Tree of Savior

[Klaipeda] Dynasty


Greetings and Salutations!

Love the casual vibe coming off this thread, I reckon more guilds like yours would be a welcome addition!

I am not sure if recruiting is still ongoing or not, however that would not change my desire to want to join though :grin:

Family name: Minagi

Level: 30 ( Freshly started today )

Occupation: Lazy afk support
Class: Going for a C2 Linker C3 Chronomancer

Activity: I play pretty much every day for a couple of hours after real life occupations ( hours of play might vary day by day )

Reason for joining: No actual reasoning was employed prior to joining, hoping to find some once I do join :wink:
Kidding aside, I am looking for a casual guild that does not coerce their members into any activity. This guild seems very easy going and from what I can gather in this thread quite friendly aswell.
I like the no requirements needed that you guys employ for new guild members nor the required/enforced use of discord (which I genuinely hate/dislike/do not fancy…etc)

My ubication: Europe

Looking forward to hearing from you, and hopefully being able to join you all!

Have a good day.


Haaai~ If you guys are still recruiting I’d love to join! Everyone seems really friendly and I’m tired of playing alone, hehe. ^.^’

In-game Team Name: Cynn

Level: 218 and 207

Class: Oracle (Priest2 Pali2 Oracle, going Cleric 2 at rank 7)
(Wiz Cryo3 Ele RuneCaster, going Kino at 7)
Both are set up for PVE mostly.
(Working on a support wiz too!)

Activeness (Hours per day): I usually play every day, anywhere from 3-6 hours.

Why do you want to join: I’m getting pretty lonely running around on my own, haha. >< I’d love to have some people to talk to/grind with/run dungeons with! <3

What is your timezone?: EST


Hi Bellae couldnt find u so far I tried to whisper ;s~


Cleaned Guild~
we got like 5 spots for the interested ones and due Rank 8 coming out :D~

\o/ waves~


Team name:

280, A1-R3-Rogue-Falconer2 (and 3 for rank 8)
245, Wiz3, Cryo, Kino, RC, Warlock1


Activeness: about 4-5. Usually around 10am-2pm seriver time, then a few hours at night around 9pm-

Why do you want to join:
Looking for a guild to share banter/information on things.
Not that particularly interested in Earth Tower, but would like to get daily tower defenses or saalus runs in. As well as grind parties once R8 hits


In-game Team Name: Apatchies

Level: 54

Class: Swordsman rank 1 > Peltasta rank 2

Activeness (Hours per day): 5-7

Why do you want to join: Me and my buddy are playing and it would be nice to do some dgns with familiar people.

What is your timezone?: EST Canada


Hello both when ure on just try to pm me or add me to friend for an invite

Also Gonna Change Guild policy soon :slight_smile:


You guys still recruiting? Updated my Application. I think I played with LinYue a few times :stuck_out_tongue:

Team name: MugenFA5
Levels and class builds:
Lvl 232 Wiz > Pyro 2 > Link > Sorc 2 > Warlock
Lvl 226 Wiz > Pryo 2 > Link > Sorc > Alchemist 2
Lvl 201 Wiz3 > Ele3 > Future Warlock

Activeness (Hours per day):
2-3 hours everyday on weekdays and maybe 8-15 hrs on weekends

Why do you want to join:
Looking for a Guild to run Dungeon and WorldBoss/Field Boss. Also looking for a guild that has some attribute points in farming for my alchemist. Can donate if that can help

What is your timezone?: PST


:heart_eyes: Alcheeyy
Feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


In-game Team Name: PenguinQueen

Level: 61

Class: C3 Wizard

Activeness (Hours per day): 1~10 hours a day… depends on the day…

Why do you want to join: It’s getting too lonely running around by myself… It’d be nice to have someone to chat with or ask quick questions and stuff even if I might not be on the same map with people… :slight_smile:

What is your timezone?: Pacific time zone


Team Name: DezNut
110 C2 Cleric > C2 Diev (Looking at going Inquisitor)
58 C3 Archer (Was looking at PvE AoE Spec)
22 C2 Swordman (Was looking at Lancer)

Activeness: Usually 3 hours a day, depends on my schedule.

I saw someone else in your guild, and you guys seemed nice.


In-game Team Name: MrKeith

Level: 24

Class: C1 Archer, C1 Ranger ( planning to build into SR

Activeness (Hours per day): 1~5hours on weekdays depending on what time i end work, 4~16hours on weekends)

Why do you want to join: to be a part in something awesome

What is your timezone?: UTC+8


Hi, we’ll pm you guys :slight_smile:


uuh yea but I rather send Friend request coz idk Chat Buggy if u got one from me thats me ;D~


I cant see the whisper chat too not sure why but its been like this since the maintaince


Team name: youknwhim
Character: c2 cleric > c3 diev > c1 oracle (190)

Activeness : vary
Just know about the threat moment ago.:joy::joy:

Love you guys, very nice indeed.


Omg dis YOuk ~~~~ :joy::joy::joy:


In-game Team Name: Galvard

Level: Highest is 182, lowest is in the 60’s

Class: Lvl.182 A2>QS3>SR1 (ET/Meta Build, got bored after ‘nerf’)
Lvl.120 C2>P3 (Build with a friend, idk where to take it now)
Lvl. 108 W3>Ele1 (Another Build for future)
Lvl.67 A2>R1 (Future Wugu Build, and current main)

Activeness (Hours per day): 3-4hrs work days, 4-6hrs off days

Why do you want to join: During iCBT2 and OBT I was in a Guild, but several months after launch the GM still wasn’t onboard anymore so a lot of us just stopped playing. Now my friends list is empty and though I don’t mind Soloing most of the content, its still a bit quiet. I did take a few months break due to owning a PS4 with other games in mind, and sadly the Token count is RL time and I lost all my days lol I also use Discord to communicate if you need to PM me on here or there if need be.

What is your timezone?: USA EST


Hope i can join im a pretty hardcore gamer been playing mmos for 12 years spend at least 1 year on each game.


Hello! gonna whisper you guys in-game! :slight_smile: