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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


Think I’m starting to see something positive about this. Should organize a movement where we do not allow anybody with high upgrades to get MVP via kills, let’s all feed the non trans 10 equipment players and the +6 zero potential weapon players. Yea, that’ll teach em a lesson in gem feud fun. Why fight against +21 trans 10 players when you can have fun with people at your own equipment level and possibly win?


You haven’t seen anything, in order for you to see Iggy FEEDING me, Iggy would first have to FEED me. Iggy tries far harder to beat me than the creator of this thread did last night. You’re going to tell me that Iggy is feeding me, let’s talk about that Team Aqua guy, I bet I killed him more times than Iggy, Iggy’s actually hard to kill, since I have a lot of block pen but not much Accuracy, I struggle to hit him with Smash Bullet and often have to resort to auto attacks and Blindside, that other guy just stands around watching me in hopes of catching me doing what? Exactly what I’m doing to him to someone else.

If anything this thread should have been about Him and Me, Not Iggy and me.


Ya you are a master at dodging and changing the main topic…


no i know what i saw and other people in other games are sayig similar things. this thread kinda devolving but basicly all yor criticism and opinions that you voice in shout and forum threads are so objectively wrong and bias towards tour expirience and you chose to speak on behalf of out community and it furiates me that someone of your little pvp expirience or knowledge of video game mechanics is trying to be a prominant voice in our communty . im mot alone in this and thats why this is devolving into pettyness


Enlighten the community of other people in other games are saying similar things. I’ve heard enough crazy stuff and you know what, it’s still allowed in this game. Record all you like, say what you like, if anything, you’re motivating the player to do this even more. Reporting will become that of a discussion as the hard evidence right now is lacking. You have a basis, but nothing concrete. Why not go the extra length and completely deny the player the kill? The worst that can happen is you end up becoming victim to this player and they get the MVP. Or for those with greatly upgraded gears and such, they don’t get MVP because they’re too focused on one player instead of getting the MVP objective (if that is their intent).


If you die 15 or 20 times to one person… your class will not matter. That’s cheating and should be punished.


Many of us have SEEN Iggy afk in a spot where you kill him and run back over and repeated it. Just because he may occasionally throw a skill back at your doesn’t make it less win trading… it’s just that you are trying to play it off like you are both actually fighting. You are great at trying to change the topic or pass the blame but I’ve seen you in the act plenty. You just didn’t care to hide it at the time since I was a guildmate.

@Jargon Cheating is cheating. It doesn’t matter how high the stakes are. I’m well aware you’re guildies but that doesn’t mean you need to attempt to stand up for what they are doing when they are wrong.

@iceblaze1994 Yeah I guess salty is the word for it. However that word doesn’t make the topic any less valid


The main topic is a lie, it’s an accusation with no confirmation that I was doing something wrong made by a person who is friends with a guy who I “wronged” after he ruined games for me, and ACTUALLY cheated. Not only by using Zoomy but also by abusing a bug in the game, to hit stealthed players.

If I were win trading as I am accused, that is at best abuse of the games mechanics, which is far less than using the tab targeting to find stealthed players. Both are oversights, both can be abused, but the one that is actually being abused is the bigger deal and it’s the one not being discussed.

This is a bunch of bullies picking on me trying to get me to be toxic on forums, they riled me up in the privacy of a discord where it’s safe to and now they pull me here, I am sure you’re one of them but Idr who you are so who knows, in either case because of how it appears to others from an outside perspective it makes them/you look like you might have a point but you don’t, you have a few screenshots of garbage, an accusation that is incorrect, and a group of people who dislike me.


It’s hard to call that cheating if you’re vengeful and simply can’t win. Some people just like to try and win and just well…lose.


Nah, if he runs to the same spot and dies to the same guy, no other guy, dozens of times, that is nothing but win trading.


If his team still wins, is that win trading?


That is not related to these 2 players cheating points.


Are you Mezerence? Because what I do is not as bad as what you do. You have Selia in your games and you two 2v1 whoever you want to get you the MvP, now what I do is I fight my friend who happens to be on the enemy team, it’s far less scummy, far more fun and it gives me a chance at MvP since he is not a ■■■■■■■ Lancer.

We all have to deal with fighting the OP classes butyou choose to do it dishonorably, where as I just ignore them entirely and fight a more fair match up.


Ya 20 times in a row without going for other players and meeting at the same spot over and over.

It’s either griefing or win trading either way it’s cheating.


my crime is not as bad as your crime, so my crime is fine

can you like stop derailing this with unrelated dumb ■■■■?


maybe u forgot about the OP and this accustion. and like all of the other people in this thread agreeing.
i wasnt in the game that this OP is refering to but its the exact same story as what iv expirienced and purlpe is onee of the eaasiest ppl to kill so seeing iggyvamp die from purpleknight on my screen back to back is definitly suspicious


You have a warped definition of win trading. This is a scenario of feeding. A win trade by your definition seems to fall under the line of giving someone MVP which is an added incentive to players to perform better am I correct or not? If not, please help define this win trading.


There is no rules against fighting the same person, or choosing to fight, if Iggy loses 10 times, he’s welcome to try an 11th time, He has killed me in the past, he does win some of them. There are no rules against it, if at first you do not succeed, try, try again.

He is intentionally picking me as his opponent, that does not mean he is feeding. That’s an accusation.


No, win trading is cheating.

You’re not a victim of bullying, you’re not a victim of people abusing bugs to kill you. You’re just yet another subpar player with a shitty underwhelming personality who wants to act like a stupid little kid because it’s how you get the most attention from people who shouldn’t matter to you.

Every single thing you think about this game and every single opinion you form about its features is rooted in nothing more than your whims on a given day. It’s completely warped your sense of how things work into a twisted mess of bizarre justifications and excuses, and every time someone points something out to you in a rational way you curl up into a little ball of hurt feelings. Everyone on Klaipeda knew this the very day Orsha was merged because you spewed literal nonsense (and objectively wrong information, I might add) in shout chat on day 1; well before any of the discords that you’ve found yourself in despite how others feel about you existed, primarily because, yet again, you thrive on the negative attention as it’s all you’re capable of receiving.

You can continue to project now and flail about wildly, but the fact of the matter is, you’re either going to get banned or you’re not, the rest of this is just giving you what you want.

Nothing changes the fact that you cheated and Iggy helped you do it. You continue to dig yourself into a hole. Quite frankly I wasn’t interested in even giving you the time of day before, but now I actively loathe you for being a cheater on top of just being a fool.


Can you post your gear so that we can take a look at this more in depth? For some reason, I’m under the impression that your somewhere along the lines of +21 trans 10 weapon with some trans 4+ armor at minimum +11. TPK can be killed yes, but easily is subjective based on what the gear you got.