pointless in a circle that has a mastery on weapons to not use any.


i think nak is a strong class in the current state of the game