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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


You just give up in trying to change topic and start to deny the fact you feed lol keep trying people still support this post and hope you get banned, say all you want i just want the GMs to see the logs and see the numbers of your “duels” keep trying you deserve ban for being a cheater and a toxic player you reap what you sow.


All right, I heard my name was being thrown around so I thought I’d respond. Mez already said we almost never get matched in the same party, in fact I don’t even play that often so he’s almost always joining by himself. I don’t even play to get MvP, I just farm and fight when someone comes by - I’ve only ever gotten MvP once, with 5 kills. Also, it’s a team game so why does it matter if we 2v1? I’ve been 3v1 and 4v1’d before but I’m not crying about how it’s unfair. I have absolutely no idea how 2v1’ing someone is worse than your friend on the enemy team intentionally feeding you kills. Lol.


Given the mechanics of gem feud, 2v1 can make one person angry that tries to get the kill only to get ks’ed by another player. Intentional feed while seen as a wrong, at least gives credit to the person. The incentives for MVP can drive players to do the complete opposite of what is intended for Gem Feud. MVP for gems makes sense as it is a combination of obtaining gems via destruction of actual gems or getting it off of players via kills. MVP for kills is somewhat against Gem Feud as players could completely avoid gems and just go for kills, as what is being brought up here. Go attack the mechanics, as they give incentives for players to do such things like this. It’s nowhere near a gamebreaker for this as it’s a chance at an extra blessed gem a day which can still be farmed for an extra 30-45 min. (2 gem feuds and a bit) after doing Saalus 4 times.


i dont understand why people are arguing 2v1 is unfair in team based pvp environment. thats stupid af . like seriously its pvp kill or be killed .


They wouldn’t argue, but if you’re looking to get MVP via kills and had a good kill streak going only to get one taken, your inner voice might talk, but that’s as far as it’ll get.


thats literally what happens when purple ks ppl because he upset about unfair 2v1 situations which is entirely different than ksing . might i remind you that is also possible to 1v2 succesfully instead of crying about 2v1s going bad


If I replaced purple with your name, is it wrong? Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen to you either. It might not be you everyday, but it happens daily. Part of the game, a broken mechanic that has been long known, only being brought to light now. Fix the system, before players start to engage in this more often than you’d think.


im actually done with this thread as everyone on the purple knight train i sware is on some far out illogical delusion that therrs no cutting through


No point in arguing with TPK, Iggy, and Jargon since they’'re all friends and guildies.

We have-

  1. Jargon arguing off topic about semantics of specific terms and the fairness of 1v2’s which has nothing to do with this.

  2. Iggyvamp blaming his lack of skill for his afk’ing, 10+ deaths to TPK each game they face each other, and overall lack of gems turned in

  3. ThePurpleKnight saying that he and Iggy just happen to duel in gemstone feud over and over (because there is no better place for that?) and if he just so happens to get MVP from those kills… OH WELL…

It seems like 1/4th of the gemstone feud population agrees that the initial topic is true based on experience (with even Iggy agreeing) but TPK swears nothing is wrong. Oh well, see you all tonight in gemstone


I see that sly reply. It doesn’t matter to me what the result of this is, but when someone like to continuously pick at a player but doesn’t want to focus on the actual problem, it’s wrong. Does it borderline bullying? It does, but to the many here that are agreeing with the OP’s sentiment, it’s right to do so. Right? Get some concrete evidence if you want to back up the OP.

Win trading? Seriously as mentioned before, some made up term to justify. Feeding is the correct term, and bans on that is case by case. People throw away TBLs if it doesn’t favor them, but nobody talks about that. Have you seen actual bans for that, nope. It would be interesting to see one apply to this.

I’ve been in enough Korean MMOs that have mechanics such as this and abuses at a level far beyond that what you’ve seen here. This is a drop in the bucket. It’s good to see a report like this, but when you’re jumping on the train to bash on a player but have no concrete evidence to contribute to this and only hearsay, the decision could very well go towards the reported player.

Let’s see the result when this gets closed.


Again, mvp is for the player who deserved it, not for cheater.
Or you think new Gem feud meta: players joined pair to pair killing afk men and gets mvp for the fastest kills?
You made bad affections on other players, your team, the whole gem feud game, even it’s IMC’s problem made this situation happen exploiting it is illegit


Omfg so many replies no time to read again.

Anyway, it looks like it is still the same. This is a case of someone being caught red handed for a crime, and he still tries to talk his way out of it.

“i am being targeted because it is me” or “everyone else is doing it” is not a valid reason to continue doing something wrong. For me, it is just a reasoning for people who will try to get out of tough situations as long as they could


MVPing doesn’t go to the player that deserves it, it goes to the player who meets that criteria. Exploitation or not, it’s a simple criteria.


lol, he has to well prepared & working for it, not stay in a spot and shot a puppet, that is ‘deserved’ or not.


You’re funny for even suggesting that it goes to someone who deserves it. I mean, what other way is there to get most kills? Participation? Let’s clap together.


If you’re not strong enough to kill lots of people dont try for it.
Now you say because you can’t do it you cheat, and WE should accept it? :o


I see your thinking. If you can’t win, cheat. Yes, like a lot of us have the time to invest into all 16+ trans 10 gears. If you want to stand up to those people, learn to hold your ground. Running away is an option, but you don’t always get that.

Did I suggest cheating? You seem to insinuate it.


Np I believe IMC willl check data & take action on this case.
You 3 also helped them alots from your replies :partying_face:


You didnt suggest cheating but you defended for cheater and said they did nothing wrong :o


Also I stand up for ME too, cuz he sometimes on my team and sometimes other teams with IggyVamp in my team and started dirty job. I hate that. Simple thing.