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Krivis, Bokor and Taoist are the worst classes in Tree of Savior

Cleric3 is becoming increasingly popular because of how strong it is to heal-bomb things.

Also, the % are additive, even if Damballa exploded 18 zombies and did 16290% in AoE, the 30% from hexing would literally be added onto it, doing 16320%

Attributes work the same way, the % damage is not multiplicative like it was before, it is now added onto the % it already is.

Cleric C3 is still stronger. Even if all the heal tiles don’t hit the boss or enemy, luring them onto them is a thing. Priest C3 is stronger.

For all of you that say Bokor is amazing just because of Damballa, that’s like justifying pre-patch Sadhu being amazing because of possession. Just because a class may have 1 not-bad skill doesn’t mean you can ignore everything else about it.

For those saying Krivis is a good support, how? Divine Stigma’s duration is too short to be worthwhile, Aukuras is horrible, Zalicai is horrible. Melstis is now only worthwhile on a handful of skills. Daino is the only worthwhile support skill that Krivis has. The rest are just a waste of buff slots.

Zaibas is in no way a good damage skill at all. 82% damage at level 15… it’s probably one of the weakest skills in the game, I’m too tired to check though.

Zombies are not a good source of DPS. They die ALLL the time, even if you heal them. I don’t even think heal works on them, only mass heal does. They suck during bosses because they ALWAYS get knock backed, not even being able to attack. I’ll go find that one video of that Bokor3 trying to do the 290 dungeon.

Still not a Taoist yet, but after watching some videos, of people with amazing gear, it looks like it sucks, the only purpose of it being Dark Sight to hide.

But plague doctor is doing most of the killing in that build…

That’s the problem, SP Potions :smiley:
Hopefully, since I’ve used the reset to build an alchemist I can mitigate the SP problem

I imagine Hexing/Effigy 15 with Samediveve 10, maybe 1 Ogouveve just to add a debuff and rest in Mackangdal?
I intended to build my cleric as sadhu3/PD2 for ET purpose. Do you think the bokor will be viable as well?

@Lurii if attributes are additive doesn’t it mean that multihit like cure and zaibas will gain much more than other skills?

You can’t say that. You try to use only black death steam and incineration, you wont be killing the boss that fast. effigy will do tons of damage now even with 4secs cooldown. I tried killing mobs in 290 with just black death steam then pandemic and incineration and i need to recast the 2nd steam just to kill the remaining mobs that didnt die. But with hexed mobs, they die much much faster.

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I actually used this bokor-PD, since it’s my main character, in ET solmiki, and was able to get to 21-25f as dps character. So this path is a viable char for ET IMHO.

Care to provide proof besides your own alternate reality? C2 is fine enough to heal bomb, just saying.


I mean, even assuming you’re correct that it adds flat 30% skill factor to each hit (questionable given there’s skills like Cleave which definitely multiply the damage)
That’s still on 18 hits, so instead of 16320, it’d be 16830% at least.

If you’re going to argue with questionable math, at least don’t fail your own math.


Note how each group MULTIPLY the skill factor.

Don’t think I ever say Bokor is amazing because of Damballa, if anything it’d be the 2600% skill factor (not counting hexing bonus yet) with 4s CD (around 6s if you count the time to use all 3 OH) Effigy, that can hit multiple target when spread with Pandemic.

What I did was simply math saying that damballa have higher skill factor than heal assuming both having their best case scenario (all 16 tiles hit vs all 18 zombies explosion)

Btw, rather than luring boss around, it’s usually easier to just use other skills and leave those extra heal tiles for healing. Given bosses’s size you do have to run pretty far before they even decide to run after you instead of just spamming more AoEs.

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That’s quite interesting.
Do you already have the improved Effigy on your server?

Damn, I love Samediveve so much that now I’m rly thinking of switching Sadhu to Bokor :smiley:
But I’ll need at least a Viena Mace, otherwise Effigy won’t make enough damage and the char will seem crappy

That’s 30%*18=540%. Not a big difference, but still.

More like 3 debuffs (Hexing and Zombify/Ogou for incinerate), 1~2 damage skills, 1 semi-damage CC and 1 invulnerability skill, zombies to aggro more monsters/draw their attention and +7 movement speed.

Also, that’s a bit different from your initial statement.

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cleric also has safety zone and cure, even better :smile:

Wow. What an amazing skill. I’m being sarcastic btw

It’s fine even if zaibas hit it would still only do 400 damage a hit :upside_down:

Also, heal level 16, with blessing’s doubling the amount of hits by 2, still does more damage than damballa. What are you getting at?

7296% >16299%? I see.

Even 2xOH burst is 14592% against ground targets. Looks like you forgot your own math.

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Here’s proof :wink:

3 cleric c3 builds in the top 100, all on the rise.

RIP Krivis and Taoist… everyone is rank resetting away from you into the Priest 3 - Chaplain meta…

Do you have any recent videos that show Damballa doing 18 lines of damage? Seems like you calculated the math of Damballa wrong

All the ones I could find show it only doing 4-5… at most… like this

Meanwhile, heal and cure are killing more enemies than Damballa is.

If Damballa is really that hard to pull off properly, that makes the skill worse than I thought.

Also, Atari, are you trying to prove Bokor to be strong so that it doesn’t get buffed? Make me seem delusional by pointing out one of the few strengths of the class?

I’ll fix it for you : Kabbalist, Pardoner and Oracle are the worst Classes in Tree of Saviour

You argument that Bokor,Taoist and Krivis are weak, but what about looking at the Classes that are so bad that literarily noone takes them at max (current) Circle for any purposes aside being a funbuild or shopbuild?

You cry about e.g. Effigy and Damballa + Zombies being weaker than Heal.

Same could be said about Indulgentia and Decatose.
Those skills are bad at damaging and even consume my silver for every cast. IMC stated that the costs should be a variable that increases the skillfactor of skills, but I can’t see it in these 2 skills.

They outright suck: Level 15 Indulgentia has 541% damage with 30 seconds CD (even one overheat of level 5 Zaibas has more damage [738%] with the same CD time and no silver costs) and level 5 Decatose has 980% damage for 1500 silver spent [and not even an attack increasing attribute].

The rest of Pardoners skills are also trash, especially the skill Increase Magic Defence. It has an uptime of ~50% and gives 270 magic defence at level 15 if you have 500 SPR. Meanwhile, Barrier of Paladin has no downtime, consumes 5 skillpoints and has an even higher magic defence boost due to the 0,5x magic defence in the formula.

1,5 times your magic defence at decent gear (220+) is over 4121,5 (412 is the unenhanced value of level 220 magic grade Plate armor set) +x1,5 [accessories also give mdef] +130 [level 5 Barrier Bonus]. And Barrier doesn’t stop here, it also helps against ranged attacks and holds off melee monsters. Rank 4 Class outwitted Rank 5 Class.

Next is Oracle. That Class has only two skills to deal damage, Death Sentence (a Circle 2 skill) and Twist of Fate (a Circle 3 skill). Both skills can only target 1 monster, and both skills have tremendous downsides.

Death Sentence, for a start, has two big merits: the CD time (200 seconds) and the delay between cast and kill. Basically this skill takes up to 56 seconds to kill only a single monster, no matter the HP,defence,etc.
This skill is total bullshit without any overheats, a reasonable AoE or a reasonable CD time. It also doesn’t affect Bossmonsters.

Next is Twist of Fate. This skill is complete crap, because it heals the target after cutting a part of its HP away for twice the amount, making it only viable as a finishing move. Again, it only works for one target, cannot be spread with Joint Penalty e.g., has a high CD time (35 seconds) and isn’t affected by your gear at all (fixed 32-40% HP reduction at level 5; only halved damage against bosses).

The rest of the Classes skills are fun but lackluster and random, most good skills are already available at Circle 1…
For a Class that starts at Rank 6 and ends at 8 this Class is way way too weak and useless for this game.

Last but not least Kabbalist. Only 1 damage skill [if we don’t consider Revenged Sevenfold], which got turned into a support skill at Rank 8, has an unearthly CD time and deals less damage than most other skills available ingame from Rank 5 onwards[2175% every 45 seconds]in the same timeframe.

The skills are lackluster for PVE, the buff-/debuff durations too short and the CD times too high to be viable without Dievdirbys. Double Chance is total crap because other players can trigger it,too, wasting your several seconds to set up a damage boost that lasts only 1 hit. Reduce Level is complete nonsense and a waste of points; basically the scaling of all skills is broken beyond repair aside from Ein Sofs HP increement.

Waste two Ranks for lackluster support instead of useful support and damage as Plague Doctor, Inquisitor and/or Taoist. Even 1 Circle of those 3 Classes is better at everything than 2,5 Circles of Kabbalist.

Bokor, Krivis and Taoist are fine, go play Oracle C3, Kabbalist C2 or Pardoner C3 and learn how frightening failed balance can be in actual gameplay!!!


Well, it is currently bugged, as a workaround measure until they fix the skill I’ve found that moving away from the circle tends to start zaibas. Also getting pardoner buffs will greatly increase your damage.

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Not sure why you’re showing me Zaibas (Krivis) when the part I was talking about was Damballa (Bokor), project much?

Since your memory seems to be shorter than goldfish, here’s your own math earlier, and mine.[quote=“Lurii, post:19, topic:361674”]
Level 15 heal is circle 3 Cleric which can be obtained at rank 3

With divine might, heal is level 16, doing 16 hits normally

That’s 16 x 228 damage, = 3648% overall Heal has 2 overheats, meaning that’s 32 x 228 damage, = 7296% overall

With blessing, from pardoner, heal does 32 hits

That’s 32 x 228 damage, = 7296% overall Heal has 2 overheats, meaning that’s 64 x 228 damage, = 14592% overall

Yes you did your math, I ALSO DID MINE. Even assuming you’re correct in that Hexing somehow only adds 30 skill factor, that’s still 16830 as I mentioned previously.

As for your Damballa video, since you seem to not want to research in fear of realizing you’re wrong, here’s how it works.

Damballa explode however many zombies are in the AoE, in that video there’s about 4-5 of them, hence the 4-5 lines in the AoE, it also remains around to attempt to explode a few more waves, or up until the cap is reached (15 at lv 5, 18 at lv 6) Heck, if you watched it more than one second, you can see Damballa explode the next set of zombies that spawned.


Why so selective? For the argument’s sake?

Cannot say anything about Krivis/Tao, never played them.

May I ask you, do you have Bokor C3? Because it explodes zombies in a few waves. If a new zombie walk into its range/spawn and Damballa is not at its limit, then it will explode too. Also, no DM on that video. 15 max.

I doubt it would work.

And you are pointing out only weaknesses, largely exaggerated.

By the way I’m planning to reset my

Cleric 2→Bokor 3→Miko → Plague Doctor
Cleric 2→X→Sadhu3→ Plague Doctor.

When reset event will come.

Still not sure if Cleric 3 or Bokor 1 will fit better. Seems like Cleric 3 in this case, because less hotkeys = better. Still not sure about losing Effigy and meatshield.

@rofldat ninja’d me again :3

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you already said this in another thread and it was debunked

kabbalist is not weak

just because oracle c3 and pardoner c3 suck doesn’t mean these don’t

here i’ll just show these

here we can see ur misinformed posts as someone who has never played a krivis

you literally said there what you said here word for word

see how many people are unhappy with Krivis and Taoist

i c u adeodatus

stop trying to make it seem like Krivis, Bokor and Taoist are “fine” when they aren’t

Cleric 3 is still popular and on the rise though… How does there being Cleric 2s disprove Cleric 3s existing?

Also, right now I have a Bokor 2. Leveling is really slow, maybe because idk, It takes me 50 seconds to kill a single monster.

if you were on Klaipeda Atari would you please carry me through quests :sob:

Diev 1. Laima to get that Transmit Prama to 64s CD and boost your overall damage by the CD reduction.

Also, less mentioned benefit of Diev 1 is Vakarine teleport won’t charge you the teleport fee itself (similar to the 2TP teleport scroll), i.e. You only pay the tiny amount for that Oak Wood and you can teleport up to those 3000+silver cost area up north for nothing. If you’re proactive with using Carve Attack on all plant enemies then you can even get the material for free as well.

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