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KToS General Thread v4.0


Take as much time as you need. We are really thankful for the amazing job you are doing :heart:


Given how often they patch Ktest for Rebuild i didn’t expect you to do it everyday anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re just too good to us already


Looks like a mob from Astral Tower



Never give up on the skill/class that you like, even if it means taking the skill at level 1 only cuz higher levels are bugged/inconsistent.

The 1 Merkabah project (until IMC decides to fix it)


Well that is uh…a creative way of making sure you get that stupid buff to stay on you for a while.

could you maybe use Chaplain’s capella in combination with this?


Yes you can, but it doesn’t double the additional holy line though sadly. Works great if taking kabba - chap - exo


Now that invulns are mostly gone and chrono is ded can we revert melstis to the channeling version #OldMelstisWasBetter


Now that Krivis has such lackluster damage to even be considered DPS can we revert Krivis to green class


Wow! It works like that with channels?

So PD/Paladin/Kabba can inflict dots, then use Sanctuary while riding on the chariot.

That’s hilarious though. Drive-by exorcism.


I hope IMC reads this. RIP my favorite class, Sadhu. TT


A true Sadhu is Sadhu through the slopes and pits :hey:

Shame on you for saying RIP to the spoopy ghoost class :heeey:


Trying to keep up with ktest/rebuild news, but having to check if I somehow ended up in a sad Monk thread :'D


their is literally a video of someone soloing cm7 as sadhu druid krivis. Its fine.


-> Implying Sadhu is trash and unplayable
-> Getting information on a guy who said:

-> Believing Umineko/Asriel

@Umineko Thanks for confusing someone, you and your cleric BS cleric fantasies are totally appreciated. In fact, you’re so appreciated that you got banned once

@julius_torralba18 atleast try to look at the bias before you believe anything


lets keep our pants on and not light torches ok…


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Sadhu is in his best shape so far, honestly. Just look at the video shared here of a Sadhu character soloing CM stage 7.

Sure, OoB AA is still useless, but it will always be for endgame content due to how it works and how it deals damage. Unless they change completely what it does, it will never be reliable as a DPS skill.

Sadhu now is ok with damage and provides good CC (Vashita = confusion, ABE = knockdown, Possession = Root) and maybe it is because of all those CCs that this guy was able to solo CM 7 quite easy.

I’m also a Sadhu fan and will always wish more, but I can’t complain right now, Re:build is doing good for the class.


But like, if you’re NOT auto attacking while channeling as a sadhu, you’re losing damage. It seems to me like it’ll be a mastery type thing. Really good sadhu players will have the technical skill to channel and auto attack at the same time, but in instances where you don’t want to deal with being squishy you can just not use OOB.


Used to Auto-Attack while using skills back in the days before this channeling thing (Sadhu Monk memes), and its probably easier to do it now at the very least. Defense values aren’t set at 0 during Out-of-Body so it’s more doable, and good CC in case things go wrong. Being unable to move feels poop though, so eh don’t think of it as losing damage, but more of it being possible occasionally to dish out a bit more damage.

Just gimmicks in general I guess, situational at best, but still fun to use if possible.