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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


Woah so many actually caught this guy admitting he is win trading.Gets annoyed when you get in his way lol of his so called 1v1.It’s 5v5 for a reason and not 1v1,if you want a 1v1 duel outside.


People saying that a content patch, which should fix a bug, is days away, is not being “against” a bug fix. The fact that you can compare those first 2 posts with the last 2 indicates that lack the cognitive function to even breathe, let alone play this game.

You’re a goddamn meme my dude. Thanks for admitting to cheating, glad we had this discussion. Hope the rest of your guild gets banned too since those ichor kits and blessed gems you’re farming illegitimately hurt the economy.

You deserve every single bit of the bullying you get since the only reason you’re bullied is for your asinine behavior outside this mess. The fact that you’re also a cheater is just icing on the cake.


yeas AND no yes the guys is feeding is a cheater but thats not the only problem the player is a toxic player and have problem with almost all the server and yeah no one like him…


Can confirm that spot on the image was the place Purple used to wait for IggyVamp to come & feed him lol.
And he didn’t even care the messages ’ ThePurpleKnight defeated IggyVamp" popped every 20 secs that could make other people realized the strange thing happening.


I can confirm that this happens often as well. I used to be in the same guild as Iggyvamp and ThePurpleKnight and one match I was curious why Iggyvamp always seemed to be at the same location. I went to the location he was shown on the map and Iggy was standing there afk. I thought nothing of it (since it might be a one time occurence) and went on to finish the match. The next match, Iggy ran to the same spot and did the same thing but he kept dying to thepurpleknight over and over without fighting back (except once or twice to keep up appearances when people are nearby). I was frustrated and remembered ThePurpleKnight mentioning in guild chat (previously that week) that, “The only way to get coins is to get mvp for kills”. I had just returned to the game so I wasn’t sure if that was true or not but I noticed you get a decent amount for winning, getting mvp for kills, getting mvp for points, or just getting a decent amount of points.

I kept noticing a pattern of Iggyvamp afk’ing or blatantly feeding TPK (depending on the team each was on) up until I eventually quit the guild. I haven’t been in Gemstone Feud as much recently but it isn’t shocking that this behavior was finally brought up on the forums.

I don’t know why TPK is trying to change the topic to how “weak” druids are or players who aren’t super rich. That isn’t the topic… Regardless of whether your primary class is weak or not, you don’t get a free pass to cheat. My gf plays a druid and has gotten mvp a few times recently. We have played on and off (probably around a year of total gameplay time) and still get mvp with our characters (druid and archer) and less than amazing gear so I don’t think it is as drastic of an issue as TPK makes it. Obviously it’s hard to get MvP when super-geared players are on your team but that is the nature of having a well geared character. We’re just trying to catch up :slight_smile:


And this is the kind of toxic behaviour that kills a game and their efforts to make “fun” pvp


I’ve seen plenty of druids doing their part in Feud, farming, supporting during the boss phase, etc. I noticed you mentioned you are not running the wolf buff, in other words, is your own fault you dont have the dmg to kill mobs/crystals.

Yes, chortasmata may be bugged, but every class has its bugs, mages have their raise CC bugged, most classes with mobility skills can get really dsync and sometimes even crash, but you dont see them cheating as you are doing. You did your part reporting the bug, thats perfect. That IMC hasnt fix it is not a reason to cheat.

With that out of the way, lets talk about the reason you are being reported:
1 - Getting fed by your own guildmate, we are assuming Iggyvamp is a real player, but by the way he/she “plays” looks more like a dual account, Iggy never leaves the base if you are not close to get the kill, not even to farm crystals/kills.

2 - If you keep feeding from a player with no farm, you are not helping your team at all. You are just farming for your MVP, while the rest of the team have to “carry” you. As evidence shown by several ppl, you know what you are doing and you just dont care. If Iggy is not in the same match as you, you just follow someone else to steal their farm and kills. You may say you are helping them, but in reality you are just griefing, you could be in another part of the map farming for yourself and get double the points if you really want to help your team.


Can we get justice up in here please @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines


You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  1. The cheating is an allegation, stop stating it like it’s a fact when you don’t watch the fights, nor do any of the accusers.

  2. This is not actually about cheating, this is a result of a long going thing that has been going on in a discord server, it’s just taking it to the next level, there are players who do stuff like this who are not being targeted, I’m being targeted because it’s me. Yesterday I went behind the enemy base in order to get a free kill on an Afk, Dodo. Dodo is not being treated the same as Iggy is because he’s not associated with me. They’re basically the same, in fact Iggy does actually farm sometimes so Dodo is worse. I’m not saying Dodo should be banned, Idk or care about the guy, just that this has nothing to do with who is afk or cheating or anything, this is about hurting me. They were actually originally hoping I would just come in here and be mean to them and get banned.

See I’m not a toxic player, but I’m not a pushover the people picking on me in game and especially in Discord have gone too far, and I have started being extremely mean to them as a result. Monstz fed Sorror in order to guarantee my loss because I was fighting Iggy, he also intentionally KS’s kills I get on others (Since my damage is through a DoT) and he refutes everything I say without understanding any of it. So I have started calling him dumb. He started it, but I’m not taking it.

Bhikku is mad at me because I took his Gems, He came in with his +28 weapon and his Zoomy and Sage Kino one shotting all the newbies and the crystals, rich get richer while on my team, there is no reasonable way to compete with that, so I followed him around, I Devaluate the crystal, when it dies I pick up the gems and then I hand them in, just letting him farm for me since he ruined that game. Nothing wrong with what I’m doing, if I didn’t do that I’d get 300 coins and stay poor forever. Because I did do that he now has a grudge and that’s why these Team Aqua members (his guild) have become a part of this. Nobody in this thread has seen me and Iggy fighting except maybe the first guy who is clearly showing screenshots when he was recording because the record probably shows something different than his claims. Those who have seen us fighting aren’t here complaining. It’s just the Discord bullies and Team Aqua, maybe a few outsiders who don’t have any clue but see my kills announced and assume the others are right about their claims.

Monstz is picking on me, Bhikku is bitter because of what I did to him, and a few of these other guys are just people who bully me on Discord because they don’t like my opinions or to quote them “We bully you because you’re retard” <— actual deleted quote from one of them. Here is another, this one from Bhikku saying basically the same thing. It’s a Discord channel that is “Meant to be a containment channel” so the fact that they are trying to pull this to forums and in game is, well Idk what to say about it.

Anyways this isn’t a serious cheating report, this is people who seriously dislike me, reporting me.

As for the other thing you said, “If Iggy is not in the same match as you, you just follow someone else to steal their farm and kills. You may say you are helping them, but in reality you are just griefing, you could be in another part of the map farming for yourself and get double the points if you really want to help your team.”

I don’t claim to be helping them, what I want is coins and I always go for the most amount of coins my character is capable of getting. I don’t care about the team, most of them are bullying me on another platform out of the mods reach… ■■■■ the team. I want to get stronger, this is how you do it. I have a +7 trans 6 Pistol on this character, she hits 5-7k per Smash Bullet tick/auto the only things that do more damage in her kit is 100k from Blindside and the initial hit from Smash Bullet which hits around the same probably. I cannot get crystals from farming with this character, and as we’ve already been over several times. DRUID is disabled, not Exorcist, you have seen many Exorcists do their part in Gem Feud. I am not an Exorcist I spent my resources on a build with Druid as the main class, utilizing the Transform skill. For IMC to allow my Sterea Trofh and Carnivory to do nothing for 5 months, it’s useless, most of this time I was PD 1 Bokor 2 Monk 1, good stuff for PvP but cannot kill crystals. This is how I build and it works, until IMC disables it.

You don’t see Druids do ■■■■, you see Exorcists using Druid as a support for the Exorcist class doing well. My BM with her 5-7k damage is not gonna get a significant amount of crystals in Gem Feud and my disabled PvP built Druid isn’t going to either. If they insist on getting the MvP for PvP prize when they could get far more from farming them I will take some of what they farmed, Randy tells me almost every day that Gems are worth more than MvP. Monstz says it to, I’m not cheating to get the MvP I go up and down the map or I find someone willing to 1v1 and I continuously 1v1 them over again (It’s multiple people btw, Iggy’s just the one most closely associated with me so he’s by extension getting the hate from the bullies.) Anyways we all agree that it’s not worth it to go for MvP unless you have to or do it basically without effort. So if they want to take the only way I can get coins from me I will find a new way, which is to take their coins, I’m stilling doing what wins the game, I hand them in. I just get the coins for myself instead of letting the rich get richer while I get a 300 for participation.

Remember these crystals have 2 million hp for the shitty ones that give 5-20 gems and 5 million hp for the ones in the middle. I won’t double my teams gains if I try, I won’t even be 10% more. My main is disabled and my alts are weak.


It’s a fact, multiple people have seen it and you admitted to it like 2 of your posts ago.

No, it’s about cheating. The entire rest of your post is you literally trying to justify cheating. It’s disgusting. You’re disgusting.

And I seriously hope @staff bans your ass.


Lol you said you and Iggy associated :o

And wow" Monstz fed Sorror in order to guarantee my loss because I was fighting Iggy"

Monstz is me and that match Sorror was the demon who was chasing all of us. he chased me even I tried to go far farming and made me hard to do my work. That match Purple knight kept farming IggyVamp and when Sorror didnt let me farm crystal i started to check IggyVamp’s location, found the spot where Purple was farming Iggy and I turn my target to Purple by following Iggy. I made Purple hard time farming Iggy that’s why he lost his cheat mvp, and I got mvp my team by killed Purple lots of time.

Stop giving wrong information lol. I have captured of how bitches you are.


Everyother matches I always tried to have atleast 500 badges even hard matches. Just some impossible matches I accepted the loss like that match with Sorror

And that’s how I contributed to the team, not like that useless purple. I just started to kill for kill mvp manytime after boss respawned and no crystal to farm.


The cheating ISN’T an allegation though. The majority of us know it to be fact. You seem to be attempting to get out of it by acting like this is some huge act of sabotage by people who don’t like you due to (various reasons) and therefore want to lie and get you in trouble but that isn’t the case. I am not associated with the guilds or people you mentioned. At one time, I was in YOUR OWN GUILD and could clearly see Iggyvamp running south and standing against a wall while you ran up and killed him without him retaliating. That repeated over the course of the entire match. What is that, if not intentionally feeding you kills? I don’t know what is going on with any previous drama you have between some people but I know for a fact that you have farmed iggyvamp for free kills multiple times. I don’t care about the unrelated drama, I don’t care about your “druid is disabled” crap, and I don’t care about kill/crystal “stealing”. The topic is about Iggyvamp intentionally feeding you kills. I’ve seen it firsthand many times so you can’t just play it off as “hate from bullies”


Can we get a gm or staff to investigate him and banned him or take away his rewards.He is probably going to change his name and Iggy also.

I bet now a lot ppl are watching him he won’t pull that win trade BS.


Oh AND another option that happend many times:
When that IggyVamp was same team with ThePurpleKnight, and me, he logged out, re-entered and joined the other team, Purple that matches farmed IggyVamp again. It happened not just 1 time (and another Gem feud matches that I was not there?!)

Don’t think I didnt realized because you made the fight on me, on other players by your cheating, Purple! Ofcourse everyone is now watching your games and knew what were you doing!


Well, if you never PMed multiple people complaining that they “Kill stealed” you in a team-based PVP environment, I don’t think any of these things would have escalated the way it did. That, and your view on this game’s PVE environment in terms of gear and whatnot. I work hard for my gear back then because I enjoyed gearing my character while chatting with my guildies and listening to music after getting home from uni. I don’t think it would be a different story even if you’re super geared but you:

  • have no gear whatsoever
  • whine at people for KSing (I never even noticed any of this, I just kill anyone on my screen) because of lack-of gear
  • play on a bad character on gemstone
  • never adapt
  • KS other people
  • Saying we are against druid fix, when it’s not about that, and druids are one of the most powerful class picks even if there’s a stupid bug on gemstone

I get killed by druid skills all the time if I’m not careful 4head telepath too stronk.

As to this thread, honestly, I haven’t seen it myself but you do questionable stuff on gemstone. I’ve seen you AFK multiple times on the safe zone for no reason. I’ve seen you follow me in a game, not contributing to anything and attempting to steal my gems (I had faster mspeed than you so it was pointless), and I’ve also seen you kill people inside of raises (kill stealer).


The way that ThePurpleKnight and I play gem feud is our own business. Why does it matter if she gets my kills?


wow my eyes



If the both of us are not contributing to our teams, then it should even out


If TPK is being fed kills, you are simply trying to cheat other players out of the kills MVP reward. If the majority of people have an issue with the way you are playing something, you don’t think anything is wrong their? The way you play gemstone feud is the business of everybody participating since it is a team effort. If you want solo play, go 1v1 each other in town for no rewards.

It’s also funny how TPK can’t seem to make up their mind about whether or not they are doing what they were initially accused of (with TPK going so far as to say, “The cheating is an allegation, stop stating it like it’s a fact…” yet you both already admitted it.