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[Klaipeda] Dynasty


Hi! (Updating… guild thread)

Dynasty is a friendly/casual guild from Ragnarok online, Aurakingdom, Flyff & Secret of the Solstice
We’re recruiting active players @ any level.

How to join - Press alt+R then apply or kindly whisper PaleMoon / LinYue / AlstrosKeepsake / datdat


I’d like to give it a go. Not crazy high level yet but I’ll be active. Any particular time zone you all operate out of?


i was looking for guild 4 days ago and was shooting “looking for guild” no one reply :confused:

i hope we will have fun together :blush:

but how can i reach you :confused:


Hi there, Im mostly on at Europe timezone and Chann is mostly on at Asia Timezones :blush:


I would like to join too! Maybe can provide a more specific time in your time zone so I can accommodate with my time zone?

Would the team name we’ll contact be Linyue and/or Chann in game?

Else can message me at Ironanu, I’ll be online around 6PM (EST).

Thanks :smile:


PM me for now: LinYue
am On mostly from ~6am to ~6pm (EST/InGame time)


Hi, Ive been looking for a guild for quite awhile.
Hope to join and have fun together as there’s no min lvl requirement.
Online: 4 - 6 hrs a day weekday, all day weekend.
TeamName: Wonderia

Add me :smiley:


Hi, pm’ed you guys in game.


:blush: :blush:


I’m interested! I’m mostly just looking to not feel so alone in the game, I am however, only a level 32 Krivis (Paladin in trainer o).

I am happy to contribute however I can though!

My Teamname is “Dubeltairre”.


PM Me in game. MagicalKarps

I will be on at around 9AM PST. I have just recently got employed an going in for training tomorrow from 4PM-11PM. Hope to be in touch soon!


updated information below


Hi, I’m Ahlkazar and am looking for a guild to join. I am active, usually playing after work between 6-9pm EST M-F and more on the weekends. I just started playing last Sunday (64 Archer1 > Ranger2 ATM).


Bump! we have 2 slots :dizzy:


Cleanse some spot for new recruits ~ Plz be active :slight_smile:
we gotta aim for new Contents :bow_and_arrow::crossed_swords::revolving_hearts:


Hello there. :3

In-game Team Name: Cafe

Level: 217

Class: A1>QS3>Fletcher2 going Fletcher3, dunno about Rank 8 as of yet. I also have two Fencers and am going to work on either an elementalist build or something with cryomancer, cause snow. :heart:

Activeness (Hours per day): Off and on through out the day. Mostly between 7 PM - 11 PM or round abouts.

Why do you want to join: Getting lonely running around all by my lonesome. :stuck_out_tongue: I just came back from a 2 month break and lots of people I knew have left! Also seems a very casual guild, and I’m for the most part only into PvE content. Would be nice to have some regular folks to discuss the game with, who are just nice. I try to avoid the FPS mentality if you know what I mean. X3

What is your timezone?: EST.


Hello Cafe,
ty for submitting
We would love to join u ;D~

Ill contact u inGame when u´re on :purple_heart:


Hi Bellae,
Thx for submitting
gonna join ya in Game o.~

yes we wann some fun :smile_cat:


Greetings and Salutations!

Love the casual vibe coming off this thread, I reckon more guilds like yours would be a welcome addition!

I am not sure if recruiting is still ongoing or not, however that would not change my desire to want to join though :grin:

Family name: Minagi

Level: 30 ( Freshly started today )

Occupation: Lazy afk support
Class: Going for a C2 Linker C3 Chronomancer

Activity: I play pretty much every day for a couple of hours after real life occupations ( hours of play might vary day by day )

Reason for joining: No actual reasoning was employed prior to joining, hoping to find some once I do join :wink:
Kidding aside, I am looking for a casual guild that does not coerce their members into any activity. This guild seems very easy going and from what I can gather in this thread quite friendly aswell.
I like the no requirements needed that you guys employ for new guild members nor the required/enforced use of discord (which I genuinely hate/dislike/do not fancy…etc)

My ubication: Europe

Looking forward to hearing from you, and hopefully being able to join you all!

Have a good day.


Haaai~ If you guys are still recruiting I’d love to join! Everyone seems really friendly and I’m tired of playing alone, hehe. ^.^’

In-game Team Name: Cynn

Level: 218 and 207

Class: Oracle (Priest2 Pali2 Oracle, going Cleric 2 at rank 7)
(Wiz Cryo3 Ele RuneCaster, going Kino at 7)
Both are set up for PVE mostly.
(Working on a support wiz too!)

Activeness (Hours per day): I usually play every day, anywhere from 3-6 hours.

Why do you want to join: I’m getting pretty lonely running around on my own, haha. >< I’d love to have some people to talk to/grind with/run dungeons with! <3

What is your timezone?: EST