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[Klaipeda] Dynasty


Ok im in game now :slight_smile:


Hello! A friend and I both joined the server recently, old iRO players, looking for a guild to play with

In-game Team Name: Bxtts & Hohepa

Level: 130 currently but grinding pretty quick

Class: Currently cata and hes a paladin

Activeness (Hours per day): 2-8 hours depends on the day

Why do you want to join: People to chat and group with

What is your timezone?: MST -0700


If ya got Friend request is mee o/
I sending it coz I can see when ya guys went on and can get Invite :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway our Guild Missions exploring: ;D


I hope you have room for me!

In-game Team Name: Sinjun

Level: 104

Class: Swordsman

Activeness: 2 hours per day

Why do you want to join: The game feels lonely without a friendly guild - I miss the community feeling of classic RO ;_;

What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard Time


Got the Last spot for u )3(

Update: Guild is currently full ;D~


My entry for the halloween…:joy::joy::joy:


Hello! Please let me know when there is a spot open. Thank you!


Currently 178


2-3 hours daily and I am an night owl.

I want to run missions and dungeons with friendly people.



:rice_ball: Yor Name is damn cute ;O :strawberry:
alrite ull get on waitlist :heart_eyes:


Happy Halloween for ma Guildies :jack_o_lantern:


Awesome painting! Happy Halloween and have fun all!


I want to join, i get bored of being alone and party alone i was in aguild of my own country and people dont even reply my good morning greetings… its just like not being in a guild…

4-6 hours a day, depends on my day off i can play all day or all midnight

I want to join cause i like to discuss and talk about builds try to help the run ups of the guild, i get bored being alone in a game where theres a small part that dont even talk back.

My time zone is Californoa Pacific time


In-game Team Name: Rothene

Class and Level: main 250 Wiz1Cryo3Sorc3 (My dream is to have at least 1 of every summon able card at 10 stars!)
120 Ar1R3 (Not really sure where I’m going with this, either an SR or Mergen for now)
98 Sw1High3 (Doppel for the inner Guts in me)
93 Pyrolinker (No idea if I want to make her an Alchemist, a Necromancer or some weird Pyro3Elementalist for maximum fire theme)
70+ Wiz3 (whom I’m deciding between Elememe warlock or linker feather foot)
50 Cleric2Kirv1 (Still want to try and make that SPR Paladin, but low priority. Handy for running level 50 dungeons since clerics are hard to fnd :P)
Also plan on making a male Taoist, but that’s for a future build.

Activeness (Hours per day): 2~6 depending on weekday or week end

Why do you want to join: I am looking for a casual guild who boast friendly and active members, which yours sound like they do. The solo play is slowly eating into my joy and who plays an MMO for a single player experience anyway?

Oh and important fact, you have a friend of mine(Galvard) among your esteemed members! Who wouldn’t want to be in a guild with their friend?

What is your timezone?: Eastern Australia +10 UTC Daylight saving +11


In-game Team Name: Oswald

Class and Level: Hayter Oswald - Hoplite C2 level 113 ( going for a Dragoon, but gotta see a clear build first )

Activeness (Hours per day): Depending on the work, but I usually don’t play alone - I started it alone but I wanna have some company :frowning: .

Why do you want to join: I’m not an hardcore player, but I really love the groups in every game. I’m not a lone wolf, but in this game I felt forced to do so. I wanna change this, join a guild and have fun.

What is your timezone?: Central European Time UTC/GMT +1 hour

Thank you for the opportunity.


In game team name: Exvendors
class - archer - 160
activity - approx 5 days per week, couple hours each tim
casual player
time zone - pst
Hi LinYue - as per our short conversation to apply to the wait list


In-game Team Name: Pym

Level: 160 At this moment; and a 163

Class: Mage, Warrior

Activeness (Hours per day): Several

Why do you want to join: English Guild

What is your timezone?: Central


Hi, throw me a pm when u see my FL request
If not more interested just delete me thxx :tada:



Hoi, we got ~2 spots free atm preferable for Chrono/Linkers or Wizard dps type whos interested in end Game Contents ;D~ :christmas_tree::tanabata_tree::bamboo:


Im not a wiz, but…

Application form: :smiley:

In-game Team Name: SwimsAmongStars
Level: 208, 115
Class: Pelt/hoplite, Cleric
Activeness (Hours per day): 1-2 hrs weekdays, longer on weekends
Why do you want to join: To reconnect with you and Chann, cause you guys are awesome <3
What is your timezone?: PST (UTC -8)


IGN: Jordancs
Lvl: 135
Class: Cleric c2 Diev c3 going plag doc and hopefully miko
Activeness: 5 or so hours daily
Why do you want to join: i don’t like playing solo, this guild looks chill
Timezone: US Central



in case there is a free spot …

In-game Team Name: Tolkhaa
Level: 70
Class: cleric2|kriv1
Activeness (Hours per day): ~2 hours
Why do you want to join: Looking for a newbie friendly team that can help me understand the game better, have fun leveling with a group and participate in end game content.
What is your timezone?: EST