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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


i will accept a ban, but i still don’t think that we did anything wrong objectively lmao


yea no here is the thing, if I was griefing you wouldn’t get MvP, Iggy would die over and over instantly I’d be at +40 kills and you’d have no chance to win. The reason I’m only at around 10-20 is because it takes time to kill him. Something that wouldn’t be necessary if I was griefing.


All this for getting an MVP in kills which only gives you a whopping total of 450 coins, what a fking disaster.

450 COINS!


MVP is an added incentive for players to reach. If you can’t completely win, does it not hurt to try for the other objective? Absolutely, even if it means abandoning team mechanics. Not everyone is in it for the team win if you can get the MVP. After all, there is a MVP on both sides, regardless of a win or loss. 2000 coins whereas if you’re on the losing end a mere 500? Heck yea, I’d go for it 2k coins.


regardless if u succeded or not you n iggy r admiting to this griefing your example is if you were succesful which i managed to challenge by actually pvping


Banning for fighting each other would be stupid, especially if the mods themselves didn’t warn against it.

There are no rules in Gem Feud, and they are accusing us of something that is not the case and they do not understand.

If the GMs think that fighting each other is wrong in Gem Feud they can warn us, or turn off PvP in Gem Feud or they can add an update where you get a max number of kill points off one person. To prevent cases like this, banning for this would be over the top and unnecessary. You should be fine, just don’t purposefully die to me, and if the GMs ask us to stop, we stop, not a big deal, if it’s against the rules then it’s against the rules but so far it seems we aren’t doing anything wrong, and this is just the people from reddit discord salt channel trying to pull this onto forums so I say the things to them I say in discord and get banned, despite the fact that they started it elsewhere.


you can still be griefing or cheating regardless if it does or does not get the deisred end result


Hey check out my youtube channel i have gem feud match streamed whenever i decide to do it so im sure you can find evidence there.

//shameless self plug

You can watch iggy feed purple ;D. Here is a video with iggy dying to purple over and over (shown by the banner of who kills who). Notice that I never see any of the two in the match while im farming gems

Forgot to mention that im also an easy target since i cant do anything against a scout since i can only run up to people and hit them. Perfect target for an assassin


There is rules against win trading and griefing you idiot,look up the definition of win trading and griefing.

You are an idiot for trying to act clueless


Please remember Dullahan exists and look at the timing between each kill, I’m not watching your video as I am doing something else right now but I’m quite sure it will show either a long time between a kill or a very short time because Dullahan procs, and yes I do kill people during Dullahan.

Also pretty sure you’re a Fencer Matador IIRC, so no you’re not, you don’t get hiut by Smash Bullet because of Evasion, you are also higher range with a oneshot because of bull. Unless you’re not using the character I think you are. You’re not an easy kill. You’re also not interested in 1v1ing me even if you were.


You try to cover up the feeding by acting like it isn’t. If Iggyvamp constantly fed you 40 kills, it would be blatantly obvious that you were getting fed intentionally and the evidence would be damning. To be fair, I think the GM’s should just look at the amount of crystals Iggy has turned in during his matches and the sheer number of times he has died to you and then get an average of the number of crystals turned in by players that play gemstone feud regularly. That would pretty much end this discussion.


my fking dullahan :rage:


That was never the case there was at least a 20sec + pause between each. Im sure if i search far enough in my streams i can find iggy walking to you.

in that discord i recall you kept saying you get mvp but whenever you are on my team or on enemy team I never really see you except for the beginning (never seen your name for mvp as well).

Is it because im overgeared and you wont go after me? I always assumed that was the case but nah its because you are busy farming iggy and so you wont show yourself to me as shown by the constant “iggy was killed by purple”. My build is purely pve and honestly anyone ranged can kill me since I can only run up and smack ppl

Not to mention i dont use a shield so i cant even block


You can’t block me regardless, I have the jewelry, the issue is Evasion. I don’t even care about gear within reason. I mean Iggy has a trans 10, +16 Spear, that ■■■■ hurts. but it’s not so bad because he has no range and I can hit him, Fencer Matador is a class made to not get hit, which on top of the fact that you outrange and oneshot me, I can’t handle it, so I usually avoid going for you, if I were able to play my Druid you’d probably be my go to since Vines alone is probably enough to kill you and that char has many different ways to fight and low CDs. I cannot unstealth myself near a Matador though unless I can be sure they die and I don’t have a lot of accuracy, if I fail a kill on you I die. It’s fine, resets my CDs but I’d rather not if I have another option.

Also please carry my Sorc through Velcoffer.


Bruh, im also full str. What are you fighting my pve stats? MY ACCURACY

Fencer Matador is a class made to not get hit, which on top of the fact that you outrange and oneshot me

I out range you with what? balestra a dash where i have to run up to you. Okay all melee can outrange you then



That’s weird actually, I guess I must have attacked you after an evasion boosting skill but now that you’ve told me that, you can be sure you’re a bigger target for me than Iggy, the big issue is your skills evade but I think I can get past that, so if I can find you aka you’re in the middle you can bet I’ll be going for you in the future.


Go for it. Even i would go for myself. In that video engi is following me because im 1000000% an easy target.

farms well
cant kill ppl
melee, no shield, no evasion

kill kill kill.

Oh ya also i have backslide for evasion . How can i evade you if you come out of stealth with smash bullet. You can’t respond to nothing


We need to add Resource to this growing list for “resourcing” for TPK


Here is my evasion with full str