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[Klaipeda] Dynasty


Hello! gonna pm you guys :bread:


Omgpewpew is the name currently lvl 41. I play as much as i can im still a newb only been playin a day or so. Im a archer just got r2. Im lookin for people to play with mainly. Im enjoying the game and would like to enjoy it with others. Im focusing on pve for now dunno if ill do pvp or not


Cool ill be on most of the day tomorrow if im still welcome :slight_smile:


Application form:

In-game Team Name: “Dang”

my main is “Awe Dang”

Level: 84

Class: C3 priest

Activeness (Hours per day): 3-5

Why do you want to join: Would really like to have a group of friends that I can adventure with and explore the game with.

What is your timezone?: PST pacific. (Los Angeles, CA)


Application form:
Team Name: Onyu
Level: 225
Class: Cleric 2/ Krevis 3/ Miko 1/ Plague Doctor 1
Activeness (Hours per day): 3-5 or more when I’m free :stuck_out_tongue:
Why do I want to join:
Recently came back to this game and my old guild was gone… would love to find new friends to play and have fun with
What is my timezone?: EST


Application form:
In-game Team Name: MilkTea
Level: 275
Class: Cleric2/Priest3/Chaplain/PlagueDoctor2
Activeness: 5+ hours usually
Why do you want to join: The solo life is hard hahaha. Looking to join an easy going guild to run PVE content with.
What is my timezone?: PST



In-game Team Name: NAVILAN

Level: 85

Class: Wiz3 > Ele1, looking for Ele3 and warlock

Activeness (Hours per day): 2 or 3 hours

Why do you want to join: I played ragnarok a long time ago and was fun to be in a guild.

What is your timezone?:EST



My in-game Team Name is: ThronesOfFayte

Current level: 158

Class Tree: Wizard C3 > Linker C1 > Sorcerer C1. I plan to go Sorcerer C2 then Featherfoot C1 & C2.

Activity: Can range from 3 - 4 hours depending on the day.

My reason for wanting to join: Just looking to meet some friendly faces mostly. I’ve been playing solo since I joined a few months back, with friend’s dropping in and out. So, thought I should try joining a guild.

My timezone is: EST

Thanks for the consideration.


In-game Team Name:mafiarussa



Activeness (Hours per day):5

Why do you want to join:mount

What is your timezone?:utc-3


Hello! we’re currently full :cherry_blossom:


In-game Team Name:Y_Not



Activeness (Hours per day):usually night time

Why do you want to join:cause my friend we introduce me to join for you guys, my friend’s name is Xiaolong

What is your timezone?:GMT-5


In-game Team Name: crachii

Level: 180

Class: SchwarzerRanger

Activeness (Hours per day): 2-4 average

Why do you want to join: People to learn from and chat/play with

What is your timezone?: EST (GMT -5)


In-game Team Name: Renigold
Level: 40
Class: Pyro
Activeness (Hours per day):whenever I can outside of work.
Why do you want to join: Looking for some socialization in this game.
What is your timezone?: GMT+/-5:00


how active is the guild? just curious, cus im looking for an active one


Am daily active =w= unless am sick or on vacation but ya daily =O.O=


Happy Valentines Day for all ma Guildies and Visitors <3



In-game Team Name: Memitim

Level: 175

Class: Archer - Schwarzer Reiter

Activeness (Hours per day): About 6, Depends on my irl situation.

Why do you want to join: Looking for some chat to read while I grind. Maybe some parties for dungeons and Hunting Grounds. I also enjoy Anime, movies and some TV series.

What is your timezone?: PST - California


In-game Team Name: Kistune

Level: Highest is 175 Scout but I’m rerolling a Plague Doctor, currently level 12.

Class: Cleric, Scout 3, Barb 2, Ranger 2

Activeness (Hours per day): 2-5 hours, random days throughout the week.

Why do you want to join: Looking for people to play with and socialize.

What is your timezone?: PST


In-game Team Name: Cutlas

Level: 270

Class: Archer c3-scout c1-rogue c3

Activeness (Hours per day): 8 hr

Why do you want to join: really want to find a guild to play with, playing with people is the point of mmorpg!

What is your timezone?:canada time zone


bump! we have 2 slots