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KToS General Thread v4.0


Here’s a better joke for you,

Iron Skin reduces physical damage by 7.5% max.
Stone Skin reduces physical AND magic damage by 9.6% max.

Stone Skin > Iron Skin


But iron is harder than stone…



Not in Korea dude. There it’s Paper > stone >iron > titanium


SiO2 has a Mohs hardness of 7, which is ~ equally as hard as hardened industrial steel.
orthoclase has a Mohs hardness of 6.
As most of the stones are mainly composed of feldspar (e.g. orthoclase) and SiO2, they are having supposedly a Mohs hardness between 5 and 7.

Meanwhile, iron only has a Mohs hardness of 4, so a stone is on average between twice and 4 times as hard as iron if we go by absolute hardness xD

Monk needs to train more to achieve Steel Skin or even Diamond Skin like the fighters in Jojos bizarre adventures…


They are increasing the hitbox of Hand Knife huh …

More flying enemies aside, am I expecting too much (old ToS memes)?



Anyone curious abou the lady on the right?

Is that a new class? An npc costume that i forgot about? It kinda looks like the Ranger C3 Costume


Jokes aside, to this day i still can’t figure the kind of logic IMC uses when assigning values to abilities within each class. Not really sure how a cloth wearing pastor is supposed to be more endurant than a hand to hand combatant. Perhaps they’re watching too much anime…?


You could take it a step further and use diamond as an example (10 on Mohs scale), which also shatters when hit, like stone.
(This is why iron was used for armor, because it’s more malleable)

Memeing aside, buffing Iron Skin would be cool, but I doubt they will because Monk is red/Pally is blue


If this was the case, wouldn’t that fit better into Pardoner? image


Ranger Circle 3 costume


If seed bomb is back, then druid/inquisitor/kabbalist is going to be hilarious.


What a bunch of fools, even in their official videos corsair is using both pistol and dagger


if Iron skin reflected more than just melee damage, it’d be a pretty fun defensive ability. I also don’t think it needs to be channeled, given its somewhat weak effect.


Krivis are red
Paladins are blue
If you pick a Monk
They do more damage than you


I honestly find it hard to believe that Krivis, even with Divine Stigma behaving as it does now, can do more damage than a monk. Krivis still has only zaibas and divine stigma as their attacking moves, and Zaibs is just ok I guess.


all this muskek buff 2 patch in a row, im expecting some bad thing soon to tis class, but i hope not too bad


Krivis has an identity issue, displayed as a red class but IMC treating and balancing it like a green class. Just assume that everyone’s boosted damage is your damage I guess. :joy:

I like how Monk skill point allocations will be diverse now according to their respective builds instead of the cookie-cutter MAX DOUBLE PUNCH meta currently. Allocating skill points for Monk skills now depends on their whole class build in general, starting from an essential skeleton skill allocation with points to spare, then followed with:

  • Monks with no Chaplain or Zealot can go max Double Punch for Attack Speed to make up for the lack of DEX scaling.

  • Monks needing more skills in their skill rotation can maximize Palm Strike and One-Inch Punch for skill spamming.

  • Monks focusing on only Auto-Attacking with Chaplain but with enough DEX scaling, or have no need in maxing out other skills can take Iron Skin for damage mitigation.

  • Monks with access to Divine Stigma, Judgement and/or Deploy Capella can use Energy Blast as a viable skill for a DPS rotation.

  • Monks going Inquisitor have an option to maximize God Finger Flick to hit Inquisitor Wheel with.

The only limit is the amount of skill points, and one can either spread out points and have a weak Monk skill set as a whole, or specialize in only a few according to what their class build lacks. Because of that, Monk builds can vary quite differently depending on builds, and I like that diversity. With that said, the numbers aren’t on point yet, and I believe once IMC gets the numbers right (I mean … I hope they get it right, its been 2+ years since Monks ever got a buff that made it OUT of kTest, and I hope they don’t make damage numbers that make skills costing 180-200 SP do the same DPS as auto-attacking with buffs), Monk will be on the right track. Just need some more boost to bring it to proper balance as IMC says they want to do.


Not really liking the 180 on damage here. The initial cooldown increase across the board for many high rank classes seemed heavy handed, but I don’t know that sacrificing damage for cooldown reductions is the answer.

If the goal is to make all builds “viable” or “popular,” this seems to continue incentivizing picking of the current circle 7/8 starters. With musket, if the fear is that a high burst class will suffer from downtime due to a long gap between CDs in PVE content, someone who desires a PVE musket should offset that with other classes. IMC shouldn’t make every class function in the same sort of lukewarm “sustained DPS build” kind of way just because people are afraid to specialize.


Pala>Inq>Zealot monk is dead guys.


Hey guys just wanted to mention I haven’t yet updated with this week’s patches as I’m currently in the middle of rearchitecturing the domain classes in order to significantly improve the loading times.

I’ll try to update over the weekend