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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


You know that your going to die the 14th time by Purple so why go at the same spot where you died 13 times?

How is going to face Purple multiple times and dying over and over is helping your team.

You ■■■■ up because you now admitting to us that you ARE GRIEFING OR WIN TRADING!!!


holy sh snaps
thank u


Would you happen to be speaking from first-hand experience?


Not a victim of bullying? This literally happened less than an hour ago. In fact you yourself have a history of fighting with me on forums.

You’re the person who fights me the most on forums, don’t act like you weren’t interested in talking to me.


Yeah, I grew out of it somewhere around 12.

Do you want me to show you what bullying is?


Let’s clear some terms here. Griefing applies to PvE which is not the case here. Win trading is some term that doesn’t seem to be defined, just some social term that everybody seems to magically jump on and use because it can be justified to this case.

Case 1: Iggyvamp dies many times to TPK but his team wins. Win trading? If so how.
Case 2: Iggyvamp dies many times to TPK and his team loses. Win trading? If same as case 1, what is the definition of win trading because if both answers are the same, it is not win trading as they are contradictory to each other.


Ok so he is griefing…thank you for admiting it


Who gives a ■■■■ about the team, THE GOAL IS COINS! The team doesn’t matter, they’re a nuisance. I’m not saying Iggy feels this way, he just wants to have fun I’m sure but not helping the team is not a big deal, if you get into a game that is unfun, don’t partake in it, just do something that is fun, like fighting a fun opponent.


@GM_Francis pls close up this topic is out of control I only want purple stop doing that


You haven’t grown out of anything. lol Your still jaded and shady


@GM_Francis Can you help shine some light on this topic to determine what is not right in Gem Feud?


yes i am a geared player i have +18 velco weap trans 10 everything
full con /block pvp wizard build
purple is far undergeared and not a very good build that relys on a few broken mechanics.
the definition of mvp is most valuable player and between me and purple it is nyt hard for me to come out on top . for purple to DESERVE and achieve mvp in kills it should rely on tactical and strategic cleverness and outplay of mechanics. unfornately this game is heavily gear dependant and unvalanced in pvp. but be that as it may i am a player who plays this game for the pvp and hhave designed and crafted a character that excells in doing so because that is how i want to play te game , purple says they are to lazy to gear their character (and then complain about mechanics) so it makes sense and shouldnt be hard to undertand that purple shouldnt be and doesnt achieve mvp


Ok so feeding also…nice


Cheating and disturbing the gameplay of many other player is fine?
This is getting more disgusting overtime…

@staff please take a look at these guys and do something


So you would have a problem if you did not get MVP because players chose to avoid you and get killed by someone with possibly the same gears as TPK.


@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines

Come here and settle this for once and all


Then your wish will be granted, I mean I can absolutely stop, provided I have other opponents. If you don’t want me to fight Iggy because he is a friend I will not, if you are in my game, you better fight me instead. Just no outranging me with one shots or CC. Idc about gear, I just don’t want to play as an Assassin style class, the fact that I have to kill someone instantly or die is dumb, Iggy doesn’t Dethrone me so it’s an Archer vs a melee char in that case. Such a match is a matter of skill. As far as I know you don’t have skills like that on your character, so as long as you fight me 1v1, I still get good PvP and an opportunity for coins without PvEing and you get to feel better knowing for sure that my opponent isn’t losing on purpose, because you would be my opponent.


Yes I’m Mezerance. Selia and I have been on the same team (in the same match) ~3 times total in the time we’ve been playing gemstone feud so quit acting like there is an issue here. You can ask the GM’s to check the logs if you honestly believe that to be true or ask various other players if they seem to have this issue… To be honest, even if it was something we constantly did it wouldn’t be cheating since it is a team game. By that logic, anytime a fight had a number imbalance, the team with the larger amount of members is dishonorable. Your logic is backwards. Gemstone “FEUD” is a team-based mode not a “1v1” mode. Quit talking about irrelevant things calling it “dishonorable” when it is clearly allowed. Keep trying to move off topic.

@Jargon Since you seem to want a better explanation, I’ll grant your wish. Win trading is when 2 (or more) people attempt to have a friend achieve a “victory” by achieving something they would consider a win. In this case, getting MVP (which automatically grants ~2k? medals) is the win condition they are aiming for. Do they always succeed? No… but the win they are looking for is in the amount of coins they receive (getting MVP) instead of worrying about a team win. It sucks for the team that Iggyvamp is on because he isn’t actually trying to fight back so he isn’t doing anything for his team.

Agreed @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines Mind looking into this? At the very least, they will stop what they are doing now out of fear of getting caught.


i still get mvp fine even in games iv had tpk iggy griefing in
tpk is just bad for our community


i suck, lol my team will hate me either way