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[Klaipeda] Dynasty


bump! //20characters


In-game Team Name: OppA

Level: 110 (New to game but decently active)

Activeness (Hours per day): Couple hours everyday after work and nap

What is your timezone?:Pacific


In-game Team Name: Citrus

Level: 254 SR2 and a 150ish Chaplain

Activeness (Hours per day): Weekdays, I am on for 1-4 hours in the morning, then I’m on 1-4 hours at night. Weekends, I’m just on.

What is your timezone?: EST


In-game Team Name: Autec

Level: 330 SR / 317 NEC / 317 Miko atm

Activeness (Hours per day): 3-8 Weekdays, all day Weekends

What is your timezone?: EST


Hi Citrus,
Just send a message to any of these members when you are online in game, if you are interested in joining.


If one doesn’t reply then try sending a message to another on the list.


same with you autec, just send a message to the above people in game like citrus.

however if none of them reply by the time I get home then I’ll add you guys if you are still on



lvl 123 rank 4 class lvl 13 tier 1/3 paladin

depends when I fall asleep could be half a day or all day and night i have free time on my hands At The Moment

Eastern time US East Coast


@briyo1988 send us a message in game.


n-game Team Name: Saltygoodnes

Level: 318 Lancer

Activeness (Hours per day): all day every day

What is your timezone?: Arizona


@rlueneburg same as above, send a message in game to either:



In-game Team Name: Kzaka
Level:320 SR
Activeness (Hours per day): All day
What is your timezone?: EST


Hi, there thank you for applying but we’re currently full :slightly_smiling_face:

opened #134



recruiting is back up!


thanks yakozen /20characters




Very active guild!


When you are unable to make it to guild card album party events

Bonus pic: This is okay



Starkisch ish Happy!!
Lol Pale ~ pats the no Marnox Summons


Dynasty has just successfully cleared the lvl 18 raid today!

Currently being the only lvl 18 guild in the server(Klaipeda- NA) and therefore the only one being able to do/clear the raid!

Using a ton of the turrents/balistas and stockades!