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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


LOL no
thiat is such a flawed n dumb response or dodge


Is the MVP really all that the players are aiming for in these feuds?


The rewards should be cheap enough to buy by just winning the game itself


Cheating is cheating and it matters.

If you want to 1v1, do it outside that, all day.


Seriously, Mvp is the reward for hard working player on a team, they got more coins and can exchange good stuffs.
Not for cheater & lazy ass.


yes. the rewards are incentive to pvp yes have u ever played video games?


Yes? Most people there are playing to get the most coins possible. Quit acting like you’re ignorant of all this… ThePurpleKnight already admitted it was an effort to get MVP. In my opinion, you’re the worst offender of this not TPK. You screw over your own team (including guildmates) just to give somebody on the other team MvP


Sorry [20chars]]]]]]]]]


Yes, why do you think people farm crystals/kills? And dont try to play dumb, you know this and this is why you are feeding her, in order to help her get the MvP and the most coins.

You should put this on suggestions.

But regarding the report, if you keep feeding another person intentionally, that means, you are not helping you team either, which means they have to carry you, and what happens if you team already has -1 player already? You are making it harder for your team to even have a chance of winning, only because you want to help TPK get the MvP.


Well, it isn’t the olympics and there’s only like 30 people playing it, but i guess i understand. lol I’ll try my Murm tonight and see if i’ll die less


If you’re weak just try farming and escaping enemies to keep your crystals safe. The game is that simple.


Win trading is cheating


All this fighting over the possibility of one blessed gem. Why not just party up together and do 3 runs of Saalus? It would only be really bad if the death was compiled with gem feeding, that can be seen as a complete low. This case here sounds like a feed of deaths, but if the dead player gives up minimal gems, that’s not entirely an issue.


So you are upset about the rewards and that is why you are cheating…can’t wait to see justice lets go lMC!!!


That gives the higher coin reward, of course. Are you serious?

“We keep dying in PVP because we’re too lazy to get better gear and we’re complaining about bugs so we decided to cheat and got called out why is everybody bullying us now waaaah”

Nah I’m pretty sure that anyone who gets in the same match as you two should just kill you both on sight and do nothing else for 10 minutes straight and then do this every day until you both uninstall the game.


I would do that lets all kill Purple and Iggy on site.


Win Trading is borderline but sure it could be called cheating, 1v1ing is not cheating, If we are fighting each other then even if it results in my victory for MvP that is not cheating.

And again what I’m doing is no worse than people who try to get friends in a game and then 2v1 people. I fight my friends they use their friends as support. It’s no different, it gives the opportunity for kills, but it doesn’t guarantee it. It’s no different.

As long as he’s not purposefully throwing the match, a fight is a fight, and none of you have any right to complain about it. However it looks like he’s gonna use a tougher character to beat, so it’ll be a little more fair for the few babies who fell for this. Those outside the discord salt channel bullies.


word, ya’ll salty


you use so many words to say nothing or just further peoples feelings that yr toxic or stupid. there is evidence people are providing and i have also witnessed games of iggy being afk and/or feeding you. wintrading is cheating and considered serious problem in many games


Nice so next time we can record you both good job idiot,I dear you to try to win trade again…even if you both or 1 of you change name we are going record you.You better stop win trading for your own good or else you will get screwed. You have too much heat on you and Iggy so back off!!!