Tree of Savior

[Klaipeda] Dynasty


I’d love to join Dynasty; though I haven’t started yet and due to the help I got in my General discussion post looks like ill be making Klaipeda my home server and well ill be creating my character in the morning and will release a name then :slight_smile:

If your unable to hold a spot I can wait patiently for a new spot to open as I am a 1st timer to Tree of savior :slight_smile:

*** Please see my application questionaire below ****


In-game Team Name: ChroniclesofFate
Level: 29/5 ( i am not 100% sure lol)
Class: wizard/cryro at the moment

Activeness (Hours per day): I am on regularly at least 4-6 hours a day unless I am working :stuck_out_tongue:
Why do you want to join: I am new to Tree of savior but heard about it during its early stages and I couldnt really do the closed beta due to lack of an invite at the time and the money. However I do play everyday and I am someone who thinks the world of this game and its community. I feel that though I am new I am a quick learner and someone who would be a great edition to the team

What is your timezone?: EST


Hi, pm’ed you ingame


Thanks what time zone are you chan; i got you this morning and then you were signed off for the day


Hello we are recruiting again ;D~
Pls leave ur application here ;D thx


In-game Team Name: Corona Meredithe

Level: 170

Class: Sorceror going Warlock

Activeness (Hours per day): Depends. 6pm till morning. Sleep is for weak

Why do you want to join: Its my first tym playing and i dunno there are this in guild recruitment. Well you got me at ANIME. Im a casual bordeline hardcore gamer and im looking for friends. im alone grinding and it is sad no one to chat or talk when im playing this game,

What is your timezone?: (UTC+08:00


Time to recruit lots of new spots thx IMC :heart_eyes: 1 of best updates so far~


bump bump! /20characters


nice bump


I am currently coming back to play more, lost interest in playing WoW again and my guild I am usually with has mainly been taken over by Real Life. So I am going back to focusing on playing ToS because I like how many different builds can be played and with the changes coming I believe even more builds can be effective as long as people try them out and get the right gear.

Team name: Tskwimomex
Character builds & levels: I mainly build my chars by what I enjoy playing

Dragonaze(Main 260) = Arch, Ranger 3, Wugu 3, (rank 8 undecided yet)
Steady Poison Shots1

Dragontis(Alt Main 232) = Wiz, Pyro 2, Link 2, Alch 2 (going alch 3)
Fire Link Creation no?

Hilexw(Alt Melee Wiz 203) = Wiz 3, Link 2, Pyro 1 (build in progress)
Melee Wizzy

Time Zone: Pacific
Active hours: evening and days off (time varies depending on my work days, some days are long days)


Hello pm’ed you in game :smile_cat:


:candy: Teatime~~ :coffee:



I am currently looking for a permanent guild to join and Dynasty appears to have the environment that I am hoping to be part of. I been playing off and on since close beta.

IGN: Diabola

Region: NA

Playing hours: 5 to 10 hours a week

Class: Cleric 2>Bokor 2> Diev 2> PD 2 (might switch out bokor 2 for Miko and Diev 3 after patch)

Level: 286




Hello Sended u a FL Request ;D~ or PM us in Server
if we arnt on can kindly ask 1 of our members they mostly got Invitation too ;D :ice_cream:


Hello! I was wondering if you guys are still open to recruiting :smiley:
I’ll leave this here just in case haha
In-game Team Name: cacatat
Level: 169
Activeness (hours per day): it really depends but id like to say that im on for a couple of hours each day
Time zone:GMT/ UTC + 8

See you guys o/


Waaaahhhhhh! I typo’d my team name :sweat:
Team name: cacacat


Still accepting new people? If so

Team name is: Quarta
Currently level 30, but just came back yesterday
Online 6-7 hrs a day (I do resets in another game, but that’s the extent)
Timezone is CST, so at the time of typing this it’s currently 2:35pm.


Hello sended ya both a FL
Kindly PM us if ure online ;D~
or find a member of Dynasty for Invite if we arnt on ;D thx :doughnut:


This is a little late from the looks of it, but if your still accepting…

Team Name: Thoron
Level: 210
2~3 hours per day. This will hopefully increase soon haha.
Timezone: PST


In-game Team Name: KingOrGod

Level: 140 (Trying to hit max asap)

Activeness (Hours per day): 5+ Hours

What is your timezone?: Est